iPhone, iPad and Mac were with problematic processors

Apple advises to download the software only from reliable sources.
All Mac computers and devices on the iOS operating system were vulnerable to processor vulnerabilities, Apple said. The vulnerability was reported on Wednesday by Google experts. One of them, Meltdown, concerns only Intel chips on laptops and computers. Another vulnerability, called Specter, is found in chips from Intel, AMD and ARM in smartphones, tablets and computers.

According to Apple, Meltdown and Specter have affected all modern processors and almost all computing devices and operating systems, in particular Mac, iPad and iPhone. Watch Apple Watch is not affected by the Meltdown vulnerability. So far, no malware has been detected that exploits this vulnerability, the company said.

"Since Meltdown and Specter need to download malicious applications to Mac or iOS devices, we recommend downloading the software only from trusted sources such as the App Store," the report said. To protect against Meltdown, the company released updates to iOS 11.2, macOS 10.13.2 and tvOS 11.2. In the coming days, Apple plans to release an update for Safari to protect against Specter.

As Apple points out, Meltdown and Specter use a vulnerability in speculative tasks to access privileged memory, including the kernel of the system, from a user process that does not have rights to it (for example, a malicious application running on the device). An analysis of these vulnerabilities showed that, although it is extremely difficult to use them even with an application running on a Mac or iOS device, they can potentially be used in JavaScript running in a web browser, the corporation noted.

Apple's quotes in early trading on Friday rose less than 1% to $ 173.56 per share.

On the eve of the world's largest manufacturer of Intel processors said that Specter and Meltdown can allow hackers to access information such as passwords and computer encryption keys that can be used to access encrypted messages. According to experts, the vulnerability of Intel processors affects almost all devices released since 1995.

Microsoft has already released an emergency update for the Windows operating system to fix the Meltdown vulnerability. Google has clarified that users of smartphones with the latest Android update are protected, as well as Gmail clients.