Khotins will bleed the investors dry

Jugra Bank owned by Alexey and Yuri Khotin will still conduct IPO. Are the businessmen going to take investors' money before escaping?  
Infamous "Ugra" bank, which was previously deferred access to the IPO, still came back to this idea. The bank announced the holding of an initial public offering on the stock exchange next spring. Price of the issue, as the bank's president said Alexey Nefedov, 1-2 billion rubles. The "pros" going public usually enroll attract a much wider range of investors. That is, quite simply, more money. But after the IPO, the company becomes public, ownership structure and reporting should be transparent.

That's only if the first - about the involvement of the new "big" money - is well within the "Ugra" policy, then wait for the bank that he really reveals its real owners, not worth it. The real owners of the bank Alexei and Yuri Hawtin hide behind front companies owned and chain. Father and son any day flee abroad can. But these gentlemen are safely and it looks like before departure from Russia have decided to implement the ambitious plans to steal a lot of money. Such, at least, suggests version.

As the Russian practice, the yield on the IPO - is not the notorious opacity. For most business owners withdraw their assets on the stock exchange, investors squeezed out "in full", scoring the money their pockets. In the best case for investors in shares it does not have enough growth potential, at worst - the owners simply evaporate with all the money in overseas areas. Hawtin also "play" in the worst traditions of the Russian banking business.

We can assume that «IPO» with the involvement of investors-individuals - that is, the population of Russia - Gentlemen, Hawtin has already successfully carried out. Their aggressive policy of attracting deposits has long been compared with the famous "MMM" Sergey Mavrodi. Then the bankers just incredibly lucky: the Russians seem to have learned little: when the "MMM" collapsed, and without any problems Mavrodi repeated the trick with a pyramid scheme.

The simple "bait"

Moreover, "Ugra" attracted depositors so exorbitant interest by today's standards, that would seem to trust their money to the bank obviously unreasonable. Thus, the bank has been a contribution entitled "Wishes" with 17% per annum, and someone claims that all the promised 18% ... The execution of one's desire is all over soon, I think, not difficult to guess.

Alas, even in this short period Hawtin has something to boast about. Only in April of last year, the bank had collected contributions by 11 billion! As they say, "stop vykachku" "Ugra" of money from the population had only after the Central Bank of them threatened revocation of the license. Lord Hawtin expertly support visibility of the lack of financial "holes" in the bank's capital, at the same time as analysts suspect, bringing the money of depositors "Ugra" in its own well offshore.

For example, a "distillation" of money out of investors who may soon burn, cozy Hawtin used offshore Dassault Ventures Limited. By the way, there was a period when the bank's capital by two-thirds consisted of the provision of financial institution subordinated loans. And again, "recipient" made offshore companies - Radamant Financial SA and Dassault Ventures Limited.

All this inevitably leads to the "holes" that in the "Ugra" analysts today estimated at 15 billion rubles. "Plugging" hole, though. only on paper, the owners of the bank is also able. In the year before the financial "vacuum cleaner" Hawtin drew two subordinated deposit from the familiar offshore Dassault Ventures Limited. The sum - 350 million dollars. Bank Accounts in the end, "white and fluffy", but no "real" money from offshore bank Hawtin Hawtin, is not likely to get.

Or is not it?

There is another version. According to her, abroad father and son running Hawtin not plan in the near future, however, prudently transferred to offshore more of their assets. It is known that Hawtin gentlemen got into the ownership of 150 in Moscow commercial real estate with total area of ​​1.5 million square meters. Four years ago, the bankers began to capitalize received from lease rents, turning them into oil assets. Perhaps, though it is just unconfirmed speculation, bankers via IPO of the bank want to "legalize" obtained at the time of unrighteousness by capital. How this conjecture is viable, it is necessary to understand the art, or rather, the law enforcement agencies.

Ugra "gambit"

The owners of the bank "Yugra" for a long time hiding behind the "seven doors": for the formal owners of a chain of companies and offshore companies. Although the opinion of market participants that the bank belongs to Hawtin, have long turned into certainty. This behavior "Ugra" could not cause complaints from the Central Bank. And earlier this year, "clan" Hawtin opened the true owners, but did it in such a way that both the Central Bank "cajole" formally, and not to get "under the distribution" as a pyramid scheme collapses, burying the money of investors, depositors and ... state.

Although under then, of course, will not be able to find debris of money - they probably already would lie on the numerous accounts of the true owners of the "Ugra". Nevertheless. Bank this year revealed the list of affiliates. In this list I wormed and Alexei Hawtin. That's just it's the most dangerous lie, spiced with a modicum of truth, because the documents Hawtin - minority shareholder, he owns the entire 0.48% stake in the bank!

Why is it all done? Experts agreed that the main purpose of Messrs Hawtin - obtaining right of access to federal loan bonds (OFZ)! In addition, the central bank also ordered the "Ugra" dosozdat reserves. In the course I went back a cunning scheme by which, when the time comes "lam", the owners of the bank will lose "a minimum". But you can win a lot of ... "Ugra" in the same year, following the formal requirements of the bank, began unprecedented pace and volume increase the reserves - but only for loans to legal entities - both Russian and non-residents.

It is very convenient, because the "Ugra" often loans to related parties, though understand the aligned chains of owners is not easy even for experienced analysts. That is, the reserves are established precisely in the area where the money back after the "fall" of the bank in the first place, will be able to, once again, the structures close to Hawtin. However, in the spring, "Ugra" allegedly refused to participate in the BFL program. I posted it was a very "tasty" sauce ": they say, We have enough of their money for the development of the bank's ... That's only rumored banking market, that the refusal" Ugra "of OFZ - nothing more than an attempt to" make a good face. "

After all, it is clear that if the state "roll away" "Ugra" money than any other, except malice, to explain it would be difficult. But the chance to get to goskormushke have remained Hawtin. While the Central Bank zampredstvoval chief patron "Ugra" before Elvira Nabiullina - Alex Simanovskiy. Here are just a retired master Simanovskiy prophesied long ago. In fact, he was actually deprived of all real power and moved to the post of adviser to the Central Bank in October this year.

Hope "popylesosit" Russian budget Hawtin gentlemen lost. Investors - individuals - these gentlemen, taking advantage of low financial literacy of the population - and so "milked" for a long time and successfully. But the scope of "pocketing" the money, apparently, the owners of "Ugra" is still not satisfied. A lot of money can be found only in the state or private investors. Since the state is unlikely to succeed. That is why, according to some familiar with the situation, the bank goes to the IPO. And when the father and son still run away, to get to them and, moreover, to return from the "burst" of the bank money is almost impossible.