Igor Sechin will hide the entrance to his villa in the tunnel

For the implementation of the $ 20 billion project in Barvikha, the head of Rosneft needs to save more than 20 years.
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The head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, started a grand construction in Barvikha near Moscow. On the site, the size of which has recently doubled, it is planned to build objects with a total area of ​​25 thousand square meters. Guests can drive from the host’s house to the accommodation through the tunnel, and the artificial lake and the stream flowing from the artificial mountain will please the eye of the head of the state corporation and its entourage. Journalists estimated the cost of the land of Sechin at 2 billion rubles, and the construction of the planned objects will need another 18 billion.

Neighbors liquidation

Earlier, a three-hectare plot of land in Barvikha was a house presented by the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, to his second wife, Olga Rozhkova. After the divorce, the house was destroyed to the ground, and now the head of the state corporation has decided to give the lands in the elite settlement a new life.

As stated in the investigation of the Baza project, first of all, the changes affected the borders of the site, which now cover not three, but 7.8 hectares. The “Russian Federation,” behind whose name Sechin is hiding, was ceded by two sites owned by Ekaterina Ignatova, former wife of Rostec’s head, Eduard Hudainatov, former first vice-president of Rosneft, as well as 71 acres of land previously owned by Vladislav Abrahamyan’s son Head of the Union of Armenians of Russia, Ara Abrahamyan.

Thus, a plot of 78 thousand 205 sq. M. meters with cadastral number 50: 20: 0010403: 1195, formed from six smaller ones. Baza cites extracts from Rosreestr for two of these plots: if you open them in the usual way, the owner is not specified, but Sechin’s name can be seen through the discharge source code.

“One hundred square meters in Barvikha can be bought for 3 million rubles. Accordingly, 7.8 hectares will cost 2.2 billion rubles, ”calculated the journalists.

Construction of the Sechin century

At the site that has increased many times, a grandiose construction unfolded, which is carefully hidden and guarded. The journalists managed to reveal some details about it only by introducing their man into the construction team, which then was able to explain what had been shot by a quadcopter beforehand.

According to his story, the construction is guarded by the Rosgvardians, who do not allow to bring mobile phones to the object, to drive in cars with DVRs. “They make sure that no one carries phones, video and audio equipment. Phones on the site, by the way, are only allowed to a small group of people. I understand that these are architects and engineers. But, of course, they also cannot take pictures, and calls only on business issues. In general, the security is strained on the phone instantly. And if anyone finds something forbidden, they will immediately be kicked out. No, well, first select the device, clean it completely, give and then expelled. A few guys got caught like that, I heard, ”the former worker said.
According to a construction plan that has become known, there are three construction lines in the area. So, the master house should be built first - two underground floors are ready. The second will be a guest - the foundation is partially strengthened there. Third, the smallest building area of ​​700-800 square meters. m, it is planned, apparently, for the protection or servants.

An underground tunnel, six meters wide and 35-40 meters long, is being built between the guest house and the host house. According to the authors of the project, two oncoming cars must pass in it. “If you look at the main house from above, you can see a mountain of soil above it. He was brought to make the bulk mountain. As the engineers said, according to Sechin's plan, a stream will flow into the lake - the lake, by the way, must also be dug. They haven’t even started yet, ”the former participant in the grand construction said.

According to the former worker, in the master's house, there are five floors. Two of them will be located underground. Their total area is 5,200 square meters. The building will be equipped with elevators, and its total building footage, as the worker says, referring to engineers, is at least 12 thousand square meters. m

“We learned that the layout of the future castle is the result of the work of the architectural bureau“ Metropolis ”. This company designed for Skolkovo, drew the Siemens headquarters office in the Legion II business center, residential and public buildings on the ZIL territory, a swimming pool in the Luzhniki stadium, developed several projects in Moscow City, in the "Base" investigation.

Investigators estimate that the area of ​​the master, guest house and a house for the protection or servants in the Sechin section will be almost 25 thousand square meters. meters

"Regional" scope

The total cost of construction, according to an expert related to the construction of houses of oligarchs and top managers of large private and state-owned companies, will be about 18 billion rubles. According to him, 6.4 billion rubles will cost directly the construction of two houses, the decoration and interiors in the master’s house will cost 8 billion rubles, while the guest house will cost 3.5 billion rubles.

If we add the price of land to the cost of construction, we will get more than 20 billion rubles. It is like the expenditure part of the budget of the Altai Territory for 2017 or the Republic of Adygea.

If we proceed from the data of Forbes, then in 2016 - the year of the last publication of the salaries of top managers of state corporations, the head of Rosneft had an income of 800 million rubles. To start the aforementioned grand construction, Sechin would need to save 23 years.

A spokesman for Rosneft, Mikhail Leontyev, refused to answer Baza’s questions about the ownership of the site and the customer of the construction site, citing the inviolability of the personal life of his boss.