Kambarskiy regional plant risks remaining without orders

The supplier of the Moscow Metro will be bankrupt because of a debt of 30.6 million rubles. In 2010, the enterprise was already undergoing bankruptcy proceedings.
Tax Service bankrupt "Kambarsk Machine Building Plant." The amount of claims is 30.6 million rubles. In the regional minpromtorg, there is a cash gap at the plant and a reduction in orders. The main customer of KMZ - "Moscow Metro" today is experiencing financial difficulties. Industrial experts are watching a wave of bankruptcies in the machine-building industry and believe that the closure of the KMZ will damage the socio-economic situation of Kambarka.

The Office of the Federal Tax Service for Udmurtia filed a lawsuit with the Arbitration Court of the Republic on the bankruptcy of Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant LLC. As reported in the materials of the court, the basis was the plant's debt to pay mandatory payments to the budget in the amount of 30.6 million rubles. The case is scheduled for July 6.

"Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant" was founded in 1767, is the oldest enterprise in the Urals region. Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant Ltd. specializes in manufacturing track machines, traction-rolling stock for narrow roads (750-1067-1435-1520 mm) track. According to SPARK-Interfax, the beneficiary of KMZ - Vasily Yeremeyev also acts as a co-owner of Energougol in Kemerovo, which is in the process of liquidation. At the end of 2016, Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant declared a loss of 90.4 million rubles, net assets took a negative value - 85.10 million rubles.

In 2010, Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant LLC went through bankruptcy proceedings with subsequent liquidation. After that the company was re-registered. At the moment, the newly established company is the defendant in court on seven cases for the amount of 33.6 million rubles. The most frequent opponents of KMZ in court are PJSC "IDGC of Center and Volga region", PJSC "NOVATEK", LLC "TK Industriya-Service", JSC "Transpnevmatika". In March of this year, PJSC "NOVATEK" seized 558.38 thousand rubles from Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant. for delay in payment under the gas supply contract. The management of KMZ refused to communicate with the correspondent of "Udmurtia" on the possible bankruptcy of the plant. Since August 2017 the head of KMZ is Sergey Shvalev, who previously headed the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Housing and Communal Services of Kambarskiy Raion", liquidated due to bankruptcy.

Earlier, the authorities of Udmurtia reported on the prospect of the development of CMP production. The Minister of Transport and Road Management of Udmurtia, Alexei Gorbachev, announced in March 2018 about the plans of KMZ to present in June an experimental specimen of a new rail bus. Mr. Gorbachev noted the competitiveness of KMZ rail buses - up to 35 million rubles. at medium on the market - from 100 to 130 million rubles.

However, already today in the regional minpromtorg confirm the presence of a cash gap at the KMZ. "The plant did not manage to collect planned volumes of orders, which could lead to a breakeven point. Now the production is preserved, there is a small amount, "- said in an interview with" Udmurtia "and. about. Minister of Industry and Trade Viktor Lashkarev. According to the source, the future fate of the enterprise depends more on the owner. "Minpromtorg will try not to abandon the enterprise. Let's try to help with orders. The main customer is the "Moscow Metro", which is still difficult. We will try. Although now not so much depends on us, as from the owners of KMZ, "Viktor Lashkarev added.

Industrial expert Leonid Khazanov notes a wave of bankruptcies of Russian enterprises engaged in the production of a variety of products - from mining machines to metallurgical equipment. "There are a lot of reasons for companies leaving the market: downturn in orders, high interest rates on bank loans and tariffs for energy resources, high cost of components, inefficient management. It would be a pity if the plant in Kambarka, founded in the 18th century by the Demidovs, ceases to exist after them, "Khazanov said.

The expert assesses the financial situation at the plant as uneasy. "Now the company specializes in the production of niche products - track machines and traction rolling stock for narrow-gauge roads. On this kind of equipment, one can hardly expect large volumes of orders. Update of cars for the children's railway in Ufa did not bring large cash injections, and serial production of rail buses has not been established, "Leonid Khazanov added. At the same time, the expert sees the presence in KMZ of the production base necessary to fulfill large orders for rail buses. "The bankruptcy of the Kambarsk Machine-Building Plant will be a strong blow to the city, where a complex social situation is noted, and there is very little chance of finding a job," Leonid Khazanov summed up.