Igor Sechin carves up fat sum with Iskander Makhmudov

The head of Rosneft has started a project to launder billions of dollars in unnecessary construction of metallurgical plant in the Primorsky Territory.
"Rosneft" and the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC) have signed documents on the establishment of the Eastern Mining and Metallurgical Company (VGMK), said "Rosneft". The press release notes that the company will receive a blocking stake in "Rosneft", the rest will belong to the UMMC. It is assumed that VGMK will take the "long-term maintenance of hot rolled plate shipbuilding complex" Star "(from" Rosneft "in the Company's effective share - 37.5%).

To do this, it planned to build a profile and Steel Works near the plant "Zvezda". Immediately the question arises, why build new production of rolled plate, if the same UKMK at least three plants that produce these products?

In general, experts say the metallurgical industry, plate iron deficiency in the country is not in principle. It is much cheaper to buy a car in Russia, including its European part, you spend a lot of money (up to $ 1 billion) to build a new steel mill. The idea of ​​building a new steelworks is wholly owned by the head of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin. Allegedly, he desperately needed for production at the "Star" nefteperevoznyh courts.

But given all the above, we can conclude that the creation of a joint venture with UMMC he wants to get down to business, which has long used. "Laundering" it's called. And example of this can be quite ugly "credit" history of the same plant "Zvezda".

Inflames another scandal involving the United Shipbuilding Corporation. It was found during the construction of the shipyard "Zvezda" were abducted by 4 billion rubles. Prosecutor General's Office has to investigate the case.

The star of "cuts"

The "Star" last year was instituted several criminal cases in the construction of the facility "Shipbuilding Complex. Security forces have detained already former CEO of JSC "Amur Shipbuilding Plant", included in the USC Corporation, Andrew Basargin. Top-manager accused of multimillion dollar embezzlement. According to the materials of the criminal case Basargin ordered to redistribute the allocated money the military department ( "Star" produces submarines) for the construction of maritime civil vessels.

Basargin redistributed (in order to cover the machinations of) money from the construction of a military corvette to the construction of ships for the "Gazflot". "Gasflot" LLC - "daughter" of "Gazprom".
How to find law enforcement officers (one of their main versions) "Gasflot" Basargin agreed with the transfer of money for their needs. Basargin predecessor Anatoly Gurov was also the defendant in a criminal case under Part. 1, Art. 201 of the Criminal Code (abuse of power). He concluded a contract for the provision of information and advisory and legal services, in which one of the enterprises illegally, as suggested by the investigation, was transferred nearly 4 million rubles.

At the same time in St. Petersburg it was completed a case of deliberate bankruptcy of one of the leading construction plants - JSC "Baltic Plant". Investigators concluded that brought to this state, the company ex-gendiretkor Andrey Fomichev. Independent experts believe that the thread business can reach a much "higher" - the former head of the USC Roman Trotsenko.


Here again it is worth recalling that the plant "Zvezda" is part of the United Shipbuilding Company. Who at one time headed the now "King of air traffic Roman Trotsnko. So, the Financial Control Department of the United Shipbuilding Corporation after checking the reign of Roman Trotsenko has revealed misappropriation of 14 billion rubles. But deo that Trotsenko - curator of the offshore projects of the company "Rosneft" and adviser to the president of the company Igor Sechin, who is under his protection.

United Shipbuilding Corporation sent to the Prosecutor General materials testing spending 14.2 billion rubles allocated in 2009-2012 by order of the Prime Minister of Russia for the financial recovery of JSC "Amur Shipbuilding Plant" (ASP). According to the auditors, the then leadership of corporations led by Roman Trotsenko use this money inappropriately: pay off the loans USC, brought on deposits, enter into unfavorable deals for ASP.

Moreover in spite of the order of the Prime Minister for help in 2011, the plant Trotsenko initiated bankruptcy proceedings, which is why ASP is still not fully fulfill the state defense order. The auditors noted that in 2009 Putin's decision to NEA has been allocated about 2 billion rubles, but the money did not go as intended. Mr. Trotsenko simply fully transformed the finances in accounts payable of "ASP" in front of "USC". Unclean and contracts for Defense Contracts. Based on data from auditors, from 7 billion allocated for military projects, only 1.2 billion rubles have been used for its intended purpose.

But Roman Trotsenko - man "gray cardinal of the Kremlin" Igor Sechin. A "gray cardinal", using their preferences in the highest circles of the Russian government continues to construct its rather controversial business schemes. Now, here's the deal with the "Star" UGIK the plant. Which is mired in scandals. Everyone has heard the story, when the management of "Stars announced a competition for the purchase of premium car Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. With the prerequisite that it must be a wheel on the left side, and that the vehicle must necessarily be new. Internal "packaging" also had to beat the full program: Park-tronic, braking power etc.
This happened at a time when workers are "Stars" staged a protest. They, it turns out, for a year (!) Does not pay wages. The story even reached the Far East Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev. But Sechin, as usual, came out unscathed.

And now the head of Rosneft wants to plant for the production of its tankers. That will cost three times more expensive than buying finished steel, including abroad. After all, he is a "star"!