Lebedev Studio lost the claim to the "First Channel" for 1 million rubles

Lebedev Studio lost the claim to the "First Channel" for 1 million rubles. She demanded compensation of 1 million rubles for using her font in the announcement of the concert on the Day of the Airborne Forces. The court found that there was no complete coincidence.
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The Moscow Arbitration Court dismissed the claim of "Art. Lebedev Studio" LLC to the "First Channel", in which the company claimed compensation in the amount of 1 million rubles. for the illegal use of her font "Clementine" in the design of the announcement of one of the TV shows. This is reported on Friday by the RAPSI agency with reference to the court ruling.

According to the file of arbitration, a similar claim for 1 million rubles. Studio Artemy Lebedev filed against the LLC "Russian Hippodromes". In it, in particular, it was stated that the "Russian Hippodromes" used the "Clementine" font in the design of advertising materials on their website, while the exclusive rights to the "Clementine" font belong to Art. Lebedev Studio. In March 2018, the Moscow Arbitration Court partially granted this claim, obliging the defendant to pay the plaintiff 500 thousand rubles. The court, granted by the "Russian Hippodromes", refused to appeal the decision to this decision.

As for the lawsuit against Channel One, RIA Novosti clarifies that it is a question of the announcement of a holiday concert for the Airborne Forces Day, which was aired twice - August 2, 2015 and August 6, 2017. The court considered that when comparing the word "Concert", which appeared in the announcement of "First Channel", and the words "Concert" in the "Clementine" font, "by imposing them on each other and bringing to the same size a complete coincidence of the used letters does not occur ".

The court of first instance, deciding on this case, considered that the announcement did not use the elements of the "Clementine" font, but only the concept of writing letters and the idea of ​​their styling as handwritten text.