Katerina Bosova will throw coal into the family furnace

The widow of billionaire Dmitry Bosov headed the board of directors of Sibanthracite, Russia's largest producer of metallurgical coal and anthracite.
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The widow of Dmitry Bosov, Katerina Bosova, headed the board of directors of Sibanthracite, a company representative told RBC. Earlier, the board chairman was a fellow student and business partner of Bosov, Dmitry Aga, who will remain on the board.

The unity of the family of Dmitry Bosov

“I am grateful to the team for their trust. It is a great honor for me to continue the work of Dima in unity with my family, ”Katerina Bosov told RBC through the press service.

Sibanthracite was founded in 2000, but production assets - in Kemerovo and in the Novosibirsk Region - were transferred to the company only in 2018. Then Katerina Bosov joined the board of directors. Profit of Sibanthracite increased from 2.5 billion rubles. in 2014 up to 15.8 billion rubles. in 2018 (no more recent data). Sibanthracite has become Russia's largest producer of metallurgical coal and the world's largest producer and export of high-quality UHG anthracite.

Dmitry Bosov owned Sibanthracite through the Alltek Group. On the night of May 6, the billionaire, whose fortune Forbes estimated at $ 1.1 billion, committed suicide - now his assets should be inherited by his wife and children. Shortly before his death, according to SPARK, the businessman completely transferred Sibanthracite to his Cypriot structures Alltech Investment and Averiko (both beneficiary is Bosov himself). Its partners - Aga, Igor Makarov and Oleg Shemshuk - remained co-owners only Alltek LLC, which owns the Artplay design center in Moscow (SPARK data).

Katerina Bosov joined the Sibanthracite team in 2017 as the general director of his daughter, SA Logistic, and then became the commercial director of Sibanthracite itself and was responsible for the group's sales and logistics. She graduated from Moscow State Law University named after O.E. Kutafina, majoring in Law, holds an Executive MBA from the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.

The composition of the board of directors of Sibanthracite has remained the same: seats in it were also retained by the company's ex-general director Maxim Barsky, Vladimir Mikulik, Igor Makarov and Dmitry Shatokhin. The composition of the governing bodies of other Bosov companies - the Alltek and Vostokugol groups - has not changed, the representative of Katerina Bosov added.

Applicants for Bosov's assets

In recent years, applicants have occasionally appeared on Sibanthracite and its assets, and a corporate conflict has flared up in Vostokugl. For example, in 2018, the ex-CEO of Rosneft Eduard Khudaynatov, who is building his own coal empire on the basis of the Coalstar holding, became interested in buying Sibanthracite. But then the parties did not agree on the price.

Vostokugol is developing coal and infrastructure projects in the Arctic and Primorye (coal terminal of the port of Vera). In February 2020, it became known that Bosov decided to sell one of the Vostokugol assets, a coal project in Taimyr, to Rosatom. But the deal has not yet been completed.

A source close to Bosov had previously told RBC that since the beginning of 2020, the businessman began to transfer all assets to himself and dismiss employees. “In May, it was all aggravated, everyone thought he was preparing the assets for sale,” he noted.

Shortly before the businessman’s death, in April, Alexander Isaev, a member of the board of directors of Sibanthracite and Vostokugol and Bosov’s partner since 2014, was dismissed from the company. The company accused him of "flagrant abuse and theft in the areas of work entrusted to him, and the dissemination of false information." Isaev also lost 50% of Vostokugol - now he is contesting this deal in court.

A friend of Isaev told RBC that by restoring a stake in Vostokugol, a businessman can make an offer to Bosov’s heirs: exchange this stake for a stake in the Ogodzhinsky project in the Amur Region (it was launched by Vostokugol, but 50% in this project are now controlled by “ Sibanthracite ") and the port of Vera in Primorye. These projects are of interest to Isaev’s new employer - after leaving Bosov’s structures, he headed the management company Elga Coal, which was created to manage the largest Elgin coal deposit in Russia in Yakutia with reserves of 2.2 billion tons and Albert Avdolyan controlled by A-Property. Such an asset swap is “one of the possible scenarios for resolving their conflict, but there may be others,” noted Isaev's acquaintance.

The representative of Vostokugol, in turn, said that the company is studying Isaev’s lawsuit and will take measures to protect their interests. The representative of the company does not comment on the potential exchange of assets.