Igor Gorin's water sports complex is not for sale

Energy Plaza is re-bidding at a discounted price.
As it became known to Kommersant, belonging to the bankrupt Russian National Bank, the Energy Plaza water sports complex in Rostov was put up for auction for the second time. Starting bid price reduced from 132 million rubles. up to 119 million rubles. The first auction did not take place due to the lack of buyers. Former Energy Plaza owner Igor Gorin attributes this to overpricing. According to the entrepreneur, the complex may be of interest to potential buyers if its value is below 100 million rubles.

The water sports recreation complex Energy Plaza in Rostov was put up for repeated bidding (information on this is on the EFRSB website). An open auction is scheduled for February 12, 2020, the initial price is set at 119.2 million rubles. Applications for participation are accepted from December 26.

The Energy Plaza complex is being sold as part of a bankruptcy proceedings procedure for the bankrupt Russian National Bank, to which it belongs. The first tenders for the sale of the complex were scheduled for December 16, however, they were declared invalid due to the lack of applications from buyers. The initial price was then set at 132.4 million rubles.

Former owner of Energy Plaza Igor Gorin believes that the first auction failed due to overpriced. “In addition, the condition of the complex raises doubts,” the entrepreneur adds. He found it difficult to name the real value of the object of sale, but noted that if the price is below 100 million rubles, Energy Plaza will interest buyers.

In the event of a failure of the second auction, the complex will be put up for third bidding, which will take place in the form of a public offer with a reduction in price, the announcement of the auction says. The initial price will again be set at 119.2 million rubles. cut-off price will be 88% of the initial (about 104 million rubles).

The three-story Energy Plaza complex was built in 2008, the area of ​​its main building is 3.7 thousand square meters. m. The lot put up for auction includes a land plot under the complex, as well as fitness equipment and sports equipment.

Now the complex, located on the street. 339 Rifle Division in the Western housing estate of Rostov, leases the institution of additional education "Don Pools" for 100 thousand rubles. per month. The Energy Plaza website says that the complex has a 25-meter pool with six lanes, a gym, a SPA center in Russian, Finnish and Turkish baths.

The Energy Plaza complex previously belonged to the company “Sports and Recreation Association“ Pools of the Don ”LLC created by Igor Gorin. In 2016, Russian National Bank demanded that the loan and interest on it be repaid for more than $ 3 million issued to Don Basins to refinance loans taken earlier for the construction of EnergyPlaza. The guarantee of the loan was the health complex itself. In October 2017, the Russian National Bank received the property. A year later, the credit institution was declared bankrupt.