Katerina Tikhonova: the new "Putin's daughter"

Moscow intelligentsia was easily agitated by a conversation of one of the functionaries of Intefax news agency Yuri Pogorely and chief editor of RBC Yelizaveta Osetinskaya on Facebook
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In conversation, Mr. Pogorelyi named head of the fund "Innopraktika" Catherine Tikhonov, absorb billions of rubles, "Putin's daughter." When the effect has been achieved, planning manager spirited backpedaled.

The reason for the conversation began to interview Ms. Tikhonova - so a few days ago she gave her first "Interfax". Judging by the context, this interview was sent to "Interfax" in the mail - without photos and a real, live speech.


The agency "Interfax" is formally one of the oldest in the Russian non-state media. But in reality, it is, like all large, legal agencies, newspapers, magazines, etc. in the resource Federation is in a strange, gray-zone poluoligarhicheskogo polukegebistskogo (that state) control, rooted in the Benelux countries or to Cyprus. Mister Pogorelyi working in this office for almost 20 years, specializes in various Yingternet-actions and PR-promotion on the Internet. Elizabeth Ossetia is by the standards of Russian journalism - a small, shabby and the curve - there the nomenclature, followed by a long-life fixed the status of a top manager in the media. Therefore, their conversation turned to the place because, as detailed below. As well as the subsequent "reverse gear" Yuri Pogorely, caricature abandoned their words:


We will not recount all the background media "Ascent" Ekaterina Tikhonova (Putin) in 2014-2015, but it is strongly recommended to read the article and biographical study of the site "Medusa", dedicated to her. Also, the article status Russian journalist Oleg Kashin slivschika previously was a part , along with blogger Ilya Varlamov in the top three most expensive (for fees) individual "laneb EB "of the country.

We only pay attention to a few important details. First, Ms. Tikhonova scientific career at MSU, which was engaged in quite furious "theme" has always been co-authored, and most importantly - without departing from its dance activity .

We do not want to say that the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, puzzled over the creation of a mathematical model of the primary afferent neuron of the vestibular apparatus, can not dance acrobatic rock 'n' roll as it does another, "Putin's daughter." On the contrary, we can only wonder as to why all of physics and mathematics can not move so fervently? To be very serious, any verifiable evidence shows only that Ekaterina Tikhonova somehow finished Mekhmat in 2011 and no scientific titles, in all probability, it does not.

Secondly, ticked "Media Manager" hints at the fact that the head of the fund "Innopraktika" Ekaterina Tikhonova, forced to cut either of the two, or four billion dollars immediately sovereignsstvom, the oligarchs and the "science of MSU mafia" - really Putin's daughter rigidly nullify previous statements are not the most recent people. For example, as noticed, "Medusa", it completely negates the attention of the Rector of St. Petersburg State University Lyudmila Verbitsky she gave in an interview to "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in 2005. According to her, Catherine Putin allegedly then studied at the Faculty of St. Petersburg State University of Oriental Languages ​​(though neither she nor her sister was there no one saw). It turns out that she lied? And for what?

Those who have kept the memory of it will be interesting to remember how a few years ago, media managers organized in the Russian and Western media "mega-leak": that is, Catherine Putin married to the son of a South Korean admiral (and even witnesses of the marriage were named) and Maria Putin lives with her husband in the Netherlands. However, in 2012 with the son of a South Korean naval commander, who was a real person, tired of refuting media nonsense, yet understood . And Catherine Putin has moved fit ... in Europe. Not the last in rossiyanskih political coterie functionary Boris Nemtsov in September 2014 confidently declared that Catherine Putin (then not yet Tikhonov) living in Germany:


Now that the concept has changed, and one of Putin's daughters in recent years, it turns out, she danced acrobatic rock 'n' roll, passing one after another storming the top of scientific and administrative career . Well, what of it? The reality in the resource Federation of the artist's brush to a painted multicolored cereal, erasing lines and making any elusive truth, truth, lies, conspiracy and reality. So do not push off from another wonderful 'newfound daughter, "and by the obvious state of affairs (ie paint shades).

And it is briefly as follows. Nuclear power №2 on our humble planet manages grandpa 63 years of age who haveof no family, and attributed his daughter for 15-odd years, the number in the "missing". This is despite the fact that at his age are surrounded by normal men have not so much the children, many grandchildren.

Family Mexican President Enrique Pena , 49 years old. Nowhere in the world - except the DPRK and the Resource Federation - none of the heads of states does not occur to hide their family and their children.

As we have mentioned in our text " Non-existent daughter" Vladimir Putin ", in the last 15 years has not been seen nor Maria nor Ekaterina Putin and of these, only rumors. This is a bad situation, it is stupid, it is stupid, it is humiliating, it clown. It's a madhouse. How can adequately perceive the minimum time "resident of the Russian Federation"? We do not know the exact reasons for what has happened and why the 63-year-old headed android Resource Federation was turned deskss "United Ukraine №1" in "chahlika nevmiruschego" In any case, it is obvious that kremlyan is also a bit annoying -. have to constantly because somehow explain the situation generals, warlords, mediocre heads of ethnic mafias (imagine how. it looks for a normal Chechen or Dagestani), the heads of neighboring Bantustans, and just thinking interlayer Moscow society finally. One word or reprints of British and Dutch tabloids here not eat. After a few years go by, and "Putin's daughter" still missing ...

Fortunately, now found living doll that for humanitarian purposes promotes a native mafia Peel state-oligarchic budgets. Around her felted screwed ugly "aura of secrecy": Yes, it is not Putin, it Tikhonov, as you know, wearing Putin's name in the Russian Federation - is a nightmare, it is a zashkvar, it is such a shame, but we all understand ... Yes, sports dancing and Mekhmat, and that this ... is then made hasteless stuffing in the media and social networks, and it turns out that not all that bad in our Grandpa! The Principal- Keep obviously not very reasonable Pinocchio at a distance from the media, clearly dosed her photos and videos.


And so the matter can go. As now moskvabadskim kreaklam will vparivat information that Tikhonov - is Putin? A reference to the exchange of views and reputable managers Pogorely Ossetia. A similar pattern ResFede in and around "Putin's mistress" - Olympic champion Alina Kabaeva. In the media space and social networks, as well as business and influential circles hangouts are thrown "reliable information" that the "truncated truth," Kabaeva already has three (two, four) children, and they live happily ... in Germany. Or Switzerland. And in general, "Grandpa is still strong."

In conclusion, we draw attention to our audience here on a fact. Surprisingly, the West, with almost unlimited technical and material resources, and hundreds of thousands of professional paparazzi, host of news, tabloids and just "honests "media for all these years has not even attempted to investigate the" sensation ". Find out where in Germany and the Netherlands live Maria and Ekaterina Putin. Where children live "Putin" by Alina Kabaeva, which she allegedly gave birth in the US, then in Switzerland, then in Germany. Occasionally, British or Dutch tabloids tisknut some murky picture or served as to Reuters, boring and vague article of Tikhonova referring to the pro-Kremlin opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Like, crazy Rushen finally found his daughter "of the king."

And that is all. Not interested. In the end, well, disappeared in the next "smotryachego" European colonies and raw dump radioactive waste in combination daughters, and what of it? Maybe they ate like savages Rockefeller Michael's son . So, sport dancing - this is humanity:


It remains only to observe, Mr.de find the following "Putin's daughter" - Mary. We would suggest that the member rosters show professional wrestling the WWE the NXT - not a bad option. After all, it is necessary to continue the family tradition of sports.