Mikhail Slobodin siphoned off 59 million dollars from VimpelCom

Only 1/7 of Mikhail Slobodin's pillage will be confiscated.   
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In the near future investigation may apply for the seizure of property of Michael Slobodina that a suspect in the case of power engineers. As it became known, we are talking about the mansion area of ​​700 squares with a plot of 30 acres in the elite area of ​​the village "Barvikha XXI". The approximate cost of the land and the house is about 400 million rubles.

House Slobodina and his wife Anna Blair was built two years ago in a village near Moscow Rozhdestvenno Barvihinskaya settlement. Now this area has become a cottage settlement "Barvikha XXI" and is under the clock security. It is known that Blair and recently sold another Slobodin his mansion in the Istra district of Moscow region, where they lived before moving to Barvikha.

In addition, the family garage Slobodina found at least 6 cars: "Aston Martin", "Porsche Cayenne", "Land Rover - Range Rover", "Honda-Acura", "Hyundai, the H1," BMW X5. All are decorated to Slobodina Michael and his current wife Anna Blair.

In addition, the formal ex-head of "VimpelCom" owns half of the apartments on the south-west of Moscow on the street Nametkina. Now three rubles ex-wife's parents live. Price found at the property entrepreneur, by law enforcement officers is estimated at 700 million rubles.

Investigators believe that Mikhail Slobodin their assets last 5 years deduced abroad. That is why the Russian businessman have no property, but one house and an apartment.

Earlier Slobodina declared the federal wanted list on charges of bribe in the amount of more than 800 million rubles Komi former leadership. According to investigators, Slobodin, managing director of the group of companies "Renova" Eugene Olkhovik and CEO "T plus" Boris Vainzikher transferred funds in exchange for the most favorable tariffs for electricity and heat Komi senior officials, who currently is involved criminal case of a criminal Gayzer.

Michael Slobodina counted bonuses and "kickbacks" of $ 70 million

Revision calculate how much money the former CEO of "VimpelCom" can translate abroad, and with what assets parted forever.

Mikhail Slobodin, apparently, decided not to return to Russia, where he announced the federal wanted list, and where he is likely to face trial and detention. Currently, he is in Europe may already have moved from Nice to London or looking for some more private place. It is enough if he had any means to play hide and seek with the authorities? We calculated the movable and immovable assets of the fugitive businessman.

Ex-CEO of "VimpelCom" is now 43 years. Graduated with honors from the Faculty of Economics of the Ural University and graduate school, he began his career as an engineer in his native Severouralsk Sverdlovsk region - in "Sevuralboksitruda" company. Later, she joined the SUAL, and Michael began to make a successful career in the corporation.

In 2002-2010 Slobodin runs the same "T Plus" - it is the work of management of the company (including a Slobodina) investigators have a lot of questions. This structure of "Renova" is engaged in the power industry in 16 regions - including Komi. In those years the company was called "Integrated Energy Systems" (IES).

How many received Mikhail Slobodin in structures "Renova", is not known. But you can count how many, according to the investigators, could lose between IES and collusion Komi authorities citizens and enterprises of the republic.

Total Komi Republic pays for electricity at about 11 billion rubles a year (revenue for the local power supply company Entities). The report referred to the prosecutor's office of the republic unjustifiably high 18-percent loss of power in the region - good will of the authorities allowed the power companies do not upgrade the network. loss is usually about 8% (figures MOESK Moscow region). "Unnecessary" 10% - it's about a billion rubles inflated payments for the year. According to prosecutors, informal relationship with the power industry officials lasted eight years - from 2007 to 2014.

But Slobodin worked structures "Renova" just prior to the beginning of 2011, that is able to participate in four years. Divide the four billion for the three suspects - the maximum received billions with a third each. Translated into dollars at the pre-crisis exchange rate - about $ 43 million each.

After Mikhail Slobodin left the structure of "Renova", because of the work that he had to urgently go to Nice, he, in 2011, became Executive Vice President of TNK-BP, the company's gas and energy services.

If guided by the disclosure of information on the income of top management of "Rosneft" (according to media reports, they have been almost twice as high as adopted in the oil market), then for two years at TNK-BP, Mikhail Slobodin could earn about 300 million rubles, or about $ 10 million on the pre-crisis rate.

On the post of head of "VimpelCom" Mikhail Slobodin spent almost three years, from October 2013 to September 2016. The average income of Russian cellular operators executives, according to Forbes magazine in 2014, accounted for about $ 6 million a year. That is Michael Slobodina managed to earn about $ 18 million over three years.

Perhaps he even spent most of the sum, given his attraction to the economy. Employees of "VimpelCom" still remember the "dressing-story."

- Toilet paper on quality should be the same and does not depend on the level of floor and management, - he wrote to employees outraged by the inequality in "VimpelCom" blogger-CEO Slobodin. As a result, toilet paper on all floors become truly equal - equally bad.

Thus, since the beginning of the work in the Komi Republic and to this day, Mikhail Slobodin could earn a total of about $ 70 million. We can assume that in distress, he will not appear. However, in this case, it is unclear why he sent his ex-wife the message that it can rely only on themselves.

Maybe he's just not sure I can earn in the coming years. Given the claims of investigators, such a scenario is quite likely, and a few years Slobodina have to live abroad, and for this there is need to settle down, spending on housing more than one hundred thousand dollars. Apartments and houses in London are expensive.