Kremlin economic managers's wives have succeeded more than their husbands

Executives manager of the Administrative Department of the President have published their income declarations
Presidential Affairs (UDP) has reported on the income of his leadership, succeeding in 2014. Most do well in 2014, the wife of the head of the UDP Alexander Kolpakov and deputy head of the capital construction Oleg Perlin, whose revenues exceeded 60 million rubles. With the business of Mrs. Kolpakova previously been closely linked two other successful subordinate to her husband.

Alexander Kolpakov, previously served in the FSO, was appointed head of the UDP in May, 2014. In this position he succeeded long-term managing director of President Vladimir Kozhin and less than a year had almost completely update the management team office. The most profitable in 2014 became deputy head of the Main Directorate of Capital Construction of Oleg UDP Pearl: it earned 63.6 million rubles. His wife added to the family income 5,430,000 rubles., They have land, a house, two apartments, garage, "Mercedes" cars and "Toyota."

Himself, Mr. Kolpakov earned in the civil service of all 10.45 million rubles, but in the business succeeded his wife Inna Kolpakova:. Its revenue was a record 68.46 million rubles in the department declaration. Apart from the general and his wife headed apartments CAP owns four plots (about 0.99 hectares), two houses (258 and 159 sq. M) apartment 159 sq. m, a garage, two "Mercedes" and GAZ-21. A couple of sites, buildings (235 and 737 sq. M) and a car ( "Toyota" and "Porsche"), as well as the motorcycle "Ducati" and the garage is at the most Mrs Kolpakova.

The wife of the head of the UDP belong associated with the resort real estate assets in the Krasnodar region, which recently led the administration of ex-deputy Alexander Kolpakov, and previously the vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory for Property Affairs Veniamin Kondratyev ( "Kommersant" wrote on April 23). According to the register, Mrs Kolpakova owns 50% of LLC "InvestStroy" (the main asset - a privatized Black Sea complex "Arrow") and the UK "InvestStroy" management Gelendzhik LLC "Complex" (owned registered offshore in the British Isles). This "complex" by LLC "Indokopas" previously controlled by the current head of the UDP subordinate - the ex-speaker of the City Duma Gelendzhik Bolat Zakaryanov and Ivan angry, whose family also succeeded in a record 2014. Managed "IndokFearing "the former representative of the Criminal Code" InvestStroy "Bolat Zakaryanov from August 2014 led Rublevo Assumption UDP wellness complex, and now holds the post of deputy head of the Office of the main catering management. He has declared 2.13 million rubles. and UAZ-315195, but his wife has earned 38,150,000 rubles., owns a plot, a house (404 sq. m) and a car "Porsche". In use they also have a common house (557 sq. M). A former owner of "Indokopasa" liquidated in August 2014, Ivan Serditov now works assistant head UDP, his income amounted to 25.02 million rubles.

High welfare distinguished two more assistants Alexander Kolpakov of recreational areas: Natalia Korchazhkina earned 14,080,000 rubles. (Which owns the site, the house, three apartments, bathroom and "Land Rover"), Natalia Amosov - 10.08 million rubles. (It has a plot, a house, an apartment, car BMW, and "Honda"). Both until recently occupied senior positions at the Federal Medical Biophysical Center. AI Burnazyan. Head of the UDP in the hotel industry Sergey Shakhmatov earned 23,610,000 rubles.

12.62 million rubles. earned spouse UDP head of territorial administration in Crimea Oleg Podolko (his income - 2.32 million), which owns two apartments, including Moldova. Apartment in Brazil, an area of ​​68 sq.m. use (in addition to their own two apartments in Russia, as well as two sites, holiday home, "Mercedes" and "Mazda") head of department Tatiana UDP Balykova with her husband, earned 1.85 million rubles, respectively. and 4.68 million rubles.

Almost not inferior to the income of the spouse, earned 6.99 million rubles., Deputy head Nikolai Abroskin UDP (6.017 million rubles.). Both have on site and a summer residence, Herr Abros'kina also has a garage and a car "Land Rover", his wife - flat and "Toyota." The first deputy chief of staff Sergei Kovalev earned 4.79 million rubles. In his family three sections, house and two apartments.

The largest landowner in UDP - deputy head of the Chief Medical Management Konstantin Kotenko: he owns 5.6 hectares and is still 323.6 hectares in eleven sections, not counting the 0.7 hectares of land holdings wife. The official earned 18,010,000 rubles., But prefers to go by VAZ-21and GAZ-33.