Is it easy to be Putin

How is the president's relatives' business coming along?
In early October, Roman Putin on his Facebook page announced a new project - a hotline for entrepreneurs titled "Putin's control" This is a new tool for civil oversight of tender fraud officials here can complain about the unfairness in the allocation or realization of government contracts, explained Putin hinting. that it has the ability to report on cases of lawlessness, "the first person". The hint is not without reason. 37-year-old Putin - the son of a cousin of the president of Russia - Igor.

"That's the way to make a joke in Facebook, as the term goes to the masses", - he said to journalists, "Vedomosti" the launch of the new project during the meeting in the lobby "President-Hotel". However, the joke applies only to the names, and hotline - the real, says Putin. He promises to take care, to tell stories about entrepreneurs abuses became public and became the basis for criminal proceedings. Why corruption is so much interest in the president's nephew? He says so himself: and the profession, and the name binding.

Corruption Fighter

Grandson of Ryazan, Vladimir Putin's uncle - Roman walked in the footsteps of the older men in the family: he entered the military college - Wolski branch of the St. Petersburg Military Academy of Logistics and Transport - and even in the third year decided to serve in the FSB. "It had nothing to do with Vladimir, he then worked in St. Petersburg, I accepted the offer because in the 90-ies. serve on these bodies was an honor, valor, "- he says. Putin served five years in the operative department of the economic security department of the FSB for the Ryazan Region, and in 2004 - at the end of the contract - a lieutenant retired from service officials. Until 2007, he worked as the deputy chief of one of the units in the Office of Economic Analysis and the financial control of the Ryazan City Council, and since 2008 - an adviser on security Ryazan mayor. Putin said that oversaw the testing budget spending in the Ryazan region and seen enough different. "I watched as the government agencies are not allowed to tender" foreign "company cancel the" wrong "the resultsexpected to spoil the life of the contractor in the performance of the state contract. Really painful to see when manufacturers knock out with tenders, competitions intermediary company with the director and accountant. My personal opinion is that this is wrong, "- he explained to" Vedomosti ". But the path of Alexei Navalny, Putin is not going to get up. "In our country, it was felt that these things should engage the opposition. Not quite right. Any citizen of the country has to do it. And we are not the opposition, we have no political goals, we are helpers of power ", - it sets out its position. Putin is ready to deal with state-owned companies, and with senior officials. But the question of whether it competitive with the structures belonging to a friend of President is not afraid, so he answers: among his customers will not be "oligarchic structures», Putin Consulting Services are designed primarily for medium-sized businesses and regional businesses.

How can it help them? To begin with - to publish a story on their pages on social networks. But not only. Putin said that for a long time individually consulted in matters goszakfirst for its business partners, then other entrepreneurs, and this spring decided to switch from private practice to full consulting business and opened Putin Consulting company. Niche companies Roman Putin defines as: ensuring security of doing business in the Russian reality. Her lawyers are ready to assist in the preparation of documents for the tender, but on the next stage - to prevent fraud in the process of tendering procedures and to protect winners from the customer's pressure, dissatisfied with the results of the tender, -.. Delays in payments, advances, etc. "In the last two stages of our brand It plays a key role - recognized Putin. - Officials when we accompany competitions, pressed against the ears, and many prefer to leave the competition on the basis of honest, than to look for trouble, get into the spotlight of our attention. " For the successful maintenance of the tender Putin Consulting takes a commission of 3 to 10% of the contract price - depending on the complexity of the case, said Putin. This high prices, but do not cut off from reality, if the result is achieved by using the right brand and the right legal actionand without corruption component, says the executive director of the National Institutes of procurement associations Georgi Suhadolsky.

"Work hard, in state-owned companies, some managers have left the ground so that it is not afraid of neither God nor the devil, nor the president," - recognizes the president's nephew. And he tells the story of the company "Santstroy", in which it since the beginning of 2013 belonged to 15% (hereinafter data SPARK). The Company fulfilled contracts Railways to establish systems of electrification and power supply rail through two intermediaries, which settles to 90% of potential profit. As a result, a real artist work worked on the verge of profitability, outraged Vladimir Putin: "When I as a businessman, to invest in this company, began to understand why the intermediaries receive such profits do not comply with the contract terms, addressed a letter to the heads of the relevant subsidiary of RZD structure and received aggressive reaction, threats. " Press-service of "MC" Transugstroy "questions" Vedomosti "the story said so: information about the person of RomaPutin and Putin Consulting company and it does not have. "Santstroy" is now eliminated, Putin is no longer co-owners.

In July, 2012 Vasily Yurchenko, then Governor of the Novosibirsk Region, has appointed Roman Putin's advisor on a voluntary basis, because the nephew of the president promised to help with the implementation of a specific project: to create on the basis of the Novosibirsk car repair plant, which is part of "Oboronservis", a new venture for car assembly. But it did not, the governor told reporters at a press conference at the end of 2013, he is now "Vedomosti" to work together with Putin did not comment. Putin explained the failure of the "resistance" in the administration Yurchenko.

But there is a Roman Putin and the story of the victory over corruption - about company "Geo-invest" from Krasnodar Krai: "She performed design and survey works for the" Gazprom ", but after the transmission of the documentation they were told that their services are not needed, and documentation was sold to some offshore companies. In the course of negotiations with the customer, a subsidiary of "Gazprom"s St. Petersburg - "Giprospetsgaz", head of the company privately admit that they are wrong, and they say, "but the truth is you will not find here, here introduce uncle, then we'll talk." The situation was reported to the President, as far as I know, there was a service check. Unfortunately, it ended. I'm sure the head of "Gazprom" does not support such movements within itself, but a large structure, difficult to control, and our task is dotted here to cover these things. " Nevertheless, these efforts "Geo-Invest" received for the work of 300 million rubles., Putin enjoys.

"Giprospetsgaz" planned scheme paid in full, but for the great works of the excess payment shall be made by the executive estimates and, although it is stipulated by the contract, with payments have problems, he confessed to "Vedomosti" the executive director of "Geo-Invest" Alexander Tereshchenko. "But the name Putin Consulting I do not know. And here some advice? It is our internal affair, and we are third parties to this did not attract, "- he wonders. Putin said that all the issues were discussedl with the CEO of "Geo-Invest" Tatiana Tereshchenko. Alexander Tereshchenko said that Putin showed her post at "Facebook", in which he described his collaboration with "Geo-Invest", but the director general did not consider it necessary to comment on "rumors of social networks where anyone can write anything you want."

The Investment Advisor

Putin Consulting does not only tenders, among other areas of activity - Investconsulting, arranging financing, challenging unjust judgments, PR and GR. "Usually, we offer our clients consulting a subscription with a minimum budget of $ 20 000 per month. Some questions we can solve quickly and efficiently by simply knocking on the right door, the existence of which consulting monsters may simply not know "- said Putin.

"The name is not very important, but the name - it's all" - he replied to a question about the importance of a name in the consulting business. Putin believes that it has the best brand in the country and can not be afraid of the competition, the name - this is the main asset. But not all the asset raotaet equally well.

The story of the Putin Consulting began in March 2014 with the desire to enter the international market to attract investment, and so the company opened an office in London, tells the familiar Roman Putin: "But then came the Ukrainian war in Europe, Vladimir Putin sharply deteriorated image, and Western companies became unsafe to deal with Putin Consulting ».

"Unfortunately, the European business policy under pressure. In a situation of crisis, our brand straining our Western partners, they have to enter into contracts with our affiliates to move to Russia, and not to spoil relations with its other partners. But East Asia and our brand is perceived very positively. We are in talks with the Chinese partners, and they are only "for". And US companies have no relationship. They are, as a historically, and it was not well, and now it is not planned, "- not discouraged founder Putin Consulting.

"In the east, on the contrary, very much appreciate if they found a relative with the first person. For example, the novel often the case in the United Arab Emirates, discusses the definitionnnye projects with members of the royal family - education, language training Russian representatives of the local elite, "- says his friend. "Vedomosti" did not find traces of these contacts.

In Putin Consulting attracting foreign customers cooperating with Invest in Russia Agency, which was established in late 2013 on behalf of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and is looking for investors to regional projects. Executive Director of Invest in Russia Yuri Wojciechowski confirmed that this year signed with Putin Consulting cooperation framework agreement. "In the framework of cooperation with Putin Consulting has begun a dialogue with a company from Eastern Europe, one - from Asia, it is still at an early stage." The first project - in the field of infrastructure, the second - the production, he says.

Roman Putin did not disclose their clients, citing confidentiality. Of the successful projects ready to tell only one thing - with the support of Putin Consulting Moscow market got one of the largest Chinese construction companies with an investment of $ 2 billion That is the amount promised in the spring of this investment.Rowan in the construction of the subway in the new Moscow State China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC), the largest builder of transport infrastructure in China, and the private China International Fund (CIF), signed an agreement with the Moscow government. A member of the Chinese state-owned corporation on the issue of cooperation with Roman Putin said vaguely: "We have great respect for the President of Russia and his family, and listen to all of the recommendations." But CRCC is ready to take on the role of the contractor, and promised to provide funding for CIF, a structure with a controversial reputation. As Forbes wrote, the fund is engaged in projects in countries such as Angola, Zimbabwe and Guinea, and, according to experts, is involved in the projects, where "investment processes should be hidden from the outside attention." In 2009, the Fund has become the subject of investigation by the US Congress because of the support of Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, sanctions which the US and European Union action is associated with the CIF «Vedomosti" failed in 2002. Officials of the Moscow government, which spoke of "Vedomosti", the participation of Roman Putin in eom the project do not know. He himself says: "What does it matter from what sources will invest in the national economy? Especially in terms of sanctions and fall in energy prices. "


Before the anti-corruption project and consulting Putin engaged in the manufacturing business. Taking a break from government service in the Ryazan region, he in 2007-2008. several months led the local branch MTS, and by 2011 decided to move to Moscow and "to move in different directions." Now, according to SPARK, Roman Putin - the owner of a dozen companies in Ryazan, Moscow and Krasnodar territory, but many of them, he said - a tribute to the past, it is only because of the lack of time did not come out from among their founders. From current - LLC "MR Group", in which it has 32%. This company - the parent structure of the MRI group of companies, whose board of directors is headed by Putin. According to the site, it has a lot of activities: repair of rolling stock, including government contracts, construction, plastic, as well as water and air transport. However, owners of most companies, Transferred as a group, appear Putin Partners LLC "MR Group".

History MRI began in the summer 2011 at a charity ball in the Catherine Palace, recalls a former co-owner of the MRI Group Boris whistle. "We met there with Roman Putin, then find mutual friends, and decided to create an MRI group. The idea of ​​this group we support Roman due to the fact that the theme of the river taxi for a long time discussed the Moscow government ", - says the whistle. Putin says he acted as a consultant during the discussion in the Moscow government the idea of ​​creating air and river taxis still under Mayor Yuri Luzhkov. The official City Hall confirms this. "If Luzhkov these ideas have received active support, but when he came to [Maxim] Liksutov [Head of Department of Transportation and Development of road transport infrastructure in Moscow], he told us: guys, we do not mind to develop, but we will have to consider a residual" - says Putin. City decided in the first place to develop other types of transport. "This, of course, correct, even after the launchroject water taxi, we would be able to carry not more than 1.5% in passenger traffic in the capital, but I hope that the project is only postponed, but not closed, "- said Putin. The budget of the complex, the city will spend money in the first place on the subway, said this official of the Moscow government.

Draft water taxi costing several billion anticipated emergence of new marinas, equipped with escalators, and the purchase of new rolling stock. "There is nothing commercial there, we did not plan," - said Putin. The presentation of the project made in Pavshinskoy floodplain - the area of ​​mass housing in Moscow in the Krasnogorsk district. "To get to the subway, the people walked across the Moscow River on the ice, and in the summer we have begun to carry them, and the flow was enormous," - says Putin. At the end of October 2011 the city river taxi from the innovative material was presented - expanded polypropylene, made on behalf of the wagon factory Voytovych tells whistle. "Then we thought the economy, and it was decided that the project is unprofitable. I came out of the MRI. We're just friends with Roman, "- he saysWhistle. Such projects without the support of the city will not survive, agrees to Putin.

Putin holds stakes in companies MRI group are engaged in manufacturing and selling gyros. Putin calls the production of these aircraft "living theme" and happy to talk, as he piloted girokoptery. His companies sell in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, the German production AutoGyro GmbH, one of the world's leading manufacturers of gyroplanes and aircraft is collected from imported components at the production site in Moscow, discussing, according to Putin, the localization of production. Washer Putin company buys MOE for search and rescue operations, and now there are negotiations with the Federal Forestry Agency. According to reports, the company "MRI-air" in 2013 received a loss of 294 thousand rubles. The dynamics in this business is positive, sales are just beginning, says Putin on this.

In a small operating companies income: revenues of all companies included in the MRI group in 2013 amounted to 739 million rubles, and net profit - 1.8 million rubles.. At the headCOMP ANIES group no revenue, but there is a loss of 100 000 rubles.


Roman Putin principally engaged in important themes for society, says businessman familiar. Vladimir Vladimirovich Roman always communicated through the Pope, he adds.

In Roman Putin has an opinion about what the president has to do with his activities: "I think that just by the nature of the activities it has to be seen positively. We do not do anything bad to the country, on the contrary, to the extent of its modest forces are trying to help. " With his father he is now "no common business, no common themes," says Roman Putin.

Vladimir Putin is always very detached family topic comments, as more talks with his colleagues in the service and work, says one of the old friends of the president. He has a suggestion as to why some of the relatives of the president succeed in business, and others - no. All who have made a real business, not related use, and friendly and service connections to the president, he says. Contact Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov ne succeeded.

"In this situation, a big name is used to promote a business without any guarantee as to the decision-making mechanism in the state of distant relatives of the president does not affect", - said political analyst Alexei Makarkin. The project is designed not on the business major league, and on the people of the province who have the money and where it can make an impression, continues the analyst. As president of the reaction, it probably will not, because the news of the new man business with the surname Putin will not cause a negative reaction among the masses - society as a whole is indifferent to such stories.


Michael Shelomov

son, cousin, the president of Russia, co-owner of "Russia" and the headquarters of "SOGAZ" in St. Petersburg.

Michael Shelomov in 2009 served as a leading specialist in Petersburg office "Sovcomflot" - state-owned shipping company. In this case, the number of assets of his company's "Accept" at the time consisted of 3.93% of the bank "Russia", 12.4% "SOGAZ" insurer, andand 1% affiliated with IC "Abros" bank. Shelomova were at stake in development projects. For example, until 2008 "Acceptance" means a co-owner of "Congress Centre" Constantine "- a project of a multifunctional center in Strelna, valued at 350 million euros. In 2008, "Constantine" turned to IR "Abros", "VTB-Invest", "Lukoil", "Profresurs" and the Cyprus offshore. In 2009 Shelomov said that the first person had absolutely nothing to do with his promotion and his business, and "Acceptance", "we can say," his personal project.

Now Shelomov - one of the largest shareholders of the bank "Russia", controls 6.7% of the bank. Yuri Kovalchuk and Nikolai Shamalova - 39.8 and 10.2%, respectively.

In addition, through Shelomov "Accept" belongs to the St. Petersburg company "SOGAZ-real estate", which until 2009 was a "daughter" of "SOGAZ". Among the assets of the company - the headquarters of the "SOGAZ" in St. Petersburg, he rents its insurer, told "Vedomosti" two sources - in the "SOGAZ" and the bank "Russia". Houdebnee to building a professional engaged in the Criminal Code, one of them explained. This complex of buildings at Cheboksary Lane, 1/6, 100 meters from Nevsky Prospekt. The plot beneath a cadastral value of more than 60 million rubles. It belongs to "SOGAZ-real estate", confirm the data Rosreestra. In 2005, the St. Petersburg government passed a building on a plot of "SOGAZ" under the investment project - medical wellness center. The clinic was opened, but the building is gone out of the property of St. Petersburg and who now owns - is unknown, says the Management Committee Members of the city of St. Petersburg property. Everyone knew that this project bank "Russia", says the man whose company has shown interest in the building.

The complex has an international medical center "SOGAZ" and the office of the "SOGAZ". It is located in a prestigious location, it is the "golden triangle" of St. Petersburg, and if the property was sold in Cheboksary alley, and could be worth about 150 000 rubles. for 1 sq. m, says CEO «Knight Frank Saint Petersburg» Nikolai Pashkov. The representative of "SOGAZ & raquo; the situation has not commented. Contact Shelomova failed.

Mikhail Putin

the son of a cousin of the president of Russia

The former head of "Gazprom" Medical Management and a former official of the Ministry of Health in September 2004 was a founder of the Moscow pharmaceutical company "Satelprom". The co-founders were Vladimir Yakunin, Viktor Nazarov and Julius Paramonov. Putin was also a co-owner of the company "Biosat", in which the founders were also Yakunin and Paramonov. The company located in the special economic zone in Dubna, has been developing in the field of biotechnology, the production of insulin and interferon. "Satelprom" abolished and "Biosat" was listed among the operating companies.

In 2007, Mikhail Putin became deputy chairman of the "SOGAZ" and works in office to this day.

Igor Putin

a cousin of the president of Russia

Five years ago, Igor Putin is actively engaged in business - was a member of the boards of directors and Avtovazbank "Volgaburmash" and mfrdriver's thermal insulation materials "Thermosteps", chaired by the boards of directors of the Samara Reservoir Plant and production and commercial associations MTL, as well as act as a founder of divers commercial firms. "VOLGABURMASH" Samara Reservoir Plant and MTL structures were ex-senator from Samara region Andrey Ishchuk first two served the oil and gas and mining industries, and the third belonged to the fishing enterprise in Sakhalin. Then Igor Putin joined the Board of Directors Master-Bank (denied a license in the autumn of 2013), Russian Land Bank, once owned by Elena Baturina, and small Podolsky Industrial Savings Bank.

But in early 2014, he no longer held any of these posts and was not a co-owner of these companies.

In the summer of this year, Igor Putin became an independent director in the parent company Inoventica IT-holding company developing cloud technology. According to SPARC, he is co-owner of the Samara CHOP "MTL-Shield", Moscow LTD "MBM" and NPC "Energy". The latter, like theazano on its website, specialized in extending the life of the batteries, cleaning of commercial systems and equipment portable toilets locomotives.

"I think that business success is not related communications are important, and the effectiveness and legitimacy of the business, its social orientation" - said five years ago, Igor Putin, "Novaya Gazeta". And he added that for the time of formation of effective business support no one helped him. Who could not be reached with Igor Putin.