Kira Plastinina network received dozens of lawsuits totaling 45 million rubles

From the start of the year, Kira Plastinina network has received dozens of complaints from the owners of shopping centers totaling more than 45 million rubles. Sales of clothing and footwear retailers fell badly in the crisis, and they started a "war" with the landlords.
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Claims from Kira Plastinina

From the beginning, clothing chain Kira Plastinina has received dozens of complaints from the owners of shopping centers, it follows from the court file cabinets. The network was founded in 2007, Kira Plastinina, the daughter of one of the founders of "Wimm-Bill-Dann" Sergei Plastinina. According to the company to the site, Kira Plastinina network consists of 238 points, 173 of them in Russia. Also, the shops are open in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Ukraine.

According to SPARK database, since the beginning of 2015 the company operating a network of "Kira Plastinina Style" ( "KP Style") acts as a defendant in 29 lawsuits, the total amount of claims of 46.7 million rubles. Never before has such a flurry of lawsuits was not observed to the company: according to SPARK system, since 2009, the company in various capacities featured in claims arbitration courts are not more than four times a year. In 2014, "KP Style" was able to increase revenues in comparison with 2013 year by 4.5%, sales of the company amounted to about 3 billion rubles. The company has never since inception has not been profitable, but in 2014 "KP Style" has shown a record loss of nearly 1 billion rubles.(956.3 million rubles. In 2014 against a loss of 134 million rubles. In 2013).

The representative of the company "KP Style" declined to comment for this article.

Who owns Kira Plastinina

As has found out RBC, last year the company Kira Plastinina has a new co-owner. They became the new CEO Jan Heeren (Johannes Gijsbertus Heere). Operating company "KP Style" is 100% owned by Cyprus offshore Taly Enterprises, said in a SPARC-based system. According to the Cypriot registry companies offshore to 94.97% owned by Hauser Holdings Limited, registered in the British Virgin Islands. It is considered to be the beneficiary of former co-owner "Wimm-Bill-Dann" Sergei Plastinin. Also, he personally owns 0.03% of shares in Cyprus Taly. And in April 2014 was 5% Heer. On the appointment of the new CEO in place of Olga Feldt, the company announced in September, 2014. The "KP Style" does not comment on the appearance of a new shareholder. Plastinin failed Contact Sergey.

The company's value

The total value of the company "KP Style" CEO "Infoline-analiika "Mikhail Burmistrov estimated at 900 million rubles. excluding debt. "However, the net debt of more than 3.2 billion rubles, the cost of business is obviously negative." - Burmistrov said. The general director of consulting company Y-Consulting Daria Nuclear believes that five percent share Heeren received a bonus for agreeing to work in a Russian company after international. Before the company Kira Plastinina Heeren was the Director of International Development of the British department store chain Marks & Spencer. Earlier, more than 10 years working in the Holding Inditex (Zara network, Bershka, etc.).

What does the Kira Plastinina

Speaks whether shares in the company itself is the daughter of Sergei Plastinina Kira - is unknown. "We specifically do not apply to this topic. But I want to say that the main beneficiary of this company is Cyrus, because it's her business. It was created directly by it. With my support, of course. Therefore, to correctly answer that the main beneficiary of this business is, of course, it is, "- said in 2012 in an interview with RBC PLastinin.

Manufacture of clothing under the brand of the same name and Kira Plastinina stores were opened in 2007ode. It claimed that Kira Plastinina, which at the time was 15 years old, participated in the development of the brand collections.

According to the data contained in the Supreme Arbitration Court of Russia file cabinet (accumulates information about the movement of affairs in the Russian arbitration), the bulk of lawsuits to "KP Style" refers to the delay of rent to owners of commercial premises. One of the biggest debts in "KP Style" to the company "Berg Development" ( "daughter" of the Austrian company Immofinanz), Director of the Moscow shopping center "Hudson". According to the lawsuit, the company "KP Style" must be more than 10 million rubles. A formal request to the Immofinanz remains unanswered. RBC source in the Russian company's management said that the rental company for a long time been negotiating with "KP Style" debt "Tenant asked to change the lease payment structure - go on a percentage of turnover, then saw to it that we have reduced the trading band on which were fixed earlier , and so on. Now the lease contract terminated, and we are trying to achieve debt payments, - the interlocutor of RBC explains. - We havea feeling that due to severe subsidence of clothing and footwear sales number of retailers has developed a strategy: to stop paying rent to achieve cost reduction or revision of the contract. "

For several claims to the "KP Style" already have the solution ships. So, satisfied the claim of "Dresden Development" (TC "Jam of the Mall" in Irkutsk) in the amount of 3.7 million rubles, the claim "Sanmaks" OOO (two shopping centers in Moscow and in Odintsovo). At RUB 1.3 million ., sued the company "Render" (SEC "Carnival" in Yekaterinburg) in the amount of 793 thousand. rub.

The sharp increase in net loss "KP Style" in 2014, CEO of Y-Consulting Daria Nuclear explains the large investments in the development of the network in late 2014: funds went to reconception shopping and marketing. "This investment in the future", - says nuclear. At the same time, she noted that in the Russian market, even in times of crisis, the losses in clothing companies rather rare. "Despite the low or even zero margins, overstock and falling sales in physical terms, the market leading companies in the realoment remain profitable, "- says Daria Nuclear.

Common problems for retailers

Sales fell in clothing and shoe retailers in 2014. Market volume for the previous year Fashion Consulting Group (FCG) estimated at 2.2 trillion rubles., drop by the year amounted to 8% compared with 2013 year. In 2015, analysts predict a consulting company, the market gives way to not less than 20%. In monetary terms, the biggest fall sales of mid-price segment - no less than 35-45%, experts say.

According to FCG, has suffered the greatest losses, Russian companies middle segment: Savage brands, InCity, Finn Flare and others. Particular problems experienced companies working on the franchise system. In this segment, sales fall in units in the first half of the year reached 40-50%, and the money 20-30%. If in 2014 the volume of the middle segment amounted to about 540 billion rubles., By the end of 2015 it will decrease at least to 332 billion rubles., Experts predict.

real estate market consultants say that in 2015, a situation similar to the current history of Kira Plastinina, was "not uncommon in both capitalsAnd in the regions. " "It is logical that with a decrease in turnover of retailers seeking to reduce its staff costs and rent, - says a senior consultant for" Top Shops "Alexander Romashin. - Often talks stretched and four, and six months, but the landlord is unprofitable to lose tenants, because in the current situation to find a replacement will be difficult, even at a reduced rate. "

According to observations of head of the department rent of shopping centers company Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) Tatyana Malyanovoy similar arguments about non-payment of rent often arise from non-network tenants or legal proceedings begin shopping center owners who are not ready to make concessions. "We know of cases where the share of rents in the turnover reached 80% of the tenant, and he resorted to such pressure on the landlord," - Malyanova said, without naming the company. Nevertheless, in most cases, the owners of shopping centers are trying to negotiate with tenants, said Tatiana Malyanova. The share of vacant space in shopping centers in Moscow now stands at 7.5% on average nmarket (much higher than in new projects), and the proportion will increase for the year to 8%, according to JLL. According to the forecast Knight Frank, the share of vacant space in shopping centers in Moscow for the year will be even greater - more than 9%.

But if you agree with the tenants still fails, the owners of shopping centers more often than before the crisis, go to court, says Alexander Romashin. According to her observations, the court with almost one hundred percent rate rises on the side of the owners of the centers. The same, though, and can not for the time trials to pass the room of his partner, but returned to relying on contract agents, explains Romashin.

RBC wrote in early June about the numerous claims to Russia's largest seller of shoes - the company "TsentrObuv": 160 claims for a total amount of about 230 million rubles have been filed since the beginning of the year. The network is suing landlords throughout the country. When times are difficult times in the market, it becomes more difficult for all parties to negotiate with partners: each has its own interests, "- commented RBC then the situation Marketing Director" TsentrObuv "Alexander Shindyapin. Peregovory for the cost of rent with landlords - is "an organic process of any trading network, the larger. We believe that it is necessary to reduce the lease payments, and contact partners do not agree, "- he explained.

Earlier this year, mass claims from landlords began to receive clothing InCity Network. Since the beginning of the year registered 28 complaints to the network operating company "Fashion continent" in the arbitration vessels totaling 89.5 million rubles. In April 2015, it became known that the company is optimizing, covering some of the points, for the sake of annual revenue at the 2014 level of the year.