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Billionaire Mikhail Kusnirovich was given a hint to be more modest.
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Recently it became known that the Bosco Sport group for the first time in fifteen years will no longer wear Russian Olympians. For the owner of the company Mikhail Kusnirovich this news seems to be extremely unpleasant. As life shows, such decisions are not accidental. They can be regarded as a sign that gives power to the oligarchs. It is likely that the future of the Bosco group and its owner will no longer be so cloudless.

Obsessive behavior

The fact that "Bosco Sport" will no longer wear Russian Olympians, announced the head of the Russian Olympic Committee, Alexander Zhukov. The Bosco Group has been developing and supplying the form to Russian Olympians since 2002. But in January the term of contact expired, and it was decided not to conclude it again. It is interesting that all these years there have been many complaints about the form that the company produced. But for some reason, there was no reaction to this. Athletes have previously stated that they are in a desperate and humiliating position. For example, they could not abandon the traumatic, uncomfortable shoes, which they called a wooden one, because it was impossible to criticize it aloud. And this is only one of the facets of Bosco's work.

At the Olympics in Turin in 2006, there was a scandal of a different kind. Then the meeting of the operational headquarters of the Russian Olympic team rebelled the presidents of the federations on winter sports. They addressed the president of the Russian Olympic Committee, the head of the Russian official delegation to Turin Leonid Tyagachev and the head of the Federal Agency for Physical Education and Sports Vyacheslav Fetisov with a request to protect the athletes from the obsessive attention of Mikhail Kusnirovich, the head of Bosco, which is the general sponsor of the team.

The presidents of the federations by sport were against the voluntaristic "withdrawal" of their athletes at the evening-night parties in Bosco Village. It happened right after the end of the competition. Moreover, Mikhail Kusnirovich and his team members, using the status, reshaped the daily routine of Russian teams and schedules for the training of individual athletes. The president of one of our leading federations even asked to pay attention to the "very often incorrect behavior of Mr. Kusnirovich and his assistants".

Members of the Russian Olympic delegation in talks with journalists noted that already during the three Olympics, Mikhail Kusnirovich tried to replace a good half of the command staff. Doubtful was that someone delegated to Mikhail Kusnirovich then such authority. But also to believe that he appropriated them himself, it is also difficult.

Komsomol members-volunteers

Mikhail Kusnirovich graduated from the Moscow Chemical Technology Institute. At the institute he was actively engaged in Komsomol work. By the way, Kusnirovich was the head of the Komsomol line, another student - now the disgraced oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. However, on a specialty the engineer-technologist did not work. According to his confession, he was completely indifferent to chemistry. Therefore, Mikhail Kusnirovich began working in the publishing house IMA-Press "- one of the APN units.

In the early 1990s, he and his fellow students founded the Moscow International House "East and West". Since 1991, Mikhail Kusnirovich became a co-owner, then president of ZAO MMD "East and West". At the same time, Mikhail Kusnirovich met Serilio Montanari, president of the largest Italian company for the production of men's clothing, SIMA. And at the end of 1991 Kusnirovich concludes the first in life contract, and two years later becomes the owner of 50 percent of the shares of the newly opened company Bosco di Ciliegi.

Everything is allowed

Mikhail Kusnirovich was able to establish a successful business: Bosco di Ciliegi became the official distributor of dozens of famous luxury brands. In 2014, Kusnirovich-controlled JSC "GUM Trading House" leased the GUM building on Red Square without a tender for 49 years. By law, this is allowed in exceptional cases - by order of the prime minister or the president. It turns out that this case was special. At the same time, the rent price remained a mystery.

She did not become a reality even in court. The Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexei Navalny tried to clarify the situation with the Federal Property Management Agency, but nothing could be clarified - the arbitration court considered such data a trade secret. Apparently, the last few years have been particularly comfortable for Kusnirovich's business. The oligarch began to behave, perhaps, a little more splendidly than it should be. For example, last year the owner of GUM for the anniversary closed Gorky Park. The territory that was allocated for the festive event, was decorated with touching scenery with a presentation of the stages of becoming a businessman. Passing by the park, they could see photographs of the maternity hospital, the school, the institute of Mikhail Kusnirovich, as well as his life-sized children's photos, where he stands with a stick in his hands. Near the entrance to the banquet hall in colors and balloons was the first car of the hero of the day - a beige Lada.

Naturally, the organizers of the event also covered the walls of the restaurant with photographs of different time periods of Mikhail Kusnirovich's life. Guests could ride on specially brought in honor of birthday attractions. When leaving the restaurant, invited guests were presented with gifts - bright yellow umbrellas (of course, with the image of the jubilee). The holiday was visited by all the respected people of the capital.

Due Arrangements

But then something went wrong. The decision of the Olympic Committee not to renew the contract with the Bosco di Ciliegi group, which for 15 years worked on the development and delivery of uniforms to athletes defending the honor of the country at the Olympic Games, speaks about this very eloquently. So simply such decisions are not accepted. And now, Mikhail Kusnirovich, probably, should draw the right conclusion.