Igor Sechin paid an italian designer 1.3 million euros for corporate jackets

Rosneft does not skimp on spending in favor of Italian designer Roberto Girombelli.
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Italian designer Roberto Girombelli sews not just luxury, but ultra-luxury clothing. According to him, in boutiques of famous brands like “Dolce and Gabbana” there is no individual approach, and Girombelli takes measurements from each client and with him chooses fabrics, colors, pocket layouts. The media wrote that the Italian wore George Bush, Brad Pitt and Sheikh Khalaf al-Khabtur. It is not known how many exclusive suits and trousers were ordered by the White House administration, but Baza found out that Dzhirbelli’s company earned good money on the orders of the Rosneft state corporation.

Igor Sechin loves Italian brands. During a recent trip to a monastery in the Leningrad region, the head of Rosneft appeared in a jacket, very similar to a jacket of the Italian brand Loro Piana, worth 224,000 rubles. Users walked with memes on the head of Rosneft, both because of the high price of brand clothing, and because of how the jacket sits on it (the spoiler is not very).

It is possible that the love for Italian designers passed on from the head of the company to his employees, who for the past seven years have been purchasing designer clothes by Italian Roberto Jirombelli.

Jacket for 200 thousand

According to Import Genius (supplier of business intelligence for the import-export industry), for 2017–2019, 27 Rosneft statements related to the purchase of clothing appear in customs documents.

According to them, over the past three years, Rosneft has purchased jackets and trousers (men's and women's), shirts and blouses, coats, jackets, sweaters, vests. The brand of all things is Duca Sartoria, it is under her that the atelier of Roberto Girombelli works.

The total value of the items indicated in the statements is about 400 thousand euros. In the documents, all deliveries are measured in kilograms (for example, 0.75 kg of shirts, etc.) and the total cost per batch is given. But we translated everything into pieces (approximately), and that's what happened.

The most expensive thing is a women's coat - 260 thousand rubles apiece, followed by men's jackets - 202 thousand rubles apiece and women's jackets - 153 thousand rubles apiece).
Expensive and individually

In addition, Baza managed to find a more long-standing contract with Girombelli in the purchases of the state corporation. In 2013, Rosneft and the Italian company Fromm S.R.L. "In the person of Roberto Girombelli" signed a contract for the supply of clothing worth 899 thousand euros. The contract stipulates the deadline: three years.

By the way, it states that “the contractor shall take measurements of the users of individual products for the manufacture and tailoring of individual products”, in addition, “the contractor must organize and carry out at least one fitting for each individual product for each user of an individual product” .

That is, Dzhirombelli or his tailors had to come to the Rosneft office on the Sofia Embankment to make individual patterns for each employee of the company who would get luxury clothing.

For the studio Girombelli is a standard practice. “The custom-made Duca Sartoria suit is not created by ready-made patterns, but by individual measures and taking into account the nature of its owner ... You choose fabric and texture, lining, model and all other details so that they reflect your personality,” said the designer himself in an interview.

A total of 210 jackets (single-breasted and double-breasted), 210 pairs of trousers, 210 down jackets, 300 polo shirts, 70 sweaters with a lock, 70 cardigans, 70 knitted sweaters, 70 vests, 140 jackets and 70 leather jackets were purchased. On each thing under the contract Rosneft logo was embroidered.

As stated in the contract, one jacket cost 1.6 thousand euros (at the current exchange rate - 115 thousand rubles), one pair of trousers - 380 euros (27 thousand rubles), one vest - 690 euros (49 thousand rubles).

If we summarize the data provided by the Import Genius information base and public procurement, it turns out that Rosneft spent 1.3 million euros on designer clothing from Girombelli. Expensive for most Russians, but high quality and prestigious. In addition, the Italian designer most of all loves the brand Royal Wish by Loro Piana - maybe this is how he was able to attract the attention of Igor Ivanovich, who also loves this brand.

"You are nobody, understand?"

As written in the media, Roberto Girombelli opened a studio in Moscow 14 years ago. The address is listed on the Duca Sartoria website: this is the Radisson Royal Hotel (former Hotel Ukraine). No one answers the phone number listed on the site.

According to Jirombelli's “instagram”, it is clear that he often comes to Russia. There is a photo with Emin Agalarov, with representatives of the CSKA hockey club (Rosneft is the official sponsor of the club), with the president of the Russian Hockey Federation Vladislav Tretyak.

Roberto Jirombelli's clothes are also loved by ex-wife Sechin Olga. In Instagram, Olga is signed up for an account with Roberto Girombelli, and earlier (when she was married to the head of Rosneft) she likes him.

The designer did not answer the questions of “Base” directed to direct.

Baza wanted to clarify the details of cooperation between Rosneft and the Italian designer, but the conversation with the Rosneft press secretary Mikhail Leontyev did not work out:

- You will now write me down and again you will tell me what I think of you. Well, let's write. What questions are you going to ask us? I will not answer your questions! You are nobody, understand? We consider you as shit. And we are not going to answer your questions.

- Do you know such a designer Roberto Girombelli?

- I do not know any Roberto Jirombelli, I do not know where, from what ass you take it all out, you live in it, please, with your natural life! This is your habitat. We are not going to share this habitat.