Military base on the border with Ukraine to be build by Putin's restaurateur

Military camp, which is to be built in Valuyki, Belgorod Oblast, by May 2016, will be constucted by Megaline, the company associated with the St. Petersburg restaurateur and President's friend Yeugeny Prigozhin.
Origin source
The contract value of 3.3 billion rubles. at the beginning of the construction of a military camp in the border with Ukraine, the city of Belgorod Oblast Valuyki will be concluded with the company "Megaline", follows from the documents published on the public procurement website. Earlier, RBC wrote that the company is associated with the St. Petersburg restaurateur Eugene Prigogine: according to SPARK, the "Megaline" the two owners - LLC "Concord Management and Consulting" (50%) and OOO "Lahti" (50%). Until mid-2011, the owner of 14 percent stake in the company was the first Eugene Prigogine, and he controlled 80% and the second by September of 2013. Now "Concord Management and Consulting" belongs Violetta Prigogine (as, according to "Novaya Gazeta", called her mother Eugenia restaurateur Prigogine) and "Lakhta" - Svetlana Sobirova.

Large objects

The fact that Russia has started to build a military base on the border with Ukraine, the first to the scene told Reuters correspondent. Military camp can stay in Soloti village near Valuek, 25 km from the border with the Luhansk region, told him a few local tainsLei. The reporter saw the workers install metal fence and paving the way to the construction site in a large cornfield near the village.

The construction of the military town on the Defense Ministry order on the area of ​​300 ha includes the construction of staff with a communication unit 328 soldiers, five-storey and four five-story barracks for 3500 soldiers, academic building, a medical center with the infirmary with 50 beds, dining room, storage facilities for the automotive and military equipment and other buildings.


State client: Ministry of Defence

Customer: FKP "Managing customer of Capital Construction Ministry of Defence"

The basis for the design and construction: the decision of the Minister of Defence

In addition to the "Megaline" application for participation in the tender filed a company "OlimpSitiStroy" (was ready to build a facility of 3.34 billion rubles.), But it does not provide security in the amount of 300 million rubles, in connection with which commission the contractor -. FSUE " GUSST №1 at Special Russia "- has decided to subcontract with" Megaline ".

Project documentation Doljto be developed already before September 30, 2015, and all work on the design of the town and the initial construction and installation work must be completed before 29 April 2016. One of the builders told Reuters, that the estimated construction period - four years.

Location dislocation

Valuyki - the administrative center of Valuisky Belgorod region. Population - 34 thousand people.. In Valuyki is a major railway junction, including a station Valuyki Valuyki-and-Passenger Screening. Distance to Belgorod - 152 km, from Kharkov - 169 km, from Lugansk - 257 km.


As previously wrote RBC familiar with senior Russian officials Petersburg restaurateur Eugene Prigogine not only feeds the army, but also from the end of last year, probably associated with his group "Concord" company receive state contracts for sanitary maintenance of the Ministry of Defense facilities.

Now, apparently, he also builds military facilities. This is not the first building, which performs "Megaline" for the Defense Ministry, told RBC source close to the agency, to theirCOMP ANIES has all the necessary equipment and sufficient security for development. Press service of the request Spetsstroy RBC at the time of publication of the material did not answer.

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov advised to apply for the under construction at the border with Ukraine military camp to the Ministry of Defense. "It [the ministry] deals with issues of defense and national security of the Russian Federation as it wants", - said Peskov told reporters. The press service of the Defense Ministry declined to comment.

Meanwhile, neither "Megaline", or other RBC companies associated with the group "Concord", were seen in construction projects. Numerous contracts "Megaline" with the state structures (only this year the company has won more than a hundred competitions and has entered into contracts for 4.8 billion rubles.) Regarding sanitation and maintenance and disposal of municipal solid and liquid wastes. The main customer "Megaline" - The Ministry of Defence and its subordinate organizations, accounting for over 95% of all contracts. But apartSergei Shoigu, Minister associated with the "Concord" company serves, eg, the military unit №66631 FSO and the Federal Office for the safe storage and destruction of chemical weapons at the Ministry of Industry (military unit №70855).

Secretary in the office of the "Concorde" told RBC that the person responsible for public relations, dismissed and no one else in the company is not able to answer the questions of the correspondent. Employee of "Megaline", which joined RBC correspondent, said that she is engaged in cleaning and can not answer questions about the construction, promising to convey a request for comment guide.

"There is no revival of any town or village in the vicinity does not occur, - he told RBC witness the start of construction. - A year ago, not far from here was a lot of tents, military troops, flying helicopters, now no tents, no war, no helicopters, no. " Even in the most rural construction is not visible - enclose the territory of the last houses, and this place can be reached by a private dirt road, he adds.

Revitalization in the area not visible and Valuekon Public Procurement. In addition to 3 billion contract FSUE "GUSST №1 at Special Russia" and "Megaline" appreciable amount of this year's spending in the area of ​​Railways, started the reconstruction of a temporary storage warehouse at the station Valuyki (for the supply of equipment and execution of works of complex state-owned company will spend about 460 million rubles .) and OGKU "Management of road and transport facilities of the Belgorod region," concluded the contract with "Beldorstoy" on the part of the works on reconstruction of the road Stary Oskol - Valuyki with access to the border of the Kharkov region length of 7.4 km (contract amount - 455 million rubles. ). Press-service of Russian Railways declined to comment. RBC failed Contact the regional road sector management.

What happens in a military town

At the military camp will be built park, warehouses for ammunition and food, the headquarters building, the five-storey barracks for conscripts, four five-story barracks for the contract, canteens with officers hall for 50 people (approximate area of ​​5,000 sq. M), three-storey building soldier cafe with a computer room and boutiquesotherwise, cultural and recreational center with a skating rink with 600 seats, a medical center with the infirmary with 50 beds and an outpatient facility for 200 visits per day, training and sports training facilities "Start" and "Atlas", a stadium with outdoor sports grounds complex band obstacles gymnastic town checkpoint with room for eight people visitors, guard the town with the class of theoretical training, troop bath 80-90 shower, a hairdresser for three jobs, etc.