Jugra Bank is sinking

What will Yury and Alexey Khotins do after the collapse of Jugra Bank?
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Formally, the bank "Yugra" still exists, the Central Bank has not yet withdrawn his license and, probably, will be engaged in the rehabilitation of the credit institution. But in fact the bank in the form that it existed in recent years, no longer exists. The central bank introduced an interim administration and a moratorium on payments. This means that depositors already have the right to receive their funds from DIA, and this will be the largest insurance event in the history of the Russian financial sector. And then regulators and law enforcement officers will deal with the assets of the credit institution, and there are suspicions that they will find a giant hole. And the big question is how the collapse of "Yugra" will affect the fate of the owners - the father and son of Yuri and Alexei Khotinykh.

No such bank

Some media and experts hastened to call the events "thunder from the blue" and "information bomb". Let us disagree with them. The fact that the bank "Yugra" has huge problems, wrote and warned for a long time. It was known that in the spring the Central Bank began checking with the credit institution, so the finals turned out to be predictable. However, this is not the end. On July 10, the Central Bank introduced an interim administration and a moratorium on payments to bank creditors. And then the auditors will deal with the cases. The main question is, how big is the hole? The well-known bank analyst Maxim Osadchiy has already estimated the cash gap of at least 100 billion rubles. But this is only a preliminary assessment and, perhaps, it is somewhat modest.

Now the Central Bank will have to decide on the fate of Ugra. Either withdraw the license, or take it for refurbishment. Most likely the regulator will choose the second option. "Ugra" is included in the category of the so-called "big money" - that is, the destruction of the bank, included in the top 30, is fraught with systemic problems. In any case, the Central Bank will have to fork over the collapse of the credit institution. The volume of deposits of the population, which do not exceed 1.4 million rubles. (This amount is covered by the state guarantees) is about 170 billion. That is, the Deposit Insurance Agency compensates the bank's customers for this money. The DIA does not have such means, so it will take them from the Central Bank. The Bank of Russia in turn emits these 170 billion, simply put, print. Separately, we mention that this can not but affect inflation and the ruble exchange rate.

Your money turns into ours

The reasons for the problems of Ugra have long been known. Once it was a small regional bank in the Khanty-Mansiysk Okrug. In the Russian banking system, 5 years ago, he held a rather modest 272nd place. Then he was bought by businessmen, father and son Yuri and Alexei Hotiny. These natives of Byelorussia, by the way, are one of the most closed entrepreneurs in Russia. Moreover, there is not one reliable confirmed photo of these merchants. True, the journalists found that the family could enjoy the support of the former head of the MVB, Boris Gryzlov. In addition, there are rumors on the market that in fact Khotin do not own their business, and behind them is one of the security agencies. But it is known that entrepreneurs bought very "tasty" buildings in the capital, including the famous "Gorbushka" and the hotel "Moscow". In addition, they have an oil business, and there have even been reports that last year they also claimed to buy Bashneft.

All this is directly connected with the banking division of the Khotin Empire. After they bought Ugra, the credit organization began to grow at an incredible rate, and soon entered the top thirty of the country's largest banks. It seems that this credit organization worked on the principle of a classic "vacuum cleaner". The essence of the scheme is that the bank with its attractive rates collects the deposits of the population, in other words, "sucks" the money of natural persons. And, as experts suspect, the bank spent the raised funds not on the development of its business, but on financing other projects of Khotyns. Appreciate the beauty of the moment. Some businessmen do their own business: they buy real estate, pump oil, but do it not at their own expense, but at the expense of the population. And now, when the money in the box office is over, they will be reimbursed by the Central Bank. Excellent business!

Hello, or good-bye?

Probably, these days the fate of Yuri and Alexei Khotinykh is being decided. The Bank of Russia found in Yugra signs of manipulation of deposits and the withdrawal of assets of 2 billion rubles. The regulator has already handed over materials to law enforcers who must conduct an audit and, possibly, initiate criminal proceedings. Next - intrigue. According to Forbes magazine, the state of Alexei Khotin (according to some sources, his father has already retired and transferred business management to his son) - almost a billion dollars. That is, the entrepreneur, if desired, can at least partially pay off the depositors. Moreover, stories are known cases when bankers honestly gave money. For example, the owner of "My Bank" Gleb Fetisov did this. However, before returning money, he spent one and a half years in jail. Apparently, this measure helped the banker become more accommodating.

In general, the authorities have all the tools. The only question is, do they use them? Practice shows that usually after the withdrawal of funds from the bank, its owners safely leave their home country. In the case of Khotin, the media already circulated a version that these entrepreneurs have long prepared themselves a spare bridgehead.