Jugra Bank was the leader in losses in 2016

The most unprofitable bank in 2016, excluding credit institutions rehabilitated, became Jugra Bank, which lost 32.2 billion rubles. Only BM Bank, which is currently under rehabilitation, lost more. 
Yesterday the central bank issued statements of banks for December 2016 The most unprofitable banks, except for credit institutions, extending the financial recovery procedure, became "Ugra" the bank, controlled by businessman Alexei Khotin. For the previous year the bank received a net loss of 32.2 billion rubles. The second loss was the subsidiary bank VEB "Globex", lost 29.5 billion rubles. The third - "daughter" of "Rostec" Novikombank with a net loss of 17.8 billion rubles. (See. Infographic).

The reason for the losses, "Ugra" - reserves that the bank has been active since the end of the I quarter of last year, from the data sheet of the bank back. Then, in April, "Ugra" dosozdala provisions of 21.3 billion rubles., Which led to the fact that the bank has become unprofitable. In just one year he has deducted for losses almost 29 billion rubles. "Globex" Novikombank and reserves for the year more than doubled, "daughter" VEB sent in provisions 28.86 billion rubles, "daughter" of "Rostec" - 23.8 billion rubles..

Another bank VEB has also been among the leaders in losses: for the year Svyaz-bank lost 14 billion rubles, having increased provisions by 1.8 times (bank deducted 13.8 billion rubles in reserves.).. With the advent of the new leadership of EBV has been actively trying to sell the "Globex" and Svyaz-Bank, but interferes with their financial situation. According gosbankira familiar with the plans of the state corporation, at the moment of speech, the transaction can not be - the two "daughters" have faced large losses due to reserves. The representative of Sviaz-Bank said that the loss was caused by the provisions on corporate loans. The representative of "Globex" questions "Vedomosti" did not respond. Earlier he explained the losses for loans that were issued after the reorganization (completed in 2009). On the recognition of losses on these assets the bank spends virtually all new capital raised from VEB.

 Novikombank, which throughout the year supports shareholder this year had record losses. For nine months he had lost 21.7 billion rbl., That the credit institution has become a historical maximum. In recognition of the problems Novikombank spends all it gets from the "Rostec": corporation poured into the bank's capital to 8 billion rubles, gave him the property for 3 billion rubles, and bathed the additional issue of 12.8 billion rubles... The bank's capital was replenished, but reserves it immediately ate.

Representatives of other banks included in the leaders in losses, as explained by poor financial results reserves. "Most of the loss" Absolut Bank "in 2016 came the creation of provisions for loan" Transaero "on the Central Bank of all banks to the schedule that was stipulated by the financial plan of the bank", - says Chief Financial Officer of the bank, Anatoly Fogelgezang. "Zenit" Bank created reserves for possible losses on loans to corporate borrowers due to rising credit risk in the economy and the conservative policy of the bank, said its spokesman. He expects that the bank will be able to increase the provision of the loan portfolio and improve the quality of new loans. About reserves reported by representatives of the bank's "International Financial Club" (loss for the year - 9.9 billion rubles.) And MTS-Bank (9.6 billion rubles.). In general, the banks in 2016 increased profit was due to a decrease in funding costs and reduced credit losses, says principal analyst at Promsvyazbank Dmitry Monastyrshin. However, a significant number of banks were unprofitable because of the continuing downturn in the economy: "The deterioration of the financial condition of individual clients and the need to create reserves for delinquent loans were the main causes of losses," - he concludes.

He earned all

The most profitable bank in Russia remains Sberbank, earned for the year almost 517 billion rubles. (Data on the overall profit of the banking sector over the last year the central bank has not yet produced).