London's High Court issued a warrant for the arrest of ex-Senator Pugachev

Not only the Russian, but also the British police now seeks the arrest of the founder of Mezhprombank, former senator Sergey Pugachev. Pugachev faces up to two years in prison in the UK.
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High Court of Justice of England and Wales ordered the immediate arrest of Sergei Pugachev, announced the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA).

November 17 the judge demanded that Pugachev gave the court an obligation to be present at the hearing, which will address the issue of recognizing him guilty of contempt of court. The corresponding petition granted to ACB court in connection with 17 cases of Pugachev expression of contempt of court.

Despite the warning judges Pugachev has not provided the required obligation of personal presence within the period specified by the court (16:30 Nov. 30, 2015). As a result, today, the court issued a warrant for the arrest of Pugachev, according to the DIA.

Proceedings on the recognition of the ex-senator guilty should start on December 7 this year. If he is found guilty of contempt of court, it may be sentenced to imprisonment for up to two years.

At the end of June 2015 Pugachev moved from the UK to France in violation of an order of the court of London, according to which he was forbidden to leave the jurisdiction, and all of his passport and other documents should beDo be rented. "Apparently, Pugachev flight was due to reluctance to fulfill the requirements for the disclosure of his assets frozen by order of the High Court.

Interpol ruled Pugachev from the tracing base, and now former banker can move freely around the world. "After dealing with the complaint his French lawyers in the Central Bureau of Interpol in 2015. Pugachev was excluded from the investigation bases, and now he was not restricted in their movements around the world", - quotes the banker's representative Dmitry Morochenko newspaper "Kommersant".

In late November, Russian police asked Interpol to connect to establish the whereabouts of the founder of the International Industrial Bank. Sergei Pugachev representative of the press service in the official comments received by RBC, said that he lives in France, having since 2009 a French passport.

The representative of Sergei Pugachev informed that the judge wrote, "the arrest warrant," the ex-senator in connection with the fact that he refused to attend the hearing in England. "The judge's decision is a technical,ylo obtained without representation by Pugachev, through its lawyers and has no legal effect, as Sergei Pugachev does not fall under the jurisdiction of the English court, "- says a representative of Pugachev.

He noted that according to the rules of the English proceedings the right to vote in the court have professional lawyers representing the interests of its customers rather than clients themselves. Therefore, the personal presence of the client at the hearing question is secondary. Interests Pugacheva in court is a law firm King & Spalding LLP, as a British court was duly informed, assured the representative of the former senator.

"Sergei Pugachev was forced to leave England and can not go back, because it was known that the country was preparing for his life attempt. He was forced to seek protection in the anti-terrorist unit of the British police, and then when there is a direct and immediate threat confirmed - to leave England, "- said the representative of the founder of the International Industrial Bank, stressing that Pugachev overyears is a French citizen and a permanent resident there.

However, the possible extradition of Pugachev in the UK from France in the framework of agreements between the European countries, indicating the partner of legal agency "Right Bank" Ilya Zhabrovsky.

"We expect that this decision will be reversed in the course of the hearing scheduled for Monday, due to the fact that Mr. Pugachev has agreed to participate in the meeting via video link", - said the representative of the former senator.

In April this year, the Moscow Arbitration Court in the framework of bankruptcy proceedings at the request of DIA Industrial Bank attracted Pugachev, the last chairman of the BCH Marina Illarionov, a former executive director Alexander Didenko and former deputy chairman of the executive directorate Alexei Zlobin to vicarious liability. The court found the defendants guilty of actions that led to the bankruptcy of the bank. It was decided to recover from the Pugachev 75.6 billion rubles. in order to repay the BCH debt: 68.5 billion rubles. - In solidarity with Illarionov, as well as 7.2 billion rubles. - In solidarity with Didenko and Zlobin.

Pugachev nIt melts to appeal this decision to the Supreme Court.

In June 2015 the TFR filed Pugachev charged with abuse of office under his control in lending institutions. In November, the committee instituted against ex-senator's new case, accusing him of abuse of power, which caused grave consequences.

In September 2015 Pugachev also filed an international arbitration claim against Russia to $ 12 billion for damage caused by his actions of the Russian authorities. The reason for filing a lawsuit was the alleged expropriation of the ex-senator of four groups of assets in Russia - shipyards (Baltic Shipyard and "Northern Shipyard"), the Yenisei Industrial Company, the project on the Red Square "Kremlin" (at Red Square, 5, It was supposed to build a hotel and luxury housing) and land plot in the elite areas of the Moscow region (the company Optik Trade).

DIA will continue to "take all necessary steps for the execution of an enforceable decision on the recovery from Pugachev 75.6 billion rubles.", And for the recovery ofI funds for the benefit of creditors of IIB, said the agency in a statement.