Kolomoisky earned $200 million on ferroalloys in Russia in 2015

Russia intends to halt deliveries to Ukrainian ferroalloy from the oligarch's enterprises oligarch; the Eurasian Economic Commission has already initiated an anti-dumping investigation against them. 
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Russia intends to stop the supply of ferro-alloys (metallurgical raw materials to improve the performance of steel) at dumping prices from Ukrainian enterprises Igor Kolomoisky. How do I find "News", in December 2014 the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations on imports of ferrosilicon manganese (ferro) from Ukraine, and recently notified the Russian side it is directed to the World Trade Organization. Based on data from the Federal Customs Service (FCS), Kolomoisky structure delivered in 2014 in Russia only ferroalloys - the rest of its assets are not specialized in the Russian market, and the apparent cooperation can not be traced. According to the ECE supply ferroalloys to Ukraine is not stopped, the preliminary protective measures are not imposed, the investigation may continue until the end of 2015.

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky had the opportunity to supply Russian metallurgists ferro alloys at low prices due to the receipt of benefits from the government of Ukraine for electricity for their elecrometallurgicheskih plants. In 2013, the benefits received Zaporozhye and Stakhanov ferroalloy plants, at the beginning of 2014 - Nikopol. All three belong to the recently sacked governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region Kolomoisky, ferroalloys in Ukraine when they make. As a result, according to the ECE materials (executive body of the Eurasian Economic Union, EAEC), with which the familiar "Izvestia", average value of the price under-Ukrainian ferrosilicomanganese the Russian market amounted to 18.6% in 2014.

According to the Ukrainian Association producers of ferroalloys, the average price for Ukrainian ferroalloys in CIS countries in 2014 amounted to $ 855-920 per ton at the average market price in Russia $ 1106 - but on the basis of the data of the FCS, in 2014 ferrosilikomarganets done from Ukraine to Russia at the average priced at $ 1,150 per tonne. During the year, the company Kolomoisky exported to Russia about 174 thousand tonnes of ferrosilicon manganese totaling $ 194 million -. A record volume of deliveries of raw materials from Ukraine for the past 3 years (about 25% of the total tonnage ObEMA Ukrainian exports of ferrosilicon manganese).

Production at factories Kolomoisky in 2014 exceeded 1 million tons, and rose to 1.1 million tons. According to various sources, the proportion of production enterprises in the world Kolomoisky ferroalloy production is 15 to 20%. According to the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, in 2014 the republic exported 977.5 thousand. Tonnes of ferroalloys, which is 40.2% more than in 2013. Currency sales revenue increased by 27.2% to $ 1.15 billion. Of the total exports of ferroalloys 70% of ferroalloys, which exports in 2014 grew by 46.6% compared with 2013 and totaled about 684.5 thousand. m.

In 2014, from Ukraine to the Russian market also supply other ferro -.. Ferromanganese, its shipments of approximately 13.5 tonnes worth $ 15.5 million in the ECE noted that complaints from Russian producers in connection with this type of product is not reported. Ferromanganese in Ukraine, in addition to companies Kolomoisky, releases in the territory of the People's Republic of Donetsk Kramatorsk Ferroalloy Plant. His comments, as the opinion of Repretives Kolomoisky, failed to get the business, and definitely can not be judged on the origin of the supply ferromanganese.

The main point of the supply Ukrainian ferroalloys - Belgorod and Rostov regions, follows from the Russian customs data. In these areas there are no enterprises that consume ferroalloys: may acquire raw materials dealers for resale of Russian metallurgical companies.

- Consumer ferrosilicon manganese can be any steel-making enterprise with orders for certain types of steel products. For example, a flat hot-rolled steel containing manganese, there is an assortment of Cherepovets ( "Severstal") and Chelyabinsk ( "Mechel") smelters - said the deputy chief editor of "Metal Supply and Sales" Leonid Khazanov.

In Russia, the largest producer of ferrosilicon manganese is Chelyabinsk Electric Plant (CEMP), which lodged a complaint with the ECE enterprise Kolomoisky. In CHEMK declined to comment. According to Leonid Hazanova of literaturesI "Metal Supply and Sales", despite the potential prohibitive tariffs on ferroalloys from Ukraine (now the import duty of 5%), raw materials for its production still have to be imported from abroad.

- Make silicomanganese ferroalloy can be on any enterprise, since the composition of equipment and processes for the production of various types of ferroalloys, in fact, one and the same. However, there is a problem with the mineral resource base of manganese in Russia: manganese ore, if they need any of ferroalloy plants, imported from abroad - said Khazanov. At the same time Ukraine Kolomoisky controls almost all of the enterprise for the extraction of manganese ore, but the actual import of ore, according to the Federal Customs Service, in 2014 amounted to only 70 tons in the amount of $ 19.5 thousand. The largest exporting countries of manganese ore in Kazakhstan are Russia (535 thousand . tons in the amount of $ 70 million) and South Africa (378 ths. tons in the amount of $ 61 million).

The UNECE "Izvestia" reported that such investigations Ukrainian supplies ferrosilicomanganese held for the first time. ECE representativeAdjust World, that the anti-dumping investigation carried out because of the undervaluation of the Russian market price by the Ukrainian side, while in the domestic market price of ferroalloys above. Antikompensatsionnoe investigation conducted in connection with the fact that there grants for Ukrainian producers of ferroalloys, which give them non-competitive advantage in the Russian market. Also in the ECE noted that anti-dumping investigation and antikompensatsionnye are not interconnected and made their follow-up action - that is, protective duties - may be introduced at different times and for different periods. The interviewee added that the investigation carried out not in order to restrict imports and to restore fair competitive situation.

How to write "News", in 2014 the Russian authorities announced Kolomoisky, who actively supported the military conflict in Ukraine, search and arrested a number of its Russian assets. In September 2014 the property of "Elite-Holding" (office building on Arbat Street in Moscow) was arrested in Moscow, which is owned by Kolomoisky. Also, as the result ofie checking the prosecutor's office of the Crimea bailiffs seized on real estate fitness complex "Tavria", the owner of which was owned by Kolomoisky Privatbank. "Tavria" has now been nationalized. Total Crimea State Council recognized the right of ownership of the republic more than 110 properties, previously owned by Igor Kolomoisky: office premises of the former branches of banks of group "Privat" companies, stores, building databases, objects of sanatorium sphere. It was reported that work on the establishment of Kolomoisky other assets, including those in the Crimea, continues. For example, recently joined deputy's request security officials about whether the structures Kolomoisky minority stake in the metallurgical holding Evraz.