Leopards and the night hockey league did not help the brothers Magomedov

The Moscow City Court left the co-owners of the "Summa" group until May 30.
The Moscow City Court upheld the co-owners of the Zimaudina and Magomed Magomedovs group, as well as Arthur Maksidov, the former top manager of Intex, one of the structures of the holding, until May 30. They are accused of creating a criminal community and participating in it to steal budget funds. Representatives of the accused called the arrest an attempt to "destroy them morally and economically" and presented a lot of thanks to the court - from the center for the preservation of Far Eastern leopards to MISiS, but they were not able to convince the court of their rightness.

Artur Maxidov, who participated in the meeting on video communication from Butyrka, said that he was not going anywhere to escape the investigation and had no opportunity to prevent him. He told the court that he works as an adviser to the directors at two companies: OOO BSK-54 (part of the Baltic construction company) and JSC RT-Ecos, "lives quietly," "in the last two years, he commissioned four facilities" and is no longer connected with the structures of Summa. His lawyer, Irina Komarova, told the court that the materials of the case "do not have specific information" that incriminate him in setting up an OPS. However, Judge Konstantin Novikov took the side of the prosecution who insisted on the lawfulness of the arrest.

Ziyavudin Magomedov and his defense of the arguments in favor of freeing the businessman from custody found much more. The lawyers of the head of the "Sum" got several gratitudes to join the case. For example, as it turned out, at one time, representatives of the Eurasian Center for the Conservation of Far Eastern Leopards appealed to Mr. Magomedov for help. In their gratitude, they argue that thanks to the support of the businessman, the leopard females began to give birth "two to three kittens", and the population of this animal grew to 90 individuals, and now "the expansion of their range is planned." Until recently, the center relied on financial assistance from Mr. Magomedov "in full".

In addition, the businessman was thanked by several other organizations - from the seaside hockey club "Admiral" to the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. "I was not afraid of anything and I'm not afraid now and I want to live and work here," Ziyavudin Magomedov told the court. He called the accusations "obviously and completely unsubstantiated" and said that he was ready, "as a law-abiding person," to help identify abuses by managers, "if they fooled." "I do not represent any threat to the investigation," he said. However, the presiding Yulia Manerkina took the side of the investigation and left the businessman in custody.

Another co-owner of Suma Magomed Magomedov presented himself to the court as the president of the Night Hockey League. As it turned out, he had an even more impressive list of thanks than his brother. "Read them," he asked the judge. He listed gratitude, the most status-based of which were letters from Patriarch Cyril, "Russian Geographical Society" and the mayor's office in Sochi. "We will attach more documents, this is enough," promised Mr. Magomedov.

The arguments of his lawyers differed little from the words of their colleagues who defended Ziyavudin Magomedov and Artur Maxidov.

"I was in the US 20 years ago, this is half my life or 1/22 of the time of this country's existence. I do not have accounts and real estate abroad, "Magomed Magomedov said. He said why he found "cards, money, two trunks": "Money belongs to the test, and the pistols are presented by very respected people. I have not played with them, especially in public places, and even forgot about their existence. "

"Since the end of 2014, I did not communicate with my brother in any way. In mid-2016, we met and concretized that I had left the building block, "Mr. Magomedov told the court. According to him, they "had one common asset" - the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port. "A good OPS, where two leaders do not communicate with each other. I will be interested in how they will show me visas, bills, planes, which I do not have, "said Magomed Magomedov." If they show at least one of his SMS or Telegram message from 2014 to March of this year, I myself admit myself and its members are tough, working like a Swiss grouping clock. " At the same time, he clarified that he was proud of his brother and very respected him.

However, in this case, the court also took the side of the investigation and the prosecutor's office, who believe that the arrest of the defendant was justified, and rejected the defense's complaint.