London gave VTB good to buy the Bank Vozrozhdeniye

The assets of the Ananiev brothers in the UK are taken out of custody.
The High Court of London lifted the arrest of the assets of the brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananiev, including the shares of the bank Vozrozhdenie, which was on sale, the Myddleton Communications agency said in a press release. It represents the interests of holders of credit notes Peters International (Cayman) ltd. - this company, affiliated with the bank, in early 2017, placed notes under the guarantees of Ananievs. After in December the Central Bank took Promsvyazbank for reorganization to the Fund for the Consolidation of the Banking Sector, the papers stopped being serviced and investors went to court.

The notes were placed among the wealthy customers of Promsvyazbank. Nine of them went to court, and as an interim measure, he arrested the assets of Ananievs for $ 15.6 million and 11 million euros.

This decision prevented VTB from closing the deal for the purchase of the Renaissance. "Until the situation is clarified, net assets or not, there is no deal, naturally, and will not. If the assets are cleared and there is confirmation that all legal issues have been resolved, then there will be a deal, probably, "said the governor of the state bank Andrei Kostin after a few days, as it became known about the proceedings in London.

So it happened: the defendants transferred the court $ 15.6 million and 11 million euros, and on July 30 the court lifted the arrest from the assets.

VTB is studying the documents and continues to negotiate the purchase of the "Renaissance", said a representative of the state bank.

VTB was interested in "Revival" "at the request of the Central Bank," said Kostin (the regulator did not comment on this). The bank is also sold at the request of the Central Bank: after the rehabilitation of Promsvyazbank, owned by brothers Alexei and Dmitry Ananyev, the regulator issued a decree in December, demanding that they reduce the share in the "Renaissance". His term expired in March, then was extended until June. After the sanation of Promsvyazbank, the brothers divided the assets: the banking business remained with the younger, Dmitry.

Law firm Lipman Karas, which represents the interests of the plaintiffs, plans that it will be able to involve in the proceedings even more investors who invested in credit notes Peters International (Cayman). "We expect to return to the court soon with other investors. On their behalf, we will ask the court to freeze assets to protect their interests or demand new security payments, "said Andrew Ford, partner of Lipman Karas, whose words are contained in the press release.