In the family of AFK Sistema owner there is one more developer

He handed over a piece of land in the center of Moscow for the construction of apartments. Experts believe that in this way the owner of AFK Sistema puts his assets in different baskets, so that he again does not fall under the blow of vengeful Igor Sechin.
A new player, Vera Evtushenkova, daughter-in-law of the majority shareholder of AFK Sistema, was discovered on the Moscow real estate market. She moved to a site in the center of Moscow, owned by a father-in-law company. On the basis of the historical building of the automatic telephone exchange constructed in the style of constructivism, Ms Evtushenkova with partner Teimuraz Shengelia, the former top manager of the Detsky Mir network, will create a complex of apartments.

The construction project on the site of the former automatic telephone exchange at Bakuninskaya Street near the subway station Baumanskaya will be implemented by Vesta Development, followed by an invitation to the site presentation. Earlier this site was in the portfolio of Leader-Invest (part of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov): the developer was looking for designers to build a hotel here. In September 2015, the Moscow mayor's office approved the construction project on the site of ATS 15 thousand square meters. Now the complex of apartments Tatlin Apartments for 18 thousand square meters is planned here. m. The press service of "Leader-Invest" told Kommersant that the company sold the project. The parameters of the transaction are not disclosed.

In the project declaration Tatlin Apartments indicated that the developer of the apartments is Bakuninskaya LLC, which, according to, is now owned by Vesta LLC. Earlier, 50% of Bakuninskaya was owned by Leader-Invest, as much as Business-Real Estate, the second structure that provides the interests of AFK Sistema in the real estate market. "Vesta" is owned by Teimuraz Shengelia and Vera Evtushenkova. Mr. Shengelia is the general director of Vesta Development. Previously, he served as deputy general director of the retail network Detsky Mir (also owned by AFK).

Vesta Development stressed that the company has nothing to do with Sistema. The source of Kommersant, who is familiar with the family of the shareholder of the holding, says that Vera Evtushenkova is the wife of Felix Yevtushenkov, the son of the majority shareholder of Sistema, Vladimir Yevtushenkov. In the "System" they declined to comment.

In the development market, the Evtushenkov family has long been known: in 1994, Sistema founded Sistema-Hals, which was the first Russian developer to conduct an IPO on the London Stock Exchange. In the crisis of 2008-2009, the developer went under the control of VTB and later changed its name to "Hals Development". Then AFK Sistema created the company Leader-Invest, which was transferred from MGTS (it is controlled by MTS Vladimir Yevtushenkov) to the construction of former ATS sites. Now in the portfolio of "Leader-Invest" - 42 projects with a total area of ​​520 thousand square meters. m.

Vesta Development, having bought a site and a building on Bakuninskaya Street (together with it the business center in the neighborhood moved to the company), developed a new project and coordinated it in the architectural council of Moscow. Tatlin Apartments involves the reconstruction of automatic telephone exchanges (built in the style of constructivism): it is planned to restore the facade, preserving the volume of the historic building, and make the superstructure. Now there is a transfer of the site to the general contractor, the apartment reservation has been opened, Vesta Development reported. Director (monitoring system of new buildings) Sergey Lobzhanidze estimated the minimum cost of construction and installation works within the project in 2.5 billion rubles. According to him, now the area in Tatlin Apartments is 245 thousand rubles. for 1 square. m, by the end of construction the price can grow up to 300-320 thousand rubles.