Mikhailov and Partners: who enriched themselves at the advertising contract with Russian Railways

As clarified by RBC, the main owner of the Laysa company, which received a 15-year contract for the sale of all advertising of Russian Railways, was Vitaly Krivenko, Deputy Head of Corporate Communications of RussianRailways.
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Krivenko himself, a longtime associate of director general TASS Sergey Mikhailov, assures that acquired a stake in "Lies" after he left the monopoly

Mysterious "Laith"

"Laith" since 2006 is the official representative of JSC "Russian Railways" "in the field of advertising and information activities on the entire rail network," stated on the agency's website. Eight years ago, the company won the competition announced by the monopoly on the implementation of all its advertising opportunities. For how long and under what conditions, "Laith" has become the exclusive advertising contractor, while not reported.

Only materials of the trials, which involved "Laith", you can see that the competition was №232 from March 30, 2006 closed, that is, it was attended only by companies that have received an invitation from the Russian Railways. According to the results of the competition September 28, 2006 JSC "Russian Railways" signed with JSC "Railway advertising agency" Laith "general contract №623k / t for the implementation of promotional activities to monopoly facilities. The contract specified in the court's records, was ndpisan according to №2611r "On the order of organization of promotional activities at the JSC" Russian Railways facilities ". This order, however, was made later than the contract itself is decorated - only 29 December 2006.

The contract with "Lies" is valid until December 31, 2016, follows from the court's records, but the agreement provides for an additional prolongation for another five years. That is why "Laith" bought "City Sain Group" in April this year.

LLC "City Sain Group", according to the register, 50% owned by OOO "Regional Projects" founded by Romeo Gevorgyan (50%), Bagrat Ghazaryan (49%) and Igor Goncharov (1%). The owner of the other 50% "City Sain Group" -Sergei Kolushev, founder and CEO Eventica PR-agency. It is known primarily as the organizer of the once very prestigious event - the Russian Economic Forum in London, which the participants in the last decade, there were high-ranking officials and top managers of major Russian companies.

In October this year, the founders of LLC "City CadH Group "decided to join the company to JSC" Railway Agency "Laith".

General Director of "City Sain Group", from May also led the "Lies", Armen Ghazaryan previously refused to tell who the company was acquired. He just specified that was bought only Russian legal entity to which you have a contract with Russian Railways.

Owners' Chuparosy "

"Laith", as stated on its website, is working in the advertising market since 1994. Until September 2006, when it became the exclusive monopoly advertising contractor, its founder calls SPARK LLC "Techinvest", the main owner of which, as of 2004, was the Fund for Support of research and development of railway transport. Then the owner of "Lies" became Cyprus' Si Ti Dreams Ltd. ", and since 2008 it also replaced the Cypriot" Chuparosa Investments Ltd ". That "Chuparosa" last spring and made the seller "Lies."

Founders' Chuparosy ", in turn, are entities that are registered in other foreign jurisdictions,whose beneficiaries are not traced through open sources. The structure of ownership "Chuparosy" opened in the materials of "RV-Media", 74.9% of which belongs to "Lies", and the remaining 25.1% on September 30 this year - JSC "Russian Railways - Development of railway stations", which through the LLC " system Service "now controls Sergey Pak.

As at 31 December 2013 47.5% of the beneficiary "Chuparosy" through a chain of companies was, according to the "RV-Media", Vitaly V. Krivenko, 42.5% - Vasily Yurevich TOLSTIKOV. Beneficiaries of the remaining 10% "Chuparosy" were not disclosed. We only know that the 1.24% owned by Cyprus "Rio, Ltd.", established in turn, now in Barbados, and 8.76% - registered in the British Virgin Islands "Golden Eagle Invest Ltd".

"Number sixteen"

Vitaly Krivenko - one of perennial partners, current General Director of FSUE "ITAR-TASS" Sergei Mikhailov. The PR-agency "Mikhailov & Partners" Krivenko came back in 1993.

"A couple of weeks after the events [Oct 1993] Anhe [Niskin; one of the founders of the agency "Mikhailov & Partners"] calls and says that they Mikhailov started a new business, they need a man - recalled Krivenko released in the 20th anniversary of the agency the book "From the creators of the cult." - I say, Anton, I'm here what side, I'm in advertising either BE or ME ... And he says that this is not advertising at all, and very, very new thing, unheard, unheard of ... "

In 2000 he became CEO Krivenko "Mikhailov & Partners" (Mikhailov thus remained managing partner). "The Agency was originally dualistic in structure due to the tandem Mikhailov and Krivenko - writes in the book" From the creators of the cult of "who worked at the agency from 1995 to 2008 Elena Filyakina. - And the whole team lined up on an invisible force linyam these two poles. There were people Krivenko were people Mihailova quite polar in their facial features. "

In 2004, Sergei Mikhailov, left the agency he created, becoming the first presidential adviser Railways, and then in 2006 -nachalnikom Corporate Communications Department. In the same year, the Deputy Railways Mhaylova passes and Krivenko. "I said, why leave you here first, and in the sixteenth Railways your number ... But I could not steer either physically or psychologically. You come to work, and you've got there, one foot under the table - gas [...] For the most part I have done for the agency best I could, "- explained his choice in the book" From the creators of the cult "Krivenko.

Mikhailov has worked in the Railways by September 2012, when the decree of Dmitry Medvedev's prime minister was appointed general director of TASS. Krivenko left Railways in October 2011, said the press service of the monopolies. But to September 2012. Krivenko still served on the board of directors of "newspaper" Whistle ", owned by Russian Railways, according to the materials of this.

Now Krivenko, according to SPARK, is headed by the Moscow office of British Axioma Capital LLP.

CJSC "Mikhailov & Partners. Strategic Communication Management "Krivenko in 2002, according to SPARK, owned by 5%. In April this year, shareholders are registered in Cyprus companies, including "Rio, Ltd." (8.2%). This Company ason December 31, 2013 and it was one of the owners of "Lies".

Krivenko told RBC that, after leaving the Russian Railways, again became co-owner of the agency "Mikhailov & Partners", but the size of its share did not elaborate.

No violation found

Competition in March 2006, took place in accordance with the requirements of the federal legislation, she responded to a request to RBC press service of Railways. She claims: competitive procedures are always multi-level verification and repeatedly audited by the competent public authorities, including on the question of beneficiaries. After RBC request, the press service of the monopoly, was conducted internal reviews of choice "Laith" advertising contractor Railways, and "no violations found there was no": the period of work in the Railways Krivenko was not a shareholder of "Lies".

Sergei Mikhailov also assured RBC that, working in the Railways, Krivenko could not be the beneficiary of "Lies". Krivenko himself said that he became a co-owner of "Lies" in December 2012. "Of course, I knew it was for the company", - said the former top manager of PD. Those who purchased the package, Krivenko clarify refused. He did not begin to tell anything about your partner "Laith" Basil Tolstikova.

The press service of Railways did not answer the question of RBC whether TOLSTIKOV worked ever in monopoly structures. Interviewees RBC familiar Krivenko says that the name is not known TOLSTIKOV them.

Vasily Yurevich TOLSTIKOV, according to SPARK, is the president of the Northwest Federation of inter-regional federation of hockey. He is the CEO of the St. Petersburg company "Steel-Invest", which, as stated on its website, provides "consulting services for asset management in the Russian and international financial markets." The company "Steel-Invest" Tolstikov, according to EGRUL March 2013 owned 34%. The "Steel-Invest" correspondent RBC could not associate with the CEO.

$ 30 million for at least

The amount for which "Laith" Krivenko not name was sold, saying only that it was "quite a good investment."

At the beginning of this year, "Laith" claimed the country's largest operaATOR outdoor advertising Russ Outdoor, told RBC a source familiar with the management to "Lies". Russ Outdoor wanted to buy only 51% of "Lies", which did not suit the vendor confirms a source close to Russ Outdoor.

Russ Outdoor evaluated the entire business, "Lies" is about $ 30 million (about 1.07 billion rubles. At the end of March this year), "Sain City Group" to pay more, according to the second interlocutor RBC.

Krivenko Russ Outdoor interest to "Lies" has not commented. Declined to comment and the press service of Russ Outdoor.

With advertising structures installed in the ROW railway track, "Laith", according to research company "Espar-Analytic", following the results of 2013 was the 15 th income operator of outdoor advertising in the country. Its possible advertising revenue last year "Espar-Analytic" is estimated at 278.5 million rubles. For comparison, the market leader Russ Outdoor - almost 8.4 billion rubles.

In October 2013, "Laith" has 240 advertising surfaces with a total area of ​​9.6 thousand sq. M. m, of which 148 surfaces with a total area of ​​7.9 thousand sq. m. m were in Moscow, according to the resultss monitoring "Espar-Analytic" in the 50 largest cities in the country. In October this year, the number dropped to 186 surfaces in Russia and 93 in Moscow, their area was reduced to 8.2 thousand. And 6.5 thousand sq. M. m, respectively. During January-October of this year's revenue, "Laith" could create, according to "Espar-Analytic", almost 229 million rubles.

But outdoor advertising - is only part of the "Lies" business. The company also places advertisements in railway stations, pasting stickers in trains and long-distance trains, etc. In 2013, the revenues of JSC "Railway advertising agency" Laith "under RAS, according to SPARK, reached 601 million rubles, sales profit -. 215.5 million rubles, net profit -. 167 500 000 rubles.

Former owners of "Lies" is not received all outstanding in their opinion, the money. Last October, the Cyprus' Chuparosa "filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court lawsuit against the JSC" Railway Agency "Laith" by RUR 27.4 million.

General Director of "City Sain Group" and "Lies" Armen Ghazaryan on request RBC did not answer. It is a part of the dividend for the previousyuschy transaction period, which should have received the former owners "Laith" explained Krivenko.

The next hearing in the dispute in February 2015.