Lenders chase Telman Ismailov into bankrupcy

The oligarch Telman Ismailov squandered hundreds of millions of dollars, and is now entangled with giant debts.
VTB through the court rent the Moscow real estate billionaire and former vlateltsa Cherkizovsky market Telman Ismailov. For the debts of the bank's ownership moved hotels, restaurants, shopping malls. Personal bankruptcy oligarch Telman Ismailov - odnoiz the most high-profile cases. Here the issue price - hundreds of millions of dollars. Things Ismailova go from bad to worse, claims to oligarch equaled the size of his condition, and lenders have lost patience seeking the arrest of its assets worldwide.

At the end of last year's federal media in one voice: "Telman Ismailov - bankrupt." However, this sensational news was only for those who are far from the realities of the Russian business. For those who are in the subject, a plot twist was predictable long before it trumpeted the press. But first things first.

The famous Telman Ismailov? Meteoric rise - from a large family in Baku tsehoviki to the major league of Russian business, vice-president of the Eurasian Jewish Congress, the owner of a mega-hotel Mardan Palase in Antalya, Turkey, the restaurant "Paha "and the network" Voentorg "in Moscow, currently closed Cherkizovsky market. Moreover, he could "climb" Ismailov as they say, thanks to acquaintance of Elena Baturina, wife of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov ex-mayor.

VTB is going on the offensive

And the bankruptcy of a person and achieves VTB group - or rather, it belongs to the Bank of Moscow, has filed a lawsuit to arbitration appropriate to recognize the bankrupt billionaire and enter the procedure of restructuring of debts of a citizen. These are issued by the Bank from September 2012 to February 2014 three loans totaling more than $ 230 million. Borrowers are the structure associated with the company owned by Ismailov AST: OOO "Rusline 2000" and Tropicano Finance BV guarantors were Turkish Ast Insaat Taahhut Ticaret Ve Sanayi Anonim Sirketi and Olimpus Insaat Turizm Gida Otelcilik Nakliye Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi. According to the business press, the first is the aforementioned balansoderzhatelem hotel complex Luxury Mardan Palace, and the second he manages.

The Bank of Moscow has argued that, despite the personal guarantee AST beneficiary nor the main daleg, or interest on it within a specified time had not been paid. As a result, the total debt of Telman Ismailov as a guarantor with all the penalties and overdue interest, passed for a fantastic $ 286 million. To achieve the return of the money in the VTB promise all available methods in accordance with the law.

The current attempt to collect debts to bankers Telman Ismailov - not the first. In early August, the Bank of Moscow was trying to resolve the issue of repayment of 13.38 billion rubles loan problem out of court. Under an agreement with the family Ismailov question had to be resolved through the sale of real estate in Moscow AST. However, despite the presence of the buyer, then the deal fell through. Then BM appealed to the court. At the end of the same month, the story will be continued. Bank of Moscow in the Moscow Arbitration received the denial of the arrest of the property included in the AST group of "CBF AST". The third party to the case has been drawn already familiar Ltd. "Rusline 2000", owned by offshore companies registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Turkish gambit

Among those who intend toObtain a debt-ridden accruing billionaire - and his Turkish contractors. At one time the building opened with great pomp in Antalya Mardan Palace hotel taken away almost all the free money Telman Ismailov. Moreover, although the presentation were the stars of European cinema and champagne flowed freely, the builders were working in debt.

Now, Turkish banks and construction firms require a Russian oligarch $ 200 million among those who should Ismailov for a hotel -. Halk Bankası ($ 100 million and 50 million lire) and Garanti Bankası ($ 76 million and 40 million lire). But that's not all. As it turned out, Ismailov hang multi-million tax arrears, labor insurance and utility debts to the municipality of Antalya. Another "evil" the lender - the Russian-Ukrainian businessman, the owner of the "Mangazeya" Sergei Yanchukov purposefully and at a large discount to buy up ismailovskie debts and claims to receive $ 100 million, issued by entities Ismailov for the period up to 2013.

Cyprus court in the past year, after Telman Ismailov has ceased to service its debt, froze its assets by $ 135 million. Among other things,of the manor were arrested Telman Ismailov in France, the Moscow House "Safisa" celebrations, the hotel "AST Hof" on the Big Filevskaya Street, Moscow Printing House (AST-MPD).

Telman Mardanovich shocked

Although the public comment Telman Ismailov does not, the media reported that a few apartments or houses owned by the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market, seized. In addition, part of the wealthy property goes to auction to repay the debt. In particular, jewelry and luxury goods.

"Telman Mardanovich shocked by the incident and did not want to talk to anyone," - say the insiders of the environment billionaire. From the same sources it is known that if Telman Ismailov said that it is focusing on hunting for the purpose of a raider seizure of its business.

Where's the money? With the market!

However, experts and put forward a version of the fall of the oligarch. Excessive ambition Telman Ismailov, is simply not managed to realize his mega-projects - after the loss of the main source of finance etc.ostupleny, what was closed "Cherkizon". As an argument in favor of this version provides the following example: other projects Telman Ismailov only consumes resources. How, for example, Turkish hotel Mardan Palace worth over a billion dollars, which is now closed for renovation in anticipation of a change of ownership. New assets - "Voentorg", the restaurant "Prague" - did not bring comparable "Cherkizon 'profits.

"All their assets Ismailov bought with money earned at the Cherkizovsky market in times of his work there was no interruption to cash. As soon as it became clear that this flow is no more, and the money did not earn very simple business Ismailov went much worse, "- said one of those who knew well the billionaire ex-Moscow officials.

Telman Ismailov has made several attempts to return to the business market. But all of them were unsuccessful. So, his approach to one of the largest wholesale and retail markets of Ukraine - Odessa "7 km", did not take place for reasons of a political nature. Although lobbyist Ismailova spoke Giabe ex-mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky, the deal broke the more influential people of the entourage of Viktor Yanukovych. They eventually purchased and the market.

Then there was the Kazakh epic. Five years ago, at the Alma-Ata on-site pre-existing auto market "Zhibek Zholy" wholesale clothing market AST was opened. Ismailov's partner in this venture was the former head of the Eurasian Jewish Congress Alexander Mashkevich. However, the project is not specified. Today the market is working under the old name, and it is not known whether to stay in the project itself Telman Ismailov.

Beautifully live not forbid?

And how can we not recall the 50th anniversary of Telman Ismailov. Several hundred guests, including as "animators" Monica Bellucci, Alla Pugacheva, Dmitry Malikov ... Evil tongues say that the only fees are the movie stars and pop former owner Cherkizon "rolled back" $ 2 million.

Surrounded by enemies

Another aspect of this story - the personality. Telman Ismailov, with its specific approach to business, over the years has amassed in the business world, a lot of enemies. And the understanding of tsecond, that the very few friends and enemies car and small truck, comes to a person is not at the most opportune moment of life. "The main problem Ismailov - the way he understands the friendly relations", - said one of his former business partners. "When someone was needed or it just like he approached the man to himself, literally showered with expensive gifts in an oriental style - diamonds, gold. All those around him to get used to, and within close quickly began bickering - so it was given more to me less. And it hurts very quickly reached the hatred of Ismailov. So he made himself not a single enemy. And when the easy money ran out, they ran out and gifts, and it turned out that the closest people around there, "- told close friends with them people.

In also has an account with the sign "minus" government circles Telman Mardanovich. It is unlikely that it has added points the story of Sochi contract to build hotels under pozaproshlogodnie Olympics. Then it turned out that snatched tasty consecutive former owner "Cherkizon" banal no money to ensure thatxpand promised construction. And time was running out. In the end, responsible for the preparation for the Olympic Games officials, so as not to lose face, it was necessary to involve company Viktor Vekselberg.

With little success and were trying to be Ismailov television magnate and patron of football and get the location of the first persons of the state on the line. It is said to Vladimir Putin for Telman Ismailov requested Ramzan Kadyrov. But then the businessman was given to understand that he needs the money the state does in other areas. The history of the rise and fall of Telman Ismailov - the best illustration of the fact that multi-million dollar state guarantees do not give the person being in a cage for life. Fart ends sooner or later, and then on the trail of the recent life of the king begin to go beaters inexorable creditor.

Lawyers who claim that indebted billionaire will not save even the fact that he resides abroad. Appropriate actions have already been submitted in the Russian courts, as well as in overseas. If Telman Ismailov still recognized insolvent by a court, it will be a precedent. In fact, nervoe legally formalized personal bankruptcy billionaire in post-Soviet Russia. And this case is a clear illustration of folk wisdom that it is not necessary to renounce the scrip and prisons.