Kirienko's daughter settles in Paris

The daughter of the deputy head of the Presidential Administration showed up in the database as a holder of French citizenship.
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The curator of the Kremlin's internal policy turned out to be the father of a “foreign agent”: The Insider found the daughter of Sergei Kiriyenko in the database of persons with dual citizenship. A high-ranking official, under whom the search for "agents of influence of the West" reached a new level, for some reason provided his daughter with a life in a NATO country and a foreign education.

The Insider found the name of Lyubov Kiriyenko in the database of persons with dual citizenship: the date of birth (03.23.1990) and the number of the Russian passport (45 ****** 06) match. The law on second citizenship obliges all Russians to report to the FMS about its availability. This was also done by the daughter of the first deputy head of the presidential administration.

On her LinkedIn page, Lyubov Kiriyenko indicated that until 2012 she studied at ESCP Business School, a well-known business school in Paris. She also worked until 2014 at the French PR agency "14 Septembre", after which she returned to Russia.

Kiriyenko, 30, currently works for the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, an organization established by the Russian government to "promote the development of social and professional mobility of young professionals." The official's daughter heads one of the ASI projects - "Boiling Point" - for which, according to The Insider, she receives a salary of 2.3 million rubles a year.

The Insider has an extract from Rosreestr, according to which Lyubov Kirienko owns real estate in the elite metropolitan residential complex "Edelweiss" (Davydkovskaya street, 3). This is one of the most original skyscrapers in Moscow: the monumental building is crowned with Gothic spiers. The area of ​​the apartment of Kiriyenko's daughter is 124 sq.

Kiriyenko's daughter drives a Lexus with a series of AAA license plates.

Previously, this number belonged to Arestakes Gndolyan - the brother of his classmate's eldest son Sergei Kirienko. It was on Robert Gndolyan that the estate in Spain was registered, from which the youngest daughter of the deputy head of the Presidential Administration posted pictures during the holidays.

Lyubov Kiriyenko is married to Andrei Ugnich. The son-in-law of the deputy head of the Presidential Administration also studied in Paris. But, unlike his wife, he does not yet have French citizenship.

Ugnich until recently worked as a project manager at Post Bank. This bank is controlled by the state through VTB and Russian Post.

Since last year, Lyubov Kirienko's husband owns a 20% stake in Komek LLC. The company is engaged in waste disposal in the Tambov region. Its annual turnover is about 300 million rubles, and the portfolio of state orders is more than 194 million. The main customers are the structures of the Tambov mayor's office and the administration of the Tambov region.

Another company of Ugnich, TEKO-Service LLC, operates in the same region. She is engaged in garbage disposal and also earns on contracts with the authorities.

The governor of the Tambov region, Alexander Nikitin, was re-elected for a second term this year, supported by Vladimir Putin and United Russia. Approval of candidates for the posts of heads of regions "from the authorities" traditionally takes place in the presidential administration, the internal political block of which is headed by Sergei Kiriyenko.

With the support of the presidential administration, Russia adopted a law on "media-foreign agents" and other measures supposedly limiting foreign interference. The AP is also responsible for anti-Western propaganda on federal TV channels.

Lyubov Kiriyenko declined to comment on The Insider.

After the publication, Lyubov Kiriyenko told RBC that she was not the owner of foreign citizenship. “This is a lie. I have one citizenship - Russia, I have never had another, ”she assured.

The Insider material is based on the leak of the database of persons with dual citizenship, which is being conducted by the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Insider journalists checked its reliability both on their acquaintances who notified the state about the presence of another citizenship, and on well-known recipients of second passports: for example, on the top manager of the VEB.RF state corporation Mikhail Kuzovlev.

We have no doubts that it is the daughter of the first deputy head of the presidential administration that is included in the database: the passport data we know of Lyubov Kiriyenko coincide. French law allows her to apply for citizenship after several years of study and work in Paris. Unfortunately, she refused from both written and oral comments for The Insider: both before the publication of the material, and after.

Among others, we asked Kiriyenko's daughter a question whether the data on her second citizenship could be explained by a technical error caused by the fact that she notified the state authorities about the availability of a residence permit in France. We have not received an answer to it either. At the same time, one of The Insider's employees and another friend of the journalist of the publication avoided such a mistake: they notified Russia about the presence of a residence permit in another country, but their names are not in the database of the holders of foreign passports.