Make way for the young: why Timchenko and Rotenberg sell assets to their children

Famous businessmen sanctioned by the West, transfer their assets to the newer generation. These deals have become one of the key trends of the year.
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Talent businessman is evident not only in the ability to find the right connections, to sign lucrative contracts to create or buy a business perspective, but also in the ability to guess the time of its sale. Gennady Timchenko public demonstration of his incredible sense: he sold 44% in one of the world's largest oil traders Gunvor his longtime partner Torbjorn Tornqvist exactly one day before the publication of the first US sanctions list. In an interview with Tass Timchenko explained that he had long planned to leave Tornquist: "We Thorbjorn different vision, he wants to trade around the world, I am the same age began to gravitate toward Russia ... In short, everything was planned in advance of Gunvor, but the clouds, which were collected over head accelerated the process. "

Gunvor and had experienced some inconvenience due to the sustained attention of inspection bodies in different countries to the identity of one of its owners - Gennady Timchenko. US Justice Department has studied the company for the manipulation of world oil prices, Switzerland, as reported edition of Le Temps, suspected Gunvor employees in bribes for contracts in the Congo ... The presence of helper saninsulating the US list of shareholders and at all able to paralyze the business of the company with such an extensive trading network, as in Gunvor. Therefore, as I explained Forbes familiar Timchenko, businessman faced a choice: to leave the company, or even lose business.

How he rescued for a stake in the company, the former in 1997 the basis of its well-being, it is unknown where the money went - too.

But the total sale has not ended. In July 2014 the businessman spent a few deals: get rid of controlling stakes in a business terminal in Sheremetyevo and Pulkovo and sold 30% of the "Russian Sea" son-Gleb Frank. In the autumn it became known that the share of Timchenko in "Sibur" bought another representative of the younger generation "close the circle" - Cyril Shamalov, son of co-owner of bank "Russia" Nikolay Shamalova 198.

Thus, Timchenko transferred and sold for half a year more than a third of its assets in 2014, Forbes estimated at $ 15.3 billion As Timchenko said in an interview with Tass:. "For all have to answer. And the friendship with the president, too. " However, in the same interview, he mentioned thatif necessary, can generally give everything to the state free of charge or give to charity.

Example Timchenko followed by other entrepreneurs who have got into the Western sanctions lists. Arkady Rotenberg sold son Igor stake in "Mostotrest" companies "Gazprom drilling" and "SCC Real Estate". "Sooner or later, everything will remain the children, and I always wondered how to make sure that this does not fall apart. How? In my opinion, to do so they must do what they are interested, - explained Rothenberg, a senior in an interview to "Interfax". - I am convinced that when a person pays their money, it is - business, awareness of great responsibility. And when you something gave you the money you do not feel. Are not you afraid that you will lose their money. "

It seems that the US and EU sanctions against Putin's friends closer the inevitable change of business elites. Talented new generation of businessmen - sons and in-law - were ready to do the responsible thing pipelines, roads, fish catch, production of polypropylenes, etc. the same time to replace the "fathers" in the Forbes list.

Re-registration of assets in the "children" looks at first glance.

"If it were not energetically promoting me as a friend of Putin, the business would be worse. And so - well developed, "- said in an interview with Forbes in 2012, Arkady Rotenberg. But if the power of public relations extend to the sons of Putin's friends?