Members of the GTA gang received punishment

A gang of murderers and robbers, created explicitly under the auspices of individual representatives of Russian law enforcement agencies, in the truncated group "held out" until the verdict. Out of 15 bandits, 5 were killed earlier, 4 more were sentenced to life terms, and 1 to 20 years in prison. Five more bandits fled abroad.
Mosoblsud delivered a verdict today to the participants of the so-called GTA gang, who committed a series of 17 murders in the course of robbery in the capital, the Moscow region and the Kaluga region. Until the verdict, not all the bandits survived - the alleged leader of the group was shot while detained, and four more - in the court itself when attacking the convoy. Four survivors of the bandits received life imprisonment, and another one will spend 20 years in a strict regime colony.

Mosoblsud recognized Khazratkhon Dodokhonov, Sherjon Kodirov, Anvar Ulugmuradov, Umar Khasanov and Zafarjon Gulyamov as guilty of committing crimes under Art. 209 of the Criminal Code (banditry), art. 105 of the Criminal Code (murder), art. 162 of the Criminal Code (robbery), art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal circulation of weapons) and art. 223 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal manufacturing of weapons).

The main investigative department of the TFR, and then the court found that the gang in March 2012 created a native of Uzbekistan Ibaydullo Subhanov, who had a fake passport for the name Usmanov. In it, the thug attracted people from his republic, as well as Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, five of whom were naturalized citizens of Russia.

The gang members, said Svetlana Petrenko, the spokesperson for the TFR, committed attacks in various ways. For example, waiting in an ambush near a road, they laid the spikes on the road, and after the car stopped with a broken tire, they shot the driver and passengers, after which they stole everything valuable that was in the victims' and in the cabin. Attacks were also made on drivers of cars standing at night in deserted places. Usually bandits received rather modest sums, but in one case, when attacking the Chinese in Moscow, their extraction was 17 million rubles, which the carrier had money in a bag. In total, on the territory of Moscow, Moscow and Kaluga regions, the gang members committed 16 attacks on citizens, during which 17 people were killed and 5 injured.

All members of the gang, according to the TFR, unquestioningly obeyed the leader, had good physical training, thought through the means of conspiracy. They behaved inconspicuously, were engaged in private carriage, construction, worked as watchmen, that is, they did not differ from other labor migrants from the Central Asian republics, said Mrs. Petrenko.

Investigators and employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs were able to identify the participants of the gang by analyzing all the attacks committed in the Moscow and Kaluga regions, testimony of witnesses, material and other evidence, as well as the results of the examinations. In November 2014, special services officers conducted a special operation to detain gang members, during which their leader Ibaydullo Subkhanov provided armed resistance and was destroyed. Within a few days thereafter, from November 6 to 20, 2014, the investigation and operational services established and imprisoned all nine members of the gang that were in Russia. Already after the trial, on August 1 of last year, they attacked the convoy, took possession of the weapon, but could not get out. During the ensuing skirmish with the escort fighters of Rosgvardia, Mirzomavlon Mirzosharipov, Kholik Subkhanov and Abdumukim Mamadchonov were liquidated on the spot, and the fourth attacker, Fazlitdin Khasanov, later died in the hospital. The investigation of the incident is not over yet.

During the debate of the parties for Khazratkhon Dodokhonov, Sherdzhon Kodirov, Anvar Ulugmuradov and Umar Khasanov, the state prosecution asked for life terms, and for Zafarjon Gulyamov - 25 years in a strict-regime colony. The defendants themselves, speaking with the last words, admitted part of their guilt, claiming that they participated in robberies, but did not kill anyone. The court found their testimony an attempt to evade responsibility and sentenced four defendants to life imprisonment, as requested by the prosecutor's office, and the fifth - 20 years of the colony.

At the same time, it should be noted that an investigation is underway with five more GTA gang members who have disappeared and are therefore on the international wanted list. Two of them were arrested in Tajikistan, who did not extradite the accused, as they are citizens of this country. For committing crimes in Russia, they will be judged at home - there are already sent materials of a loud case.

History of the GTA gang

The grouping, later called the GTA gang, was created in Moscow in March 2012. A native of Kyrgyzstan, Ibaydullo Subkhanov, arriving in Russia on a fake passport in the name of Rustam Usmanov, dialed accomplices among people from Central Asia. They tried not to attract attention - they worked as porters, builders, watchmen.

The scheme of attacks was simple: at night the thugs threw thorns on the road, and they themselves waited on the roadside. When the drivers pierced the wheel and got out of the car, the criminals attacked them with weapons.

In December 2013 in the north of Moscow, the group shot three passengers and a driver for a bag, which, according to the bandits' assumption, was the wages of their victims. But instead of money trophies of criminals were sports suits, which served as dead working clothes.

In May 2014, the press began to appear on the criminals, operating on the federal highway M4 "Don". At the same time, the group was called the GTA gang by analogy with the popular computer game, the characters of which acted in a similar way. History has received a strong public response. Help the police in search of bandits volunteered street racing. In June-July 2014, they conducted raids on the Don, but they did not bring results.

On August 18, 2014, the GTA gang committed the last successful attack. The victim of the criminals was 31-year-old Albert Yusupov, an ex-dancer of the Moiseyev Ensemble.

September 3, 2014 bandits attacked a certain Borisov, the driver of KIA Sportage. The victim survived and remembered the brand of the car on which the criminals hid - Hyundai Accent. Its owner was Fazlitdin Hasanov. His DNA was found on the glove left by the bandits at the crime scene.

In September 2014, all similar incidents in 2012-2014 were combined by investigators in one criminal case - just 16 episodes, 17 killed, 2 wounded.

As it became known to the investigation, Ibaydullo Subhanov, together with his civil wife and two children, rented an outbuilding to the house in the village of Udelnaya, which belonged to Alexei Staroverov, the relative of the head of the department of affairs of the Prosecutor General's Office. Staroverov gave evidence as a witness in the case. Later, he was removed from his post and transferred to the position of the head of the traffic police of the Moscow region.

On the night of 6 to 7 November 2014, Subkhanov died in detention. Another nine of his co-defendants were detained at the same time in different districts of the Moscow region. During searches in apartments of suspects, more than 20 weapons and ammunition were found. Four bandits were declared international wanted. Two of them were arrested in Tajikistan in November 2015 and June 2016. Until now, the issue of their extradition is being decided.

During the investigation, representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation stated that the GTA gang was linked to the "Islamic state" (banned in the Russian Federation). But on November 12, 2014, the Spokesman of the SC of the Russian Federation Vladimir Markin said that the bandits pursued exclusively mercenary goals.

The investigation into the case of the GTA gang ended in June 2016, and on August 1 the first hearing was held.

On August 1, 2017, after the next meeting of the five defendants, having entered the elevator, they took out their weapons and captured the escorts. As a result, three criminals died, two were wounded. One of the escorts was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

As a result, on August 9, 2018, the verdict was read out to five surviving criminals - Khazratkhon Dodokhonov, Sherdzhon Kodirov, Anvar Ulugmuradov, Umar Khasanov and Zafarjon Gulyamov. They were found guilty of committing crimes under Art. 209 of the Criminal Code (banditry), art. 105 of the Criminal Code (murder), art. 162 of the Criminal Code (robbery), art. 222 of the Criminal Code (illegal circulation of weapons) and art. 223 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illegal manufacturing of weapons). The total volume of the criminal case was 170 volumes.