In the case of theft in Novo-Ogarevo may appear a new episode

In the investigation of the theft of funds during the reconstruction of the presidential residence in Novo-Ogarevo, a new episode may appear.
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As part of the investigation into the Baltstroi case, Rosbalt data, an examination of the repair of a number of facilities located on Red Square is underway. However, it is difficult to say how the fate of the investigation will develop. Soon, the majority of the accused expire in prison.

As a source in law enforcement agencies told Rosbalt, now, within the framework of the case, an examination is being conducted on the Red Square 5 facility, which Baltstroy Company was reconstructing. Investigators are wondering whether the builders did not overestimate prices and workloads, as happened in the case of the repair of the presidential residence. It is worth noting that this is far from the only facility near the main "office" of Vladimir Putin, which was reconstructed by Baltstroy. The company also performed works under the "closed" state contract for repair of towers and walls of the Kremlin. As already reported by Rosbalt, now examinations are conducted on the works of Baltstroi at the Gorki-9 (prime minister's residence) and Vorobyovy Gory (houses and receptions houses for senior officials of the state and visiting leaders of other countries visiting Moscow). "After the examination, all these stories can develop into new episodes of the criminal case," the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, while all the defendants of the case are charged only in the theft of funds during the reconstruction of the residence in Novo-Ogarevo. The ex-head of FSUE FSO ATEX Andrey Kaminov, co-owner of Baltstroi Dmitry Sergeev and top managers of this company Stanislav Kuner and Dmitry Torchinsky are currently in the custody of the case. Everyone, except Sergeev, in September, the deadline for detention in custody is 1.5 years. A month before this date, as required by law, investigators must transmit the materials of the completed investigation to the accused. However, it is already clear that the IC of the Russian Federation will not meet these deadlines. Therefore, in autumn almost all the defendants should be released. Unless, of course, those episodes with the objects for which the examination is being conducted are involved. I can single out them in a separate production, initiate new cases and, within their framework, again arrest Kaminov and representatives of Baltstroi. However, the Supreme Court found this practice unreasonable and prohibited investigators from using this kind of "trick".

In addition, the UK has not resolved yet another issue. In the spring of 2018, at a hearing in the Moscow City Court on the extension of the arrest of Kaminov, the representative of the Prosecutor General's Office said that the investigation had come to conclusions about involvement in the theft of "high-ranking FSO employees", and also noted that "they are planned to be brought to criminal liability." Previously, the UK followed a different version. The investigation believed that for fraud, a criminal group was created, the main roles in which were representatives of the GC Baltstroy, who introduced representatives of the FSO "misleading". According to Rosbalt, at the present time, none of the current and former employees of the FSO has been charged with the case.

The big question is whether the "Novo-Ogaryovo case" poses a threat to the representatives of Baltstroi. So far, they have chosen a tactic for which pre-trial agreements are concluded in each investigation and delimited by conditional terms. As, for example, it happened in the case of the restoration of objects of the Ministry of Culture. As part of the investigation of embezzlement during the repair of President Sergeev's residence, Küner and Torchinsky again concluded pre-trial agreements. And in the case of the embezzlement of funds allocated for the reconstruction of the Hermitage, the only culprit on the part of Baltstroi was the executive director of the company, Alexander Kochenov, who is mortally sick. At the same time, he fully admitted the blame and received a conditional sentence the other day.