Indemnity caught the ex-senator

Alexander Sabadash became a suspect in the case on illegal VAT refund business.
Yesterday in Moscow, ex-senator and influential businessman Alexander Sabadash was arrested. Russian Investigative Committee (TFR) suspects him of organizing VAT fraud, which resulted in a little-known company "ES-Contractstroy", repair company Mr. Sabadash, hoped to receive from the budget of more than 1.8 billion rubles. Ex-senator became the most famous, but not the last defendant in a sensational case.

Alexander Sabadash was detained by the main investigation department (GUS) TFR after a series of searches that investigators with the support of the FSB carried out at his home and in his office in Moscow and St. Petersburg. According to sources, "b", the businessman is suspected of committing a crime under Art. 33, and 30 h. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (organization of attempt on a particularly large fraud in an organized group). While he was detained for two days, but today GUS TFR plans to apply to the Basmanny court to elect Mr. Sabadash preventive measure in the form of arrest.

The episode, which featured ex-senator, refers to 2010, whenArkhangelsk little-known company "ES-Contractstroy" tried to get a VAT refund in the amount of 1.87 billion rubles. Documents demanding repayment of this sum had been sent to the IRS N28, which was headed by the current decoy "Magnitsky list" of Olga Stepanova, and where, in September 2010, the company got registered.

As should have presented to the inspection of documents, the company "ES-Contractstroy" performed for JSC "Vyborgskaya cellulose", which is owned by Mr. Sabadash, various construction works, including the mount equipment for the production of pellets (wood pellets) and upgraded the processing line wastepaper.

However, evidence of large-scale work that is performed "ES-Contractstroy" FTS staff, conducted a desk audit, was found. On the contrary, it turned out that this work was carried out employees most "Vyborgskaya cellulose" or third-party organizations. Thus, for example, the production of pellets did not run at all.

As a result, the tax authorities refused Ltd. "ES-Contractstroy" reimbursement NDAnd then appealed to the leadership of the TFR with the sample to check the activities of Ms. Stepanova as the one as it turned out, in 2009-2010 took unreasonable decision on VAT refund totaling 4.4 billion rubles. one-day firms LLC "Universaltorg" "Lucia", "EkspressFinans", "BiznesKonsalting", "BrisStayl", "Crown", "Russian fleet" and "Atlantis". As a result of the official investigation, Ms. Stepanova was warned about incomplete official line, and then resigned from the inspection on their own.

As a result, Investigation Department TFR in the South-West district of Moscow criminal case was opened under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code. It was soon transferred to Moscow GUS TFR, and in April 2011 an investigation of this episode led to the search and seizure in the Federal Tax Service of the Moscow administration building on Bolshaya Tula, as well as the IRS N28. In addition, FSB operatives searched the office and apartment of the then deputy head of the capital management Olga Chernichuk outside Sokolnicheskaya Slobodka and her mansion in suburban partnership "Vyalkov".

It happened onwhat is interrogated in the investigation investigation Olga Stepanova gave testimony that allegedly acted under pressure from his superiors.

At the same time the searches were carried out in St. Petersburg and in the office, "the Vyborg cellulose". At the same time he was arrested the director of "ES-Contractstroy" Roman Temkin and CFO Elena Bevza which, according to investigators, "to steal money from the budget", and submitted documents for VAT refund.

As a result only after the case appeared in the production of the central apparatus of the TFR, the investigation revealed that the active role played in the scam is the same Ms. Stepanova, act in the interests of Alexander Sabadash.

Questions appeared to her and in another case of illegal VAT reimbursement, the amount of damage for which has increased from 4.4 billion rubles. up to 10 billion rubles .. Charges of involvement in the fraud were filed by businessman Alexander Milushkin and another supernumerary "Magnitsky list" - the employee tax inspectorate N28 Olga Tsymay and her colleague Lyudmila Gusakova. According to "Kommersant", the former slave of Mrs. CEpanova already given its damning testimony. However, the former boss IFTS N28 is abroad for medical treatment and is not available for the investigators. In her search has not yet been announced. Two other defendants in the case - former employees of the Internal Affairs of South-Western District of Moscow Dmitry Khristophorov and Sergey Oganov, who have been together with the tax authorities to check the VAT candidates, but have not done this already appeared in court.