Ismailov moves out of a French villa

The billionaire is robbed of assets around the world.
As it became known to Kommersant, BM-Bank (part of the VTB Group) could not sue in its favor a three-storey villa on the French Riviera, which belonged to the ex-owner of the Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov and his son Sarkhan, who owed a large sum to the creditor. The object was sold, nevertheless, the bank will not be left behind: according to the decision of the French court, it will receive most of the € 8 million at which the villa is estimated. Dozens of other objects of Ismailov Sr., who is on the wanted list, have either already been arrested or put up for auction.

The lawyers of BM-Bank established that there is real estate in France, the beneficiaries of which are the debtors of the credit institution - Telman and Sarkhan Ismailov. We are talking about a three-storey villa with a gym, bar and billiard rooms, as well as a wine cellar, located on a plot of 4.2 thousand square meters. m in the town of Vallauris on the Cote d'Azur.

The villa and the servants' house were on the books of the French company S.C.I. Nahras. Ismailov Sr. and his son were members of S.C.I. Nahras (5% and 95% respectively). Sarkhan Ismailov also acted as the director of the said company.

It should be noted that since 2016 BM-Bank has been seeking in France and other countries to enforce the decision of the Meshchansky District Court of Moscow to recover funds from Telman Ismailov as a guarantor under the loan agreements of Rusline 2000 LLC and Tropicano Finance BV, which received $ 177 million from the bank. Within the framework of this trial, interim measures were imposed on Telman Ismailov's shares in SCI Nahras.

On August 2, 2021, during the bankruptcy procedure of another company of the ex-owner of the Cherkizovsky market - AST Trans Market LLC - the Moscow Arbitration Court satisfied the application of BM-Bank to bring Sarkhan Ismailov and others to subsidiary liability. The debt of the LLC to the bank was recovered from them, amounting to 26 billion 525 million 134 thousand rubles.

Representatives of the creditor appealed to the court of the French city of Grasse with a statement on the arrest of Sarkhan Ismailov's 95% share in S.C.I. Nahras, which was satisfied on August 18 this year. However, later it turned out that the villa was pledged by another creditor Telman Ismailov, and in July of this year, within the framework of a judicial auction, it was sold for € 8.2 million. special escrow account. At the same time, BM-Bank will be able to claim the collection of most of them.

It should be noted that Telman Ismailov, who was put on the international wanted list by the TFR for organizing murders and other crimes, was seized by the creditor for other objects and their value. For example, in Italy, the court of the city of Mantova is soon to set a date for an auction for the sale of his villa in Castel Goffredo. Interestingly, Mr. Ismailov acquired the property in 2002, but never lived in it or rented it out.

In Turkey, as part of the AST Insaat bankruptcy procedure, BM-Bank expects to receive the Mardan sports complex (two football fields with stands, training grounds, indoor parking for 500 cars, etc.), as well as a hotel with it in the village of Kundu, Lara district of Antalya, and in addition, seven plots of agricultural land.

And in Moscow and the Moscow region in February of this year, two apartments in an elite house No. 18 on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and a two-level apartment in the village of Odintsova Zarechye were sold at auctions, and the proceeds for them were 74 million rubles. and 51 million rubles. respectively went to the creditor.

The current debt of Rusline 2000 is more than RUB 13 billion, and the company managed to recover another RUB 4 billion; Tropicano Finance BV paid the lender $ 1.2 million, with the remaining owed another $ 169 million.

Telman Ismailov's representatives were not available for comment. VTB stressed that in the future "they will continue to carry out all the necessary measures to collect debts from Telman Ismailov and related persons within the framework of the current legislation."