Ivan Stilidi had a hand in the collapse of the Blokhin Cancer Center

Institutions could have led to the financial crisis of fraud Socrates and Ivan Stilidi.
The deplorable financial situation of the Nikolai Blokhin Cancer Center on Kashirskoye Shosse in Moscow may be the result of the institution’s withdrawal of money through certain structures affiliated with the center’s director Ivan Stilidi.

The scandal in one of the country's key oncological institutions is gaining momentum.

Not so long ago, following a group of leading doctors, nurses announced their desire to quit the center - from 10 to 50 people. Another 30 people may fall under the planned reduction.

The reasons are indicated as the alleged gross pressure of the new leadership of the cancer center, favoritism towards loyal employees, and also the main thing - a serious decrease in the level of salary.

To completely unacceptable, ridiculous amounts of 9-13 thousand rubles.

Evil languages ​​claim that the current financial crisis in the cancer center may be man-made and is associated with the Stilidi family.

Bankster Socrates

As if the financial difficulties at the center began back in 1994, when the father of the current director of the cancer center, Sokrat Stilidi, held one of the leading posts at Mezhregionbank, whose beneficiary was now a fugitive banker and former senator Sergei Pugachev.

Allegedly, Socrates Stilidi was familiar with the leadership of the cancer center through his son Ivan Stilidi, at that time a young surgeon. They say that through Ivan he offered the center the services of Mezhregionbank, after which the institution began to have financial problems.

And after many years, when the bank went bankrupt in 2015, this supposedly led to the loss of the entire cancer center budget and tremendous financial problems. Moreover, the beneficiary of the bank, Sergei Pugachev, fled the country in 2011.

Subsequently, Pugachev and former bank managers were held accountable for the debts of Mezhprombank to 76 billion rubles. Among them - the budget money of the cancer center?

It is easy to assume that Socrates Stilidi was closely acquainted with Pugachev, and could be involved in financial fraud, which brought the center to its present deplorable state.

Today, Sergei Pugachev, sitting up in London, does not stop pouring mud on Russia, he is clearly conducting anti-state activities. If everything was so, then it turns out that the Stilidi family worked closely with an outright foe of Russia, and could they even cut the budget of the cancer center by withdrawing money through an affiliate bank?

Does Ivan Stilidi continue the family traditions laid down by his father?

In any case, law enforcement agencies should be interested in this situation. They are interested, but have not yet reached the “sudden” loss of the center’s budget - such that people have nothing to pay wages.

Stilidi's deputies "made the cashier"?

According to our sources, a criminal case has recently been instituted against the deputy director of the cancer center Ivan Stilidi. One of them is Viktor Molostov, and one more, Bakhodur Kamolov, who has already left the institution.

Both are allegedly accused of especially large-scale fraud associated with the Blokhin cancer center and the distribution of budget funds allocated to it.

Kamolov’s case may be related to the fraud of Russky Doktor LLC, which allegedly charged patients from the cancer center for services provided through compulsory medical insurance, and inflated the price of paid services.

And she could do this just through Kamolov, who oversaw the work of the institution's call center, and allegedly facilitated the transfer of the patient’s personal data to the Russian Doctor. According to the Prosecutor General, 356 patients could suffer from this, who could overpay about 17 million rubles.

The second likely person involved, Viktor Molostov, can also be involved in the scheme. Unlike Kamolov, he did not quit and is still in the state. He remains Stilidi’s deputy for finance matters: tenders, public procurement and distribution of funds.

It was under Kamolov that the center began to experience a catastrophic shortage of money, which we will talk about below. Evil languages ​​claim that the key interest of investigators in the center and personally in Stilidi can be connected precisely with fraud during the tendering process.

This time, the budgetary funds of the center can be withdrawn not through a banking structure, but just through gostenders. After all, if Socrates and Ivan Stilidi really had a relationship with the past problems of the Blokhin center through Mezhregionbank, why should they suddenly become honest today?

"Where is the money, Zin?"

If you look at the top companies with which the cancer center works as a customer, you can find two extremely interesting offices. The first is a key counterparty of the center - a certain construction office "Us-200". Her center "went wild" of contracts as much as 12 billion rubles.

The amount is huge. What kind of office is this, and why did it get the largest number of contracts for such money?

The company with the sole founder Alexander Ovdiy, with an authorized capital of 10 thousand rubles, received from the order center 12 billion rubles. Has no subsidiaries. At the same time, the company's profit for 2017 amounted to "ridiculous" 2.3 million rubles. There is clearly something not clean.

Judging by the contracts, the US-200 carries out almost all construction work in the oncology center - from overhaul to single door unit replacements. Through this company, the cancer center budget can be spread and money is withdrawn. Of course, this still needs to be proved, but why the work of the US-200 has not yet interested law enforcement agencies?

The second company that attracts attention is BF Trading House LLC. She signed contracts with the cancer center for 686 million rubles. Also an extremely solid amount. The company supplies pharmaceutical products. Which, as you know, can be delivered at inflated prices.

Maybe Viktor Molostov and his "patron" Ivan Stilidi were involved in frauds by tenders that went to this office? The composition of the founders of the organization, 91% of the shares of which belong to the Cyprus offshore "Frutasia Holding Limited", suggests such thoughts.

It’s very difficult to understand who is behind the offshore; anyone can be the beneficiary. The same Socrates and Ivan Stilidi - why not?

It is easy to assume that Stilidi and Kamolov are making the “necessary” documentation for the tenders, the BF Trading House wins them by 686 million rubles, probably supplying medicines at inflated prices, and budget money is withdrawn abroad and already settled there on the accounts of the final beneficiaries. Is it possible? Quite.

Here you have a huge hole in the budget of one of the country's leading oncological institutions. So much for the beggarly salaries of employees, children left without the care of doctors who are forced to seek decent earnings elsewhere.

However, this is only one of the ways in which the center was brought to its current financial condition. Another thing is quite possible: after the bankruptcy of Mezhregionbank, Ivan Stilidi Socrates’s father left serious banking connections.

And if the assumption of the withdrawal of funds through Mezhregionbank is true, then a similar situation may exist today. You just need to check which financial institutions Blokhin's cancer center is tied to today, when Stilidi was the director, and who is behind them. Shouldn't these law enforcement agencies do it?

In this context, it is not surprising that Stilidi and his henchmen’s desire to “squeeze out” unwanted employees who disagree with the director’s policy and are keenly interested in where the money goes.

Apparently, in order to deal with such disloyal subordinates, Stilidi pulled up "heavy artillery" - he appointed Svetlana Varfolomeeva, director of the Research Institute of Pediatric Oncology and Hematology, who previously worked in a "competing company" - Dmitry Rogachev FSC.

According to the former deputy director Maxim Rykov (one of the authors of the public appeal of doctors in connection with the situation in the cancer center), she immediately took an extremely aggressive stance against the team.

Rykov claims that in the literal sense of the word, she began to demand that the "objectionable" Stilidi doctors write statements of their own free will. His words are quoted by Novaya Gazeta.

Speaking of doctors ’treatment, all of them have already been dismissed from the institution. Responding to the desperate step of the staff, Stilidi called their actions the nomination of detachments from the patients of the institution. But non-payment of salaries and squeezing out employees - does not jeopardize the interests of patients?

Moreover, the reaction of the authorities to the crisis in the institution is extremely surprising. The Ministry of Health openly sided with the leadership of the Blokhin Cancer Center in a conflict with doctors. A video call by doctors was called a gross violation of medical ethics.

However, the surprise passes quickly when you learn about the possible connections of Stilidi in the country's top leadership. Evil languages ​​claim that the protection of the Stilidi family is provided by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, the head of the Government apparatus Konstantin Chuychenko. He previously worked in the presidential administration.

Another possible patron of Stilidi is none other than Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko. They say that he has long been familiar with Socrates Stilidi. Both of them hail from the city of Sukhumi in Abkhazia.

If the current leadership of the cancer center really has such a “roof”, then no public appeals will really help. Only law enforcement agencies can help.