Mikail Shishkhanov Agrees on Restructuring 10-Billion Credit

DIA assigned a loan for the rehabilitation of "Growth Bank" to a bank of bad debts.
The former owner of Binbank, Mikail Shishkhanov, is negotiating the restructuring of the loan attracted for the rehabilitation of Bank Rost. The Central Bank has written off the bank's liabilities to the former owner, and the latter owes more than 10 billion rubles to the DIA.

The former owner of Binbank and the "Growth of the Bank" Mikail Shishkhanov delayed payment on the loan issued by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) for the rehabilitation of "Growth of the Bank". This was told to Vedomosti by a man who knows this from Shishkhanov, and the former banker himself confirmed it. Shishkhanov calls the delay "temporary" and intends to restructure the loan and serve it. On what terms can be carried out restructuring and what is the amount of debt, he declined to comment.

Shishkhanov became the sanatorium "Growth of the Bank" in December 2015: he bought it from Binbank, who by that time had been engaged in his financial recovery for a year.

For the rehabilitation of the "Growth of the Bank", the DIA, at the expense of the Central Bank, issued 35.9 billion rubles: 18.4 billion went to "Growth of the Bank" to cover a hole in the balance sheet, and the remaining funds - to maintain liquidity - was received by Binbank.

In September 2017, financial support required not only "Growth of the Bank", but also Binbank: the Central Bank took both to its Fund for Consolidation of the Banking Sector. As the regulator pointed out, Shishkhanov himself asked for financial recovery of the banks. In an interview with Vedomosti, he admitted that he had not calculated his "business forces," and that the problems of the rehabilitated "Growth of the Bank" and "MDM Bank" in the conditions of a falling market turned out to be much more serious than anticipated.

After the transition to the control of the regulator "Growth Bank" ahead of schedule returned the funds received for sanation to sanation, indicated in its statements for the I quarter of 2018. Despite this, Shishkhanov's debt on this loan to the DIA has been preserved. The agency sold the demand rights for this loan to the bank "Trust", Vasyl Pozdyshev, deputy chairman of the Central Bank, told Interfax in May. According to him, the amount of debt was less than the initial debt and amounted to 10.2 billion rubles.

Representatives of Bank Trust and DIA refused to comment. The central bank did not respond to Vedomosti's request.

Shishkhanov said in September that he intended to transfer assets to the Central Bank by 300-350 billion rubles. The Central Bank also estimates the transferred assets in the amount of about 100 billion rubles., Said its chairman, Elvira Nabiullina, in an interview with Vedomosti.

In a similar situation was "Opening Holding": it remained due 28 billion rubles., Issued for the rehabilitation of the "Trust". The holding received this money from the DIA in 2014 and immediately placed it on a deposit in a bank. However, after the transition to the Fund for the consolidation of the banking sector in September 2017, "Trust" all its obligations to the former owner was written off, including a deposit of 28 billion rubles.

The holding insisted that the money should be returned not by him, but by the Trust, especially since in 2018 all payments on the loan were made without the participation of the holding company directly between the Trust and the DIA. The holding also suggested that the DIA should collect collateral for this loan - 778 million bonds of the federal loan "Russia-2030" for 28.5 billion rubles.

DIA did not agree and in April sold the rights of claim for this loan "Growth to the Bank." In response, the "Discovery Holding" filed an application with the court. Under the terms of the general agreement, the DIA did not have the right to assign the debt, the holding said: "In our norms, there is no provision for the bank to move from sanation to sanation, what happened to the Trust. As the conditions were violated, the claim was filed specifically to the agency. "

Shishkhanov does not intend to sue - he clearly intends to end this story sooner: "It's better to agree on restructuring and continue to look for oneself in business."