In "Naftogaz" announced the arrest of the Dutch assets of "Gazprom"

The court arrested the Dutch assets of Gazprom for paying Naftogaz 2.6 billion dollars on the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration, the Ukrainian company said.
It is noted that the bailiffs also "conduct actions" to freeze the assets of the Russian company in Nord Stream AG and Nord Stream 2 AG. Naftogaz filed relevant petitions last week.

"The Dutch court granted these applications, but six of the seven Gazprom subsidiaries in the Netherlands refused to cooperate with the judicial executors, but all this will not affect the arrest in any way," the Ukrainian company said.

Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz Andrei Kobolev said that the company will "use all available legal means and tools" to get $ 2.6 billion from Gazprom.

What the Stockholm Arbitration Decided

The Stockholm arbitration in December and February ruled on the disputes between Gazprom and Naftogaz regarding contracts for the supply and transit of gas, obliging the Russian company to pay about $ 2.6 billion in compensation to the Ukrainian side for the shortage of gas.

Gazprom said that these decisions created an imbalance in favor of Kiev. In March, the Russian company appealed the verdict of arbitration in the Swedish court, and also notified Naftogaz of the beginning of the procedure for the termination of contracts.

Last week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko announced the beginning of the process of forcing the collection of 2.56 billion dollars from Gazprom - in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands. On the 30th of May the bailiffs came to the office of Nord Stream AG 2 in Switzerland. The company confirmed that they received a decision of bailiffs to impose interim measures in the context of collecting funds from Gazprom.