Megafon and Yota disabled unlimited access to Telegram

Operators do not want to promote the disgraced messenger.
In late March, the "daughter" of "Megaphone" - "Scartel" (works under the Yota brand) introduced new tariffs. Their subscribers, in particular, can not pay for voice and Internet traffic, and pay only communication in instant messengers (from 10 rubles per month for each). On April 18, the operator closed unlimited access to Telegram. In Yota, they decided to exclude Telegram from applications to which you can buy unlimited access: the operator can not guarantee the receipt of the service paid by the client, explains the representative of Scartel. According to him, "Scartel" returned part of the funds to the accounts of subscribers who connected Telegram.

Unlimited Telegram was in 3% of Scartel's subscribers, its representative asserts.

Scartel does not disclose the number of subscribers. TMT Consulting estimated its subscriber base at the end of 2017 to approximately 4 million subscribers.

Unlimited access to Telegram was offered to subscribers and Megafon itself. This option included the tariffs of the "Turn on!" Line, which the operator introduced in early March. Now, according to the tariff scale of the operator, this option is absent.

A representative of Megafon promised to comment on the situation later.

Telegram blocking Roskomnadzor began on April 16 - by the decision of Tagansky court in Moscow. While the messenger manages to bypass the lock, changing IP-addresses. Uninterrupted messenger works for users who have connected a VPN.

The operator can not charge a fee and promote access to a service that does not work without VPN, explains a member of one of the cellular companies. And with VPN enabled, unauthorized access is impossible: the operator can not recognize which service the subscriber uses, he says.

VimpelCom has a tariff option that gives subscribers of "All My" tariffs unlimited access to "In contact", "Classmates", Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, said on the website of the operator. The cost is 4 rubles. per day. Telegram is not included in the list of unlimited services. Also did not enter, assures the representative of "Vympelcom" Anna Aybasheva.

MTS has a similar tariff option - it costs the same as VimpelCom's, according to the tariff scale of the operator. The list of instant messengers from MTS is supplemented by Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

T2 RTC Holding (Tele2) has unlimited access to instant messengers and social networks on the tariffs "My Tele2", "Super Online" and "My Online" (7 rubles per day, 400 rubles and 700 rubles per month) . Unlimited access to Telegram MTS and Tele2 are not offered.

The refusal of the unlimited Telegram is logical, Alkhaz Mirzabekov, the general director of IskraTelecom, believes. You can not promote a service that does not work for reasons not depending on you, and at the same time take money for it, he is sure. Moreover, the incorrect operation of an application can cause users to complain to the operator, Mirzabekov says.