Lukashenko told about trying to participate in the privatization of Bashneft

Belarus offers Russia to exchange shares Bashneft for a stake in Belarusian companies, said President Alexander Lukashenko. No answer until now, he complained.
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Belarus would like to take part in the privatization of a controlling stake "Bashneft" shares, which in mid-October, bought the "Rosneft", said President Alexander Lukashenko at a press conference for Russian regional mass media in Minsk. According to him, Belarus was ready to exchange its stake in the companies shares "Bashneft".

"The Russians are often criticized us," Lukashenko does not want to privatize four companies ", - said President of Belarus (quoted by BelTA). According to Lukashenko, it comes to large enterprises, the privatization of which would like to engage Russia. As an example, he cited the manufacturer of trailers and trucks for transportation of "Topol" nuclear warheads, missiles, "It is only Belarus produces. In the USSR it was a powerful enterprise, we have maintained and upgraded. " According to him, the Russians also want to buy "companies in the space industry" and the company "Integral", which is engaged in computer technology and integrated circuits, BelTA informs.

"Do you have interest in these businesses, you want to buy them. I have an interest in oil production: in order not to 25 million tons, which we process in Belarus, but the 7-8 million tons, we can produce and deliver themselves to the country ", - he said.

"And when was the privatization of" Bashneft ", I sent a proposal to your government and leadership. Let us, the Belarusians will understand when we these enterprises on the condition that they will work better than today, will exchange shares "Bashneft" you "Rosneft" transferred or sold. Until now, the answer is no - then do not want to ", - concluded the Belarusian leader.

The head of the press service of Lukashenka Sergei Pelyushkevich, answering the question of RBC, declined to comment. According to "Vedomosti", one of the enterprises, which meant the Belarusian president - Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MZKT), previously interested them "Rostec". This plant produces a wide range of special chassis for missile complexes "Topol M", "yars", "Iskander" and other weapons systems.

Last year, Lukashenko offered Russia to buy a company for $ 3 billion, or in exchange for oil field, resemble "Vedomosti". "Really negotiated for the acquisition of shares in MZKT, but the parties have not agreed on the parameters of the price", - said the representative of RBC "Rostec". Exchange "Bashneft", including a stake in the plant, it did not comment.

In a statement on Thursday, Lukashenko responded a spokesman for the Russian president, Dmitry Peskov. He noted that the proposal on the participation of Minsk in the Russian energy companies should be evaluated on the basis of economic feasibility. "If it [the proposal of Belarus] is more advantageous than other offers, it is of interest," - said Peskov (by Tass quoted).

In addition to "Rosneft" to 50.08% "Bashneft" claimed eight more Russian companies, including LUKOIL and "Tatneft". The interest of Belarus to the asset had not been reported.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on October 10 signed a decree on the sale of a controlling stake "Bashneft", "Rosneft" without competition for 329.69 billion rubles. The company only made a binding offer with a price higher than the estimate E & Y, which is commissioned by the Government to assess the "Bashneft" to 297-315 billion rubles., Said Alexei Ulyukayev, then held the post of Minister of Economic Development.

According to Lukashenko, Russia can not influence the situation in Belarus, selling her oil and gas. If in Moscow think that "we have buy oil and gas, and it is possible to influence on Belarus, it is wrong," he said.

Belarus since the beginning of 2016 sought to reduce the price of Russian gas from $ 132 to $ 73 per 1 thousand. Cubic meters. m and did not recognize the existence of the debt for already delivered gas this year. The dispute has also affected the conditions of supply and transit of Russian oil to Belarus. At the beginning of 2016 the Ministry of Energy reported that in the current year Russia will supply to Belarus 23 million tons of oil. However, it has been reduced from 5.3 million to 3.5 million tons. The Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak explained that this is due to non-payment of Belarus for Russian gas in the third quarter shipments of oil to the country.

In early October, Lukashenka stated that the oil and gas dispute between Russia and Belarus settled. Republic agreed to pay the debt for the gas supplied at $ 300 million until the end of October, but the price of gas remained the same, Medvedev stressed. "In order to avoid misinterpretations, just wanted to focus on the fact that the price of gas supplied to Belarus remains the same and is calculated according to the existing formula. No adjustment is made, "- said the Russian prime minister. And after Moscow pledged to repay the debt to resume the supply of oil in the previous volume, noted Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko.