Martial arts master: how Arkady Rotenberg's companies actually work

In companies under Arkady Rotenberg's full control, the vertical of power is created by the master of martial arts and their teams.
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Heavy crystal chandeliers, chairs with embroidery on the back, the main hall for 150 persons with mezzanine, simulating the library in a rich house of the XVIII century. Around the hall - small rooms with billiards, cigars, hookahs. There is also a mini-hotel. This restaurant "Gusyatnikoff", named after an old merchant family. Monopolists Gusyatnikova engaged in considering the royal taxes - Siberian gold, jewels and furs - after joining the Russian East Siberia in the XVII century. In Moscow, they owned this three-story mansion with six half-columns of the Ionic order in the Taganka district, a variety of different industries and enterprises to pay off a monopoly on all of Moscow for their collaboration with several families beverage "liquor company." In order to prevent the smuggling of alcohol in Moscow, the company built a shaft outposts, which served the city boundary. And by the way, the current Manege Square called Gusyatnikovskoy: there was not even any of the Manege, and stood their shops.

In 2008-2009, the restaurant "Gusyatnikoff" created one of the best Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov. Zackchikami were entrepreneurs Rotenberg brothers Arkady and Boris and Arkady son Igor. They rented a house Gusyatnikova. "I made a plan - where is the kitchen, halls, - put the chef, with whom we have worked in a restaurant -" University "and all - says Novikov. - I did not plan to make money, did just an acquaintance. "

Restaurant - "family place Rotenberg," says the manager of one of their companies: "Here is supported russkost, Orthodox, restoring the origins and traditions." If the "Pushkin" - a noble, Russian-French cuisine here - a merchant, and about one-price category.

Rotenberg going here family, hold talks, family celebrations. The restaurant often serves the sporting events in which Rothenberg, senior judoka and a passionate hockey player, "involved 150%." "There's a family atmosphere - recalls happened many times in" Gusyatnikoff "Michael Abizov 128, ex-owner Arkady Rotenberg sold shares in the company" Mostotrest ", and now the minister of affairsm of open government. - Even if more than 300 people gathered, Arkady come to everyone talk and close friends spend funny skits and shoot films about the "family".

Unlike the rest of their business empire consisting of banks, suppliers, and "Gazprom" contractors, real estate, chemicals and media companies, restaurant Rotenberg - not a business. they are not engaged by the Office. May, according to their manager, "to make suggestions in the conversation, but he was not created for the sake of money: the project unprofitable, and the owners of material help." Judging according to SPARK-Interfax, in 2013 (the latest, when the financial results are) on revenue of 57 million rubles more than the loss of the restaurant made 23 million.

Other assets Arkady Rotenberg - is another matter. "Stroygazmontazh" in which he sole proprietor, received the 2014 revenue (exclusive of VAT), 225 billion rubles and 15 billion profit.

In 2015, billionaire set a new record, has received a contract from the state and state-owned companies at 555.5 billion rubles, including the order of "Gazprom" for the construction of "Sea pipelineand Siberia "(198 billion rubles).

Rothenberg is headed by a large margin today Forbes rating of "Kings of the state order". Does this closeness to President Vladimir Putin, who publicly calls him a friend? Including. But his company is not just a huge win orders, they perform them. Forbes understood as Rothenberg manages its economy.
youth Team

Arkady Rotenberg came already formed a business man at an age when too late to fill knowledge gaps in the management of financial risk, or in technology, says company owner of the metallurgical industry, who requested anonymity. Rothenberg understood that management training - not his way. But it has more intuition, willingness to take risks, the ability to place pictures, learning, and talent in the use of administrative relations, says Forbes said.

Putin has become a model of "Man from one gate to him," for him, which he was able to achieve all.

The businessman, who had a joint business with Arkady Rotenberg, retorts: "Arkady is not ideal forodrazhaniya, it is self-sufficient for 100%. Wrong to say that he made the biggest leap in comparison with the rest of the "St. Petersburg team." Strongly grown and [Prime Minister Dmitry] Medvedev and [the head of "Rosneft" Igor] Sechin, and [co-owner of "Novatek" and "Stroytransgaz" Gennady] Timchenko, and [principal owner of bank "Russia" Yuri] Kovalchuk. " Metallurg does not agree: "It's one thing to lead a public entity or a state company, and the other - their business. It's like comparing a fight in the ring and in the alley, where Arkady, of course, the coolest fighter. "

Rothenberg has made friends with Putin in judo clubs in adolescence - much earlier than the rest of businessmen close to the president. But he achieved much later compared to other Petrograd success in big business. In 1991, Yuri Kovalchuk 132 became co-owner of "Russian" of the bank, and has been estimated at $ 220 million in 2004. Bank. Went into business in the early 1990s and Gennady Timchenko 9. First, together with partners, he bought the company Urals Finland Oy, to trade oil (later renamed IPP), then privatiziroval company "Kineks" for export refined products from the Kirishi refinery, and finally in 1997 he founded the oil trading Gunvor, which has practically monopolized the export of Russian oil flows. And who were the Rotenberg brothers?

In an interview with Forbes Rothenberg Sr. he said that the first business came to his brother Boris. In the 1990s he worked as a coach in judo in Finland, and then with his wife founded the company Anirina Oy, which supplied "Urengoygazprom" (now the "Gazprom mining Urengoy") Finnish goods, and also engaged in the construction in exchange for gas. For further sale of this gas Boris drew Arcadia. In 2001, the brothers founded the bank "Northern Sea Route". But really serious deal at Rotenberg appeared closer to the middle zero. In 2003, Boris founded the firm "base-bargaining", which owned 25% of the company "Gaztaged". The rest was the main "of the supplier" of "Gazprom" - "Gazprom equipment". "Gaztaged" has become the largest supplier of tubes to "Gazprom". Turnover "Gaztaged" for 2003 reached $ 500 million.

Head of the "Base-trade"; Rotenberg chosen man of the wrestlers - Yuri Bukin. He was honored coach of Russia, author of the thesis "Professional development of sports clubs martial arts experts." With the management of the company he combined the post of President of the Federation of Greco-Roman wrestling and vice-president of the National Union of judo veterans. And when Boris Rotenberg closed "Baza-Torg" Bukin became CEO Arkady established in 2007 the company "Pipe metal", do the same as the "Gaztaged". Boris, in turn, created the company "Pipe Industry", which was headed by George Mashchenko, too, is not alien to the martial arts: with his brothers, he was a member of the board of trustees of the training of adolescents sambo "Children and Youth Sports Club" Guys Vyborg side. "

painful points

Wrestling past and the lack of economic or financial past will not interfere with the first top managers Rotenberg show high achievement in the real economy. Arkady Rotenberg, who passed through the press service of the written replies toForbes dew, believes that leadership in sports and business "a little different: there, and there are important power of the spirit, commitment, and focus on victory - the team." Even in the heyday of "Base-bargaining" brothers met with the scientist-entrepreneur Ivan Shabalova, which together with metallurgists, industrialists prepared a program of release of large diameter pipes (LDP) for "Gazprom". Before this group purchased them abroad.

In 2009, Rotenberg called Shabalova liquidator in outlived itself "Gaztaged": to view the best pipe market prospects. The following year, Shabalov sold them 60% of the firm 'North European Pipe Project "(SETP), which at that time was the main supplier of large diameter pipes for the epochal" Gazprom "projects, such as the pipeline" Nord Stream ", which was being built for Russian gas supplies to Europe, bypassing the troubled Ukraine. SETP was not just a mediator between the pipe manufacturers and "Gazprom": its profitability was not then share interest, like "Gaztaged" and a full-fledged 8%. The SETP employed about 60 people. CompAnia completed orders, to build logistics, quality control and provide funding for supplies. As the "Gazprom" has never worked on a prepaid basis, it was necessary to find bank loans. So under the Rotenberg appeared professional team.

The task of the new owners did not have to break the mechanism, but to seize control of the flow of contracts and money, says Rotenberg who knows the owner and Shabalova steel company: "And they have done without" painful techniques ": kept the people and technology." According to Forbes source, passing the company Shabalov not trying to teach the basics of Rotenberg metallurgy and manufacture of pipes: "Arcadia for understanding the important reference points, and Shabalov set up under his system of reporting on these points in a very condensed form."

A year after the purchase SETP earned 111 billion rubles in revenue (+ 28%) while 12 billion (+ 45%) of the net profit. Net profit margin increased from 9.6% to 10.8%, while in 2013, according to CEO SETP Alexander Muratov, was "the order of 10-15%." At the same time, in 2013 the Federal stibnitepatch reference Service (FAS) has recognized "Gazprom" guilty of abusing its dominant position on the market of large-diameter pipes. A SETP, according to FAS, has access to "exclusive information about the lots."

"Not Arkady invented that all owners of large Tube companies belonging to the Association of manufacturers and discuss with [the head of" Gazprom "Alexey] Miller needs of future projects -" South Stream "and" Power of Siberia ", - says metallurgist. There were, of course, but only SETP won major competitions of "Gazprom" and received contracts without competition. After the intervention of FAS, "Gazprom" has begun to purchase the pipe directly from the manufacturers. SETP The era has ended, but Rothenberg managed to earn good money. "To the extent that there are" shareholders taken from the profits, much as they wanted, Muratov said in an interview, stipulating that they "do not take too much."
Two sources

To enter the market of construction contracts "Gazprom" Arkady Rotenberg prepared in advance. In the fall of 2007, his Cyprus offshore "Milas enzhiniring Limited "created the company" Stroygazmontazh "(CMB), and in May of the next year" Gazprom "announced a competition for the sale of controlling stakes in its five contractors -" Lengazspetsstroy "," Krasnodargazstroya "," Spetsgazremstroya "," Volgogradneftemash "and" Volgogaz ". Rotenberg bought them, he told in an interview of Forbes, at $ 400 million. There were five companies, and he created a holding company, said the owner of the metallurgical industry. As in the case of the SETP, he retained the backbone of the team companies, "but brought his control element."

Manager selection principles Rothenberg evasively says that "trying to cultivate cadres, but it all depends on the occasion and the situation." For the construction of the vertical of power in their construction holding it found candidates for the two firms-contractors of "Gazprom" - "Northern gas pipeline" and the representation of offshore "financial-industrial holding" Gazkomplektservis "LTD" (FPH).

From the first he called to the post of General Director Ruslan Gorukhino. A graduate of the Odessa University in the specialty "enedzhment foreign trade activities ", Goriukhino said in an interview that he had been since 1998 one of the founders of the" Northern gas pipelines. " This company was in 2006 for "Gazprom" in the Leningrad region the first 50-kilometer section of the future "Nord Stream". There Goriukhino said, he met with Rotenberg. Perhaps Rothenberg met a kindred spirit: since the 1990s the manager engaged in Ashihara Karate (Ashihara Karate), hard contact style. In 2007, he became head of the Russian Federation Ashihara Karate Kaikan.

Goriukhino brought with him in "Stroygazmontazh" management team. In the councils of building "daughters" of directors in addition to representatives of the CMB "EnPiVi-engineering" of Arkady Rotenberg, you can find people from "the Northern gas pipelines." The SGM they occupied positions of Deputy General Director to the directors departments. In the same list are and managers of "Gazkomplektservis," which is associated with Rotenberg. The former development director of the company Irina Vorobiev became a director of arporativnomu management SGM and a member of the board of directors of its "daughters" - "Volgogaz", "Volgogradneftemash", "Lengazspetsstroy", "Spetsgazremstroya". In addition to her "Spetsgazremstroy" was director of the department FPH Valery Ershov and CFO "Gazkomplektservis" Inna Vaynshelboym, and "Lengazspetsstroy" - Andrei Zubkov, the former assistant manager "Gazkomplektservis", which became the head of Gorukhino apparatus.

Former head offices are now closed "Gazkomplektservis", Academy of Public Administration graduate Balsky Paul was a member of the Board of Directors of SMP Bank. Now he directs the National Union of Judo Veterans (Chairman Arkady Rotenberg) and is listed in the presidium of the Russian Judo Federation. His ex-deputy "Gazkomplektservis" Michael Opengeym also present in the boards of directors of "daughters" SGM. According to a former top manager of one of the "Gazkomplektservis" companies if he Rothenberg in their companies never appeared, the general director of SGM Gorukhino could often be seen in the office « Gazkomplektservis ":." He was responsible for the development and strategy of the "company"

However, to speak about the strategies and business plans for the companies performing contracts won in the competitions, it is not particularly necessary.

"We have only one business plan - to be ready in any situation to fulfill obligations and in time - Goriukhino explained in an interview. - If the tender was held and we won it, he put into the company's plans for the coming year. " Regarding "Stroygazmontazh" strategy, he joked: "It is the same as our business plan. The main thing is not to weaken its influence on projects at the core of the customer, to cope with their implementation, and to remain profitable for shareholders. "

Arkady Rotenberg did not answer the question of whether "Gazkomplektservis" affiliated with him. "Novaya Gazeta" and "Vedomosti" wrote that associated with the holding company for many years supplied "Gazprom" gas pumping units and other equipment for gas pipelines. In less than four years (2011-2014), they won the competition concern by 234 billion rubles, which is comparable to VõruCoy SETP. And at the same time it remains invisible to the total weight of the other winners of the tenders. The secret stealth firms is simple: even the most successful of them in a year or liquidated, they are replaced by others, and their relationship to "Gazkomplektservis" impossible to track. Through the Cypriot offshore companies owned by each of them with a pair of offshore British Virgin Islands. Their owners could not be established. However, when journalists "Vedomosti" phoned the company, every time they connected to a reception Opengeyma.
Vertical for their

The companies that Rothenberg has full control, the vertical of power created by the master of martial arts and their teams. This feature minister Abizov explains that "Arkady employs many people who know him from his youth: with someone he trained with someone crossed in sports career, and now stores the circle of friends and are very sensitive to his concerns." According to him, the main value of the Rothenberg team - trust, and everyone is afraid of losing him. "If [in Rothenberg] people screwed up, - Abizov says - cold [surrounding] fills his mgnovenno and it acts stronger than any depremirovanie ".

In life companies Rotenberg can happen any, he admits the former owner "Mostotrest", but does not want to give examples. Construction - this is a complex business industry, he explains: "No matter what the builder, then missing a bag of cement, and against this they have a strong security service." However, if detected at least a hint of abuse or poor performance management, Rothenberg "understands no security arms, and directly asks awkward questions." Arkady - a pragmatic businessman Abizov sure he counts the money and evaluates people not by the loyalty, and the results.

Otherwise looks corporate culture empire Rotenberg when viewed from below. A former top manager of one of the institutions affiliated with "Gazkomplektservis", says that in companies where Rotenberg - the absolute master, management standards and culture alike. "The main thing - loyalty to the company, the top management and Rothenberg", - he says. bureaucratic standards, decisions were made a long time, and nand the top, "but not the Arkady and Boris [Rothenberg] and Goriukhino or Opengeymom, who oversaw the financial unit and legal relations".

Control was maintained "security vertical" - service, formed of people from the FSB and the Interior Ministry. With "bezopasnik" it was necessary to agree on many things - from financial transactions over a certain amount to the strategic documents. Red-tape-monger, not only held separate from HR tough interview when applying for a job, but also to constantly monitor employees: Their e-mail is not just analyzed the specific programs, but also viewed by the censors, who followed, for example, that employees did not mention the connection between affiliated with "Gazkomplektservis" companies and even mentioned in the letters of the names of top managers. "Everyone whispered that" Gazkomplektservis "Rotenberg belongs, not to mention the fact that the company's managers became managers SGM - says Forbes said. - But God forbid it was mentioned, for example, Opengeyma "!

In a large recruitment company is not surprisedCamping Forbes question of how common this practice. Surveillance of employees' work is particularly prevalent in state-owned companies. "In the industrial sector and state-owned banks control all the lines of communication, which may be known to the security services, - work and personal e-mail, landline and mobile phones - said the consultant. - Special stiffness different state oil company, but a high proportion, and private firms, and the severity of the security services does not necessarily correlate with the size of the company. "

In "Gazkomplektservis' privacy was raised in a cult. Even top managers received dosage information. Transactions preparing a narrow circle, and after the special operation held true to "hide the ears," recalls manager. So it was, for example, with the purchase of the "Hermitage Plaza" business center company Lenhart, "which manages private assets in real estate Rothenberg" (FAS materials firm called affiliated with SGM, wrote "Vedomosti").

However, in the life of employees of companies "GazkomplektservIsa "were also pluses. "There has never been greed" - recognizes a former top manager. "Office plankton" paid "on the market", but the "closer to the body," the higher the compensation - significantly higher than the average, he said. If the clerk was late in the evening, he could order the coffee ladies cup of tea or coffee; head of the department was supposed to coffee with cinnamon or chocolate. By the day of birth of the employees gave gifts and money in an envelope, and the holidays were invited to "Gusyatnikoff".

"Patriarchal culture, pure paternalism - concludes Forbes said. - Monitoring and loyalty in exchange for protection and satiety. "

Former manager SGM adds that Rothenberg "never appears in the company, even at corporate and management, including the" strategy "(this word companion deliberately put in quotation marks -. Forbes), are engaged in hired managers, and he estimates the company's work on percentage growth results. " In his opinion, "the staff below the level of Deputy Director General know little, and the substituents are unlikely to want something to tell: in" Stroygazontazhe "very good security service."

Rigid hierarchy, professional team and complete trust in its leaders from Rothenberg - can be described as the personnel policy entrepreneur. Getting multibillion complex projects, he has never been ripped off their performance, although in the daily management does not interfere. "He did not hesitate to dive into the smallest details, even though this does not mean that it works for management, - minister Abizov explains. - The level of detailed knowledge of the situation on the Kerch bridge struck me. " A renowned expert on the construction of infrastructure projects asks the rhetorical question: "Why do sane gentleman replace managers in well-earning companies? This natural behavior is reasonable rich man. "

"In [my] companies work very skilled management, and, of course, I know how things work in our projects and what difficulties may arise, - writes Forbes Rothenberg. - We are discussing it before the entrance to the project at this stage able to take measures to prevent them. etabout my collaboration as a shareholder and manager with the management. "
non-intervention strategy

Since 2008, Rothenberg was invited into their projects other entrepreneurs. Alexander Ponomarenko and Alexander Skorobogatko 39 40 took him in his business, giving him a share of "Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port". They needed a partner not a good life: the port if there was a conflict with "Transneft", which was headed by a close friend of Putin, Nikolai Tokarev. Rothenberg was necessary to protect the asset as a counterweight. However, all of the familiar three businessmen explained to Forbes: «Rotenberg enough of their projects, and the magic wand it does not have." In his words, the generator business ideas - Ponomarenko, Skorobogatko as a State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" in the business is not involved, but only the lobbying interests of partners, Rotenberg does not interfere.

Entrepreneur of the metallurgical industry believes that the president's version of the use of each other as "the shield and battering ram" has the right to life, but with a caveat: "Invitation Arcadia - a form of protection. But not only: Rothenbacherg has long been, and still a good brand. Today, to go nicely in the IT-technology, it is necessary to call in partners [Alisher] Usmanov 3 in railway transport - [Vladimir] Lisin 8, and in the construction of using administrative resource - Rothenberg. "

However, in 2011, the partners still sold "Transneft" and group "Amount" its stake in NCSP. But before that, with the money received from him the IPO, we created a development group TPS Real Estate, which was engaged in the construction and management of shopping centers. As Rothenberg received $ 500 million from the sale of shares in the port, he joined the partners, and then they set up TPS Avia Holding, won the competition for the reconstruction of the Sheremetyevo airport. According to the shareholder agreement after the reconstruction of the company will receive the ownership of 70% of the airport. In the management of TPS Avia Rotenberg "absolutely not involved," said Forbes familiar co-owners of the company. He knows that, once the sanctions, Rothenberg Sheremetyevo stopped doing things, "so as not to interfere with the [partner] and not to expose [them]." As he did business in joint projects before, our interlocutor talk not withal.

Abizov, Rotenberg sold in 2010 its share of the largest builders of roads and bridges, the company "Mostotrest", says that the deal was "in the final stages of preparation for the IPO," which was held in the same year. In preparation for it, the co-owners (except Abyzova they were beneficiaries of the company "N-Trans" and pension Railways "Welfare" Fund) decided that "the company must be managed as a public, a clear role of management and the owners."

Rothenberg did not change the rules of the game: management provided the same statements as primary and the other shareholders, the decision to the Board of Directors considered first on committees - the usual corporate practice. More interesting is why Rotenberg came to buy the share of "Mostotrest". In 2007, Russia won the right to host the Olympic Games, for by contracts lined up, the market desperately dumping, and the owners of "Mostotrest" and Rotenberg worked calculation and intuition.

"For us and for Arcadia was obvious that after the Olympics, many large firms will go bankrupt and the market is cleared, and the companywith good management, portfolio management, conservative politics and willingness to shoot IPO - says Abizov. - And she's fired. "

In 2010, total revenue "Mostotrest" amounted to 74.9 billion rubles (-5%), but on the main business segments grew: for the construction of roads and bridges, including the Olympic highway at "Rosa Khutor", - 15%, in railway construction (with a combined road in Sochi) - 43%, for the construction of airports (including Sochi) - 114%. By reducing administrative expenses EBITDA grew by 10%, to 9 billion rubles. In 2014, when Arkady Rotenberg has become because of sanctions to transfer assets, including "Mostotrest", the son of Igor, the company's revenue has grown to 150 billion rubles (+ 29%), EBITDA - up to 15 billion rubles (+ 62%). Intuition and its calculation did not disappoint.

In 2015, Igor has sold its stake in "Mostotrest". The money he has invested in purchased from "Gazprom drilling" father "because he believes the asset perspective," he conveyed through the press service. He also went to the Real Estate and the TPS engineering "TEK Mosenergo". As a result, the ranking of "Kthe role of the state order, "he climbed the four lines, occupying the fifth place with a score of 112.1 billion rubles. In Rotenberg family business began a new chapter.