Igor Sechin gave Rosneft away to his friends and enemies of Russia

The head of Rosneft sold nearly 20% of the state company to Glencore, which is closely associated with the Kremlin-connected billionaire Gennady Timchenko, and to the Qatar Investment Authority, which collaborates with Igor Sechin's advisor, Roman Trotsenko.
As it turned out, the buyers 19.5% of the shares of "Rosneft" has become a consortium of Glencore and Qatar Investment Authority. This news is important because the Swiss trading company Glencore International AG has been associated with close to the Kremlin, the billionaire Gennady Timchenko, living in Switzerland. Perhaps, Glencore - only mediator "for a good tip." The total purchase price - $ 10.2 billion. In support of this version, it should be noted that the Swiss have a huge debt - $ 23 billion. Where the company additional funds? As Sechin said the consortium would pay "both through its own funds and by attracting debt financing."

"Sanctions are not related to this transaction", - said a source close to one of its sides. Of course, do not have, because Glencore is famous for the fact that circumvents sanctions. Thus, Swiss traders trading Iranian oil to bypass the embargo, purchased nickel and gold in Cuba to bypass US sanctions and trade with Libya. In 2013 and 2014 a subsidiary of Glencore «Glencore ekstrat" ​​was awarded two licenses offshore drilling off the coast of Western Sahara (partially recognized state in North Africa, where violations of human rights). Licenses are issued in clear violation of international law, but that did not stop the company.

Note that in the distant 1983 US federal prosecutor Rudolph Giuliani arrested founder Marc Rich, who, by the way, afterwards had a good relationship with Timchenko, after the collapse of the USSR. The charge for Rich totaled 65 points, including a failure to pay taxes on 48 million US dollars. Mr. Rich received Spanish citizenship and "dumped" in Switzerland (!) By American justice. Then it was quiet. But "short history" it is clear that Glencore - one of the "muddy" firms in the world market.

And most importantly, a major oil trader, according to SmartMoney magazine, acts of Glencore Gunvor Gennady Timchenko - a friend of Igor Sechin and other "top officials". Qatari sovereign fund (Qatar Investment Authority) partner of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which, together with him and Roman Trotsenko (Igor Sechin Advisor!) Are now negotiating the purchase of "Northern Capital Gateway" ( "Pulkovo" concessionaire Petersburg airport) at the "VTB capital" structures.

What is important, and one more thing. Igor Sechin and his top managers, who "seize" up to 35% of net profit of "Rosneft", hoping that the dividend will be increased. This means Sechin will continue to expand its dividend prisuvie in "Rosneft" as a shareholder.


Timchenko, who controls 40% of Russian exports of oil, previously had a conflict with Igor Sechin, although it was considered a good friend. The whole reason - oil, of course. But it is worth noting that the purchase "Bashneft" nefetreyder "disown", although he had a good chance to get captured by the company. "This is complete nonsense. Interest in "Bashneft" was not, and never will "- quoted journalists then Timchenko.

Perhaps the billionaire was preparing for something bigger, such as the privatization of "Rosneft" ... Another spinning about a billionth transaction "friend" Sechin - his assistant Roman Trotsenko. We note only that in 2014 the financial control department of the United Shipbuilding Corporation after revision dokumenattsii the reign of Roman Trotsenko (led USC in 2009 - 2012) has revealed misappropriation of 14 billion rubles!


Earlier, Igor Sechin has eliminated his main opponent - former head of the Ministry of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev, who was against the privatization of "Bashneft", "Rosneft". As it turned out, Ulyukayev developed the former FSB colonel hired Igor Sechin. Also conducted surveillance of other opponents of buying "Bashneft" - Arkady Dvorkovich and Andrei Belousov. After his arrest, Ulyukayev (photos and a video of his bribes have not yet been published, to the minister do not give) Sechin opponents came to a screeching halt. Few people can counter the arguments Sechin.

Meanwhile, Igor Ivanovich did not shine - because Sechin before you buy "Bashneft" he said that "Rosneft" will refuse to participate in the privatization of the Bashkir "giant" only "in the case of an outright ban of the Russian government." And it was! "Vladimir Putin has decided to ban" Rosneft "to claim the purchase of state-owned company" Bashneft "capital"!

After Sechin went against the federal center, the purchase personally Igor Ivanovich "Rosneft" shares turned to big problems. Although the former Minister Igor Yusufov actively offered a way to hardline Sechin top managers may buy shares of "Rosneft". And there directly call Sechin buyer "Rosneft" package can not. Yes, about the deal "loom" Trotsenko his advisor, friend and Swiss oil trader Timchenko of Glencore, which lobbied Igor Ivanovich as a major trader of Russian oil. But there is no direct evidence. As there is no comprehensive data, that Sechin was involved in the capture of "Bashneft" in Vladimir Yevtushenko. But almost everyone is convinced that it did Sechin. Anyway, the deal would be worth to check the Main Interior Ministry Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption and the FSB.