Magnit and Norilsk Nickel entered the Forbes list of the world's most innovative companies

The companies achieved such positions due to the "innovative premium", the difference between the capitalization and the discounted cash flow from the existing business.
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Tesla lost first place after two years of leadership. Investors are waiting for a breakthrough from Asian companies specializing in biotech, retail and even paints. American Forbes has published the seventh annual rating of hundreds of the world's most innovative companies. It included two Russian companies - Magnit Sergei Galitsky and Norilsk Nickel Vladimir Potanin, who took 53rd and 63rd places respectively.

In the first ten there were noticeable changes: after two years of leadership, the manufacturer Tesla (No. 2) Ilona Mask gave up, giving way to Salesforce (No. 1). The manufacturability of the companies does not necessarily correlate with the financial performance of their managers: the state of Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff is estimated to be "only" at $ 3.2 billion (ranked No. 441 in the global Forbes billionaires rating) against $ 13.9 billion from Tesla founder (No. 80 in Global ranking of billionaires Forbes).

Amazon (# 3), after 20 years in public markets, overcame eight places at once, being in third place this year. The top five leaders are Chinese biotechnology company Shanghai Raas Blood Products (No. 4), specializing in medicines, including blood products and vaccines, and American entertainment Netflix (No. 5), which as of July 103.95 million subscribers Around the world, including 51.92 million in the US. After the publication of positive reports Netflix for the II quarter, shares of the streaming giant, which is issuing the political drama "House of Cards", jumped to a record $ 179.14 per share. This allowed Netflix founder Rid Hastings to increase his fortune by $ 400 million in two weeks - from $ 1.8 billion to $ 2.2 billion.

It is noteworthy that in the top 10, apart from the Chinese Shanghai Raas Blood Products, there were two more biotech companies - American Incyte (No. 6) and closing the top ten Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (No. 10) from the US, which uses faults in the human body's genes to develop pharmaceuticals . Innovations are still expected from Internet retailers and producers of a variety of software, as well as from the Indian paint company Asian Paints Limited (No. 8).

The rating, prepared by the American version of the magazine in conjunction with the consulting company Innovator's DNA, also demonstrates how new players appear on the market that can shake up the industry, introduce innovations and attract investors' attention. Among the notable newcomers to the list this year are the Pandora jewelry house (No. 75), the manufacturer of cosmetics Ulta Beauty (No. 34), the developer of the Constellation Software software (No. 22) and the pharmaceutical GenMab (No. 39). Back in the top 100 most innovative companies in the world this year, Procter and Gamble (No. 89), brewing Anheuser Busch (No. 54), creator of accounting software and reporting Intuit (No. 66), Yahoo Japan (No. 84) and Pepsico (No. 95). Forbes emphasizes that the top 20 also includes six companies from Asia: these are companies established in China, India, Indonesia and Korea. According to journalists, their presence in the leaders of the list reflects a deeper spread of innovation and the ability to introduce them around the world.

Including listed companies in the rating, Forbes took into account the opinion of investors who are more than others expecting from these or those companies the following major innovations. Companies are also assessed on their "innovation premium" - the difference between capitalization and discounted cash flow from the existing business. The difference between them is a bonus provided by independent investors on the assumption that the company will show growth in the future. Another condition: companies can get into the rating if they published financial statements for seven years before and their market capitalization exceeds $ 10 billion.

Russian "Magnit" and "Norilsk Nickel" have an "innovation premium" of 46.81% and 45.52% respectively. For comparison, in Tesla it is 73.01%. Also on the list, the annual sales growth was taken into account, which was 12.37% for Galitsky's company and 5.67% for Potanin. "Magnet" is referred to the sphere "Products and goods of daily demand", and "Norilsk Nickel" is classified as "Materials".