Mikhail Prokhorov sells out all Russian assets

This decision has been finally made after searches in Onexim. 
"Onexim" Mikhail Prokhorov Group sells all the assets belonging to it, told "Vedomosti" two companion in the group structure, the person receiving the offer to purchase certain assets, a person who knows about this group of employees, and familiar Prokhorov. "Onexim" looking for buyers itself, without intermediaries, says one of the interlocutors "Vedomosti". The representative of "Onexim" declined to comment.

14 April, the day of the straight line with Putin, the FSB carried out in the structures of "Onexim" searches. FSB Public Relations Center called them "operational activities" related to the investigation of a criminal case concerning "Tauride" bank (it sanitizes IFC Prokhorov 47.45% of shares). But unofficially, federal officials and people familiar with the management of "Onexim," called another reason - the editorial policy of the holding RBC, has published several investigations on the offshore accounts of people around Putin. Less than a month after the searches all RBC editorial leadership resigned. Whether the decision is due to sell assetssearches, the interlocutors "Vedomosti" do not speak. Rumor has it that the sale can be urged by the Kremlin, but there is no evidence for this, said one of them. "No. This is not true. Complete nonsense, "- said it Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov.

"Onexim" in its current form was created in 2007, when Prokhorov shared assets with Vladimir Potanin. The name he chose for the group in memory of the bank "Onexim", from which he and Potanin in 1990. We started the business.

"Onexim" owns assets in mining and metals industry (UC Rusal, «Uralkali"), finance (insurance company "Consent", banks "Renaissance Capital", "Renaissance Credit", IFC), energy ( "Quadra"), real estate ( OPIN), the media (RBC, "Snob"). The largest of them - 20% of "BRIC" (price on the Moscow Stock Exchange last Friday - 103.9 billion rubles.) And 17,02% UC Rusal ($ 765,9 million for the Hong Kong Stock Exchange). Consolidated financial performance of the Group does not disclose.

Some of the assets of the Group put up for sale for a long time. For example, a couple of years, "Onexim," trying to find a buyer Mr.and "Quadra", a few years looking for a buyer for the UK "Consent" and "Renaissance Credit" (the "Onexim" throughout 100%).

Out of the "Uralkali" "Onexim" about a year ago. In May 2016 it became known that the share of the group to buy back at market value, ie. E. For about $ 1.6 billion (at the exchange rate on Friday), can "Uralkali" itself. "ONEKSIM" 27% of companies could do in 2013 to $ 5.1 billion.

The current capitalization of UC Rusal objectively reflects the situation in the aluminum market, so this price can be a starting point for negotiation, the size of the discount - it is a question of negotiation, said analyst Kirill Chuiko BCS. Find a buyer can - in Russia offered not so much the assets in the metals and mining sector, says Chuiko.

Managers of large media companies after the searches were told that Prokhorov looking for a buyer and RBC (the "Onexim" 100%): they interpreted the move as a forced, under pressure from officials who do not like the editorial policy of the holding. None of the respondents "Vedomosti" employees of media or telekomkompany did not confirm that the Vedanegotiating the purchase of RBC, although two of the interlocutor said that from the "Onexim" proposals were. Two sources close to the RBC, it is believed that the buyer of the asset is not found.

Two weeks ago it was reported that the sale "Renaissance Capital" (the "Onexim" 100%), said one of the investment bankers. Were informal conversations and the sale of the stake in UC Rusal, the familiar knows its owners. Under the agreement, shareholders of UC Rusal «Onexim" has to offer a package to partners - En + and Sual Partners. Sual Partners spokesman declined to comment, as did a representative of En +.

On Friday, it became clear that the representatives of Prokhorov negotiating the sale of the owner of Moscow Credit Bank (ICB) Roman Avdeev OPIN development group (the "Onexim" 83.8% stake) - this was told several people familiar with the negotiations, and Moscow official. Close to Avdeev person does not exclude the possibility of such a deal. Press Service OPIN has not confirmed the fact of negotiations, the representative Avdeev did not comment on it. The decision on the sale of real estate development assets Prokhorov took pose story of RBC knows OPIN close to the people.

The cost of the developer depends on the debt and the quality of its projects, says partner "AZK Stroygroup" Andrew Zakrewsky. The total debt of OPIN -. 28.5 billion rubles, the banks - about 21 billion rubles. The company reports indicated the main creditor - this just IBC: it should OPIN 13.5 billion rubles. For projects that have a good OPIN portfolio in different segments of the market has room to grow, say Zakrevskii and managing partner of Blackwood Maria Kotova. The net asset value itself OPIN evaluated at the end of March 2016 to 36.8 billion rubles. In this case, the company's value -. About 8 billion rubles, the head of evaluation department of ACG "MEF-Audit" Dmitry Trofimov, but zakreditovannost and difficulties in dealing with creditors can reduce this estimate by half.

Business Prokhorov came under pressure after he went into politics, says political analyst Alexei Makarkin. The government had the idea to create a right-wing party - and appeared to Prokhorov, "Just Cause". Then the protests began in 2011, he also went to rallies, its inertia is captured byiticheskoy activity. In 2012, Putin has not objected to the nomination of Prokhorov in the presidential elections, but he received an unexpectedly high support (7.98% of the vote in Russia and 20.5% in Moscow), says Makarkin. Not understanding what to do with this support, Prokhorov away from politics, but RBC, which he had acquired, he began to work with a liberal audience - and the government has adopted a policy of conservatism.

Prokhorov condition Forbes estimated in this year of $ 7.6 billion. In addition to the group "Onexim" businessman owns 100% of the basketball club Brooklyn Nets.