Igor Artemyev registered with Booking.com

FAS has filed a lawsuit against Booking.com reservation service, as the aggregator did not comply with the order to abandon the practice of imposing price parity conditions on hotels.
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The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has filed a lawsuit against the hotel reservation service Booking.com. The service’s website says that the aggregator has not abandoned the practice of imposing price parity conditions on hotels.

The case was opened on December 27. According to the FAS, the service imposed on Russian hotels, hostels and the terms of the agreement on the necessity of compulsory provision and compliance with parity of prices and rooms, as well as terms of interaction with closed groups of users, the FAS press service said.

The FAS noted that the actions of the service, which "occupies a dominant position in the market", can lead to "infringement of the interests of accommodation facilities, as well as to restrict, eliminate competition" in this area.

In February this year, entrepreneurs from Opora Rossii complained to Booking.com at FAS. They considered that the condition of price parity set by the service upon conclusion of the contract contradicts antitrust laws. FAS ordered Booking.com to waive the “best price guarantee”. In November, the business association wrote to the head of the FAS Igor Artemyev a letter stating that Booking.com does not comply with the requirements of the FAS, which relate to the working conditions of the service with Russian hotels.