In Russia, another bank scam

The recent detention of the largest underground financier Myazin is expected to be not the last in the scandalous investigation.
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The criminal case of embezzlement of funds of Promsberbank, within which "the shadow banker № 1" Ivan Myazin was arrested, grows into one of the most large-scale investigations on the "inside" of the banking business. Boris Fomin, former chairman of Promsber, stated that, within the framework of the concluded deal with the investigation, he said that representatives of the Central Bank of Russia covered the naked, transit operations, as well as the withdrawal of funds from the credit institution. He also testified to the former top manager of Deutsche Bank, US citizen Tim Wiswell, who, according to Fomin, received monthly large sums for providing a "channel" for transferring "dirty" money from Russia to the West via Deutsche Bank.

As a source in law enforcement agencies told Rosbalt, Boris Fomin gave detailed testimony back in early 2018, however, it took several months for the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the FSB to check the information he had provided. Most of them found confirmation, after which the siloviki went to detention. As already reported by Rosbalt, one of the biggest shadow bankers, Ivan Myazin, was taken into custody. And the interlocutors of the agency believe that this is far from the last loud arrest in the framework of the investigation. Boris Fomin told about many persons who had to do with the underground business for cashing, "laundering" and the withdrawal of huge sums from the Russian Federation. Fomin was in the team of Myazin since 2006, and personally knew with whom the "shadow banker" cooperates.

In particular, Fomin reported on the role in the illegal transit of money from Russia is now the former head of trading of the Russian division of Deutsche Bank Tim Wiswell. According to the banker's testimony, this US citizen paid $ 100 thousand for a monthly remuneration through Deutsche Bank to carry out transactions with securities and currency that were part of the schemes for withdrawing money outside the Russian Federation. Several times Fomin personally transferred money to Wiswell.

According to the ex-predpravleniya, one of the co-owners of Promsberbank Oleg Belousov and the main shadow owner Ivan Myazin created firms, where the withdrawn cash funds for their subsequent transfer in the form of bribes in the CBR. For this money, the representatives of the Bank of Russia did not notice the illegal operations to transport giant amounts outside the country.

According to Fomin, banks "Russian Land Bank", "Russian Credit" and Deutsche Bank participated in the mass withdrawal of funds from the Russian Federation. At the same time, Ivan Myazin organized a "cover for the activities of investment companies to withdraw funds abroad through their relations with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, organized cash flows, the search and involvement of outside banks and investment companies in this activity."

According to Fomin, he met Mezin in 2005-2006, when he was the governor of the Siberian Bank for Economic Development. A year later, Myazin bought this bank, and then he invited Fomin to work in the investment company "Investment Bridge Investment Company", controlled by him. Supervised by the IR Oleg Belousov, one of the members of the team Myazina. "Myazin had extensive contacts in law enforcement agencies, as well as with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Federal Financial Markets Service acting at that time," Fomin said at the interrogation. Also, along with this whole group, there was another large shadow banker, Alexei Kulikov, whose main direction was "VAT refund."

In 2013, Myazin bought Promsberbank from businessman Grigory Altshuler and invited Fomin to the post of the board of directors. Soon the members of the group began to implement schemes to withdraw money from the bank. "Myazin together with Belousov provided cover for their activities under the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, that is, they agreed on the non-use of disciplinary measures against Promsberbank that entailed the revocation of the license," Fomin said.

In the beginning, the funds were withdrawn through fictitious purchases of shares and securities. Thus, 60% of the bank's assets were withdrawn. Then, according to Fomin's testimony, Kulikov said that a new scheme for the withdrawal of assets was agreed with individual representatives of the Central Bank - by granting loans to controlled firms. Moreover, as Fomin assures, every such loan Myazin coordinated with his people from the Central Bank, so when inspecting the Bank of Russia Promsberbank on these companies, despite their obvious doubt, the regulator did not raise any questions.

In total, according to the investigation, from Promsberbank, 3.2 billion rubles were withdrawn and transferred abroad.