Mikhail Prokhorov hands out aluminum

The businessman sold 7% of Rusal to Viktor Vekselberg.
The owner of ONEXIM Mikhail Prokhorov, who sold his Russian assets since last year, reduced his stake in Rusal. Sual Partners Victor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik bought from Mr. Prokhorov 7% stake in Rusal for $ 503.9 million, increasing its stake to 22.8%. The deal passed with a 30-percent discount to yesterday's stock price. Since the beginning of trading on Friday, quotes "Rusal" on the Moscow stock fell by 6%, during the day the decline was about 3%.

Zonoville Investment, the structure of Sual Partners Victor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik, acquired from Mikhail Prokhorov's 7% stake in Rusal (1.06 billion units) for $ 503.89 million, having increased its stake to 22.8%, the aluminum producer said. Disclosure on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Prokhorov remained a package of 6.7% stake in the aluminum company. The largest shareholder of "Rusal" is still En + Oleg Deripaska (48.13% stake).

For a deal with Sual, 7% of Rusal from the ONEXIM package were valued at 3.7 Hong Kong dollars ($ 0.48 at the current rate) per share - for the same price, ONEXIM sold 3.32% of Rusal shares in the market in February. Thus, the deal was held at a 30-percent discount to the closing price of Rusal on Thursday (5.29 Hong Kong dollars, or $ 0.68).

On the intention of ONEKSIM to sell shares of "Rusal" along with other Russian assets, Vedomosti reported a little more than a year ago. The head of the group, Dmitry Razumov, later stated that "it is incorrect to draw a conclusion on the sale of all assets in Russia on the basis of the fact of negotiations". But soon the group announced the sale of 20% in the "Uralkali" (the package was bought by Dmitry Lobyak, partner of the second co-owner of Uralkali, Dmitry Mazepin), and in December closed the transaction for the sale of the development group OPIN (went to the concern Rossium Roman Avdeev).

On the news about the deal, Rusal shares on the Moscow Stock Exchange fell by 6% to the closing price on Thursday. By 14:00 Moscow time quotes were down almost 3%, to 39.3 rubles. For paper. The company's capitalization was 598.3 billion rubles.