Lyudmila Murova entered the medical business

The wife of ex-head of the FSO, Yevgeny Murov, has become a co-owner of one of the largest medical companies.
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Also, Ludmila Murova now owns 50% of the port "Bronka" (cost 36 billion rubles), which, like the "Single Medical Center", formerly belonged to the arrested businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko

Lyudmila Murova, the wife of the ex-head of the Federal Service for the Protection of Russia, Yevgenia Murova, was the owner of the "United Medical Center", one of the largest private medical companies in Russia. By the end of 2016, its revenue amounted to 1.7 billion rubles. According to the information of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, the EMC is owned by OOO Centerfinance, which, in turn, now has three co-owners: OOO Storent (34%), Invest Capital (33%) and former general director of FSUE Rosmorport, -Major FSB retired Nikolai Negodov (33%). "Storent" in equal shares belongs to Murova and Negodov, and "Invest-Capital" - 100% Murova, she became the owner of the company on July 7, 2017. The head of the company is Nikita Andreevich Murov, according to the data of Novaya Gazeta, the grandson of the former FSO director.

Negodov - a long-time partner of the CEO of the Forum holding company Dmitry Mikhalchenko, arrested in March 2016 on charges of alcohol smuggling. It was Mikhalchenko and Negodov in 2015, according to SPARK, in equal shares owned by the EMC. When Mikhalchenko left this business - is unknown. Back in September 2017, Delovoi Peterburg wrote that Mikhalchenko is a co-owner of LLC Stortent. At the request of Forbes in the medical center were not answered. In the press center of the Curling Federation of Russia, where Murova holds the post of vice-president, Forbes stated that she does not intend to talk about any topics other than curling.

In an investigation by RBC published in July 2015, it was said that the "Single Medical Center" provides medical witness services for Single Migration Centers, both of which are connected with Forum companies Negodova and Mikhalchenko. The source of Forbes, related to the medical business in St. Petersburg, said that now the "Single Medical Center" actually received a monopoly on certificates for obtaining weapons, driving licenses, medical assistance for the position of judge and work in investigative bodies, etc., and, more importantly, for migrants. "So the billions flowed," he concludes.

As Forbes wrote, Mikhalchenko met with Negodov through the director of the support fund of the FSB and SVR, Vladimir Rukinov. In a conversation with Forbes, Mikhalchenko said that the FSB major-general became for him "actually a foster father."

Mikhalchenko founded the Forum in 2002, eventually the company turned into a multi-profile holding company, one of the largest in St. Petersburg. It included the deep-sea port of Bronka, the construction of Baltstroy, the Magistral Association of Security Companies, the Kirov spinning and thread mill, a group of restaurants, etc.

The data of "Contour.Focus" indicate that the EMC is not the only company in which Murova replaced Mikhalchenko. In particular, through "Centrefinance" it owns a stake in LLC "Fenix" ("Fenix" Limited), which builds the same container terminal in Bronka. The amount of announced investments in the project is 36 billion rubles, 20 billion rubles of which are private, and 16 billion rubles are state-owned. On the balance sheet of "Phoenix" - 21.7 billion rubles (with a revenue of 569.9 million rubles).

Murova also received stakes in Forum-Capital LLC and Prom-Kapital LLC, in both companies, Murova owns 50% each, and Nikita Murov occupies the post of general director. Both companies are founders of the "Baltic perspective". It, in turn, uses the trademark "Unified Document Center", which is owned by the same "Forum". In this center, among other things, visas are issued and passports issued to residents of St. Petersburg. The company's revenue for the past year amounted to 374 million rubles.