Incense instead of doping: a temple of Russian Olympians will be built in Moscow for 2 billion

The cost of building the main temple for Russian athletes in the metropolitan area of North Butovo just outside the Moscow Ring Road will be 2 billion rubles.
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It will be built on the site on the site of the temporary church of St. Prince Dimitry Donskoy. The rector of this church, Archpriest Andrei Alekseev, is the confessor of the Russian Olympic team.

“It will not be a temple, but a cathedral. It will be built at the expense of benefactors, including individuals. The total amount of construction will amount to 2 billion rubles, "Maria Akubardia, secretary of the church rector, told Open Media. The current church of St. Prince Dimitry Donskoy in Butovo is located on an area of ​​2.4 hectares. According to plans, the temple complex will occupy more than half of the territory - more than 15,000 square meters. m.

Vladimir Resin, the curator of the program for the construction of 200 churches in Moscow, told Interfax about plans to build the main temple of the Olympians. According to him, the work will be completed within 5-7 years. A sports complex, a Sunday school, a museum with a panorama of the Battle of Kulikovo, a concert hall for 400 people and other objects will be built next to the temple.

The cost of building a temple for the Olympic team is comparable in scope to the construction of the main temple of the Ministry of Defense, on which about 6 billion rubles were spent. The cadastral value of the main temple of the Armed Forces in Kubinka near Moscow was 634 million rubles, or almost ten times less than the cost of its construction.