Igor Sechin sued Forbes and Komsomolskaya Pravda

The head of Rosneft demands to disprove journalists's statements that is the most expensive top manager in Russia.
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"Rosneft" Igor Sechin, President for the first time judged the media. In mid-May, he filed a lawsuit against the journalists and editors of the Russian version of Forbes magazine and the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" a lawsuit on protection of honor and reputation. Sechin demands to refute dedicated to him and to remove materials from sites publishing editions.

Forbes respondent began four journalists and two legal entities: CJSC "Axel Springer Russia" (publishes Forbes) and ZAO "Publishing House" Komsomolskaya Pravda ". As told "Izvestia" in Savelovsky court - where the action is brought - unreliable, according to the plaintiff, the information was published in the 12 th issue of Forbes in 2013, containing the rating of "25 most expensive corporate executives," and on the website edition.

In particular, the controversial article devoted entirely to the head of "Rosneft" and is entitled: "The Last Conquistador: Igor Sechin has been fighting for the oil domination." The head of "Rosneft" demands to refute the information that in 2012 he received a total compensation of $ 50 million (Forbes estimated). In addition, the Forbes article the journalists claimed that Sechinwith the purchase of shares of "Rosneft" has attracted a loan from Gazprombank.

- Information about the source of funding of the acquisition of Sechin shares of "Rosneft" applicant also wants to challenge - added to the court.

In the "Rosneft" I believe that the Forbes editors acted in favor of competitors oil concern.

- The publication contained information that does not correspond to reality. We believe that Russian citizens have the right to receive objective information, based on solid facts and not on rumors and gossip.

The second block of claims of "Rosneft" As for the head of the log data on the participation of the fund UCP (UCP President Ilya Scherbovich the Board of Directors of "Rosneft") in the financial processes around the company, as well as sources of Forbes claims that statements Sechin in 2012-2013 forced down quotes, TNK-BP, which "Rosneft" subsequently swallowed. In this paper, "The Last Conquistador» Forbes writes, citing an anonymous source, that "at least since January, when Sechin continued to systematically kill holding capitalization paperacala buy UCP ». The publication schedule leads TNK-BP quotes, noting the figure Sechin's statements and falling share prices. The head of "Rosneft" claims in a lawsuit that the data is not nothing but a hidden allegations that his expression had a negative impact on the quotes. This, according to a top manager, does not correspond to reality and have a negative impact on its reputation as market manipulation is a crime under the Criminal Code - says the lawsuit, which met with "Izvestia".

The petition also states that the authors suggest the reader to the idea of ​​collusion with Sechin Scherbovich for the purpose of intentionally reduce quotes TNK-BP's shares and buy them on the stock exchange, to then profitably resell them as part of the voluntary offer to repurchase shares.

- We have reason to believe that when writing material revision acted in the interests of competitors, as business reputation has been damaged. We are open to all media who want to get unbiased information. We are ready to work with bona fide journalists. In the opposite case, we think it right to decbe these issues in the legal field, - commented on the claim representative of the oil company.

The newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" involved as a respondent: online resource kp.ru immediately after ranking released material with reference to the Forbes ( «President of" Rosneft "Igor Sechin became the most expensive top manager of Russia").

Until recently, both materials being online publications. However, after receipt of the claim the chief editor of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (JSC is controlled by entrepreneur Gregory Berezkin) Vladimir Sungorkin decided to remove controversial material.

- I decided to remove the publication from the site. And why do we with Igor Ivanovich generally sue? Firstly, it was not our investigation, citing a Forbes. Secondly, fortunately, the material was only on the site. If you need to write a refutation, we refute by the court, - says Sungorkin.

He notes that the "Komsomolskaya Pravda" regularly refers to the Forbes rankings and trust them. If Igor Sechin will prove his innocence in court, it will be the first time the "COMSomolke "will refute Forbes data, notes Sungorkin. Representatives Forbes publisher - the company "Axel Springer Russia" ( "daughter" of the European media holding company Axel Springer) - did not respond to the request of "Izvestia".

Data released of Forbes, could really harm the reputation of the head of "Rosneft", which as the head of state-owned companies are now obliged to report annually to the Government on revenues (in accordance with the government decision of June 2013), says lawyer bureau "Knyazev and Partners" Ruslan Konorev. If the information Forbes substantially at odds with the declaration data, it can cast a shadow on the head of "Rosneft".

Actually, lawyers Sechin sued two days after the press-service of "Rosneft" on May 13 this year announced that its top management reported to the Russian government on income. Now these data non-public, but it is expected that later this information will be published.

- In court, both parties will have to submit documents that prove or disprove the facts that are material in Forbes, & mdash; Konorev says. - If the media claim that somebody took the credit, and now they have to prove it.

According to the lawyer, the head of the state-owned company much more likely to get the media to refute, because it may just provide the court with his declaration for 2012, which Forbes refute information.

Sechin is not the first party to Forbes ranking, which angered the journal evaluation. For example, five years ago, a businessman Alexander Lebedev has threatened to sue the magazine for the data published in the traditional ranking of billionaires. Then Forbes estimated loss Lebedev during the crisis at $ 2.5 billion. However, the suit businessman never filed.

- I had a conversation with Forbes through serious lawyers. We wrote them a tough letter, received boorish response in the style of "we are what we want, then we do." Before the trial is not reached, because I bought the British media [Evening Standard, Independent and Independent on Sunday] and I was embarrassed to plead with colleagues, - says Lebedev.