"Minbank" refuses to recognize its problems

Moscow Industrial Bank does not recognize that a loan of 640 million rubles was issued on the security of the apartments of the bankrupt construction company Urban Group.
But the bank tells about a certain mysterious borrower, who regularly serves the loan. Is it possible to trust the owner of the bank Abubakar Arsamakov? The promises made to them in February have not been fulfilled.

Then in the "Ministry of Finance" said that in the first quarter, shareholders will invest 3.5 billion rubles in the bank, as the bank needed urgent capitalization. The second quarter is over, and no one is going to invest money. This is not surprising. None of the bank's shareholders has a controlling stake. And in this case - there is no interest in saving the bank. So, maybe soon it will go to the bottom.

As a result of 2017, the bank received a loss of 4.56 billion rubles. At the end of the year, it was planned that the bank would conduct an additional share issue to attract 4.8 billion rubles to the capital. However, the additional issue was suspended by the Central Bank, and this could only happen if the bank violated the procedure or provided incorrect information.

First, the "Minbank" injected information into the media, placed a 27.5% stake in the amount of 1.3 billion rubles. However, later it turned out that only 0.2% of the shares were placed for the amount of 907 thousand rubles. It turns out that the "Minbank" periodically can deceive its customers. And how can he trust his money after this? Or to believe in some mysterious borrower.

If the bank sponsored the Urban Group, then he will not see any 365 apartments. And we will have to create reserves, which will lead to the fact that the bank's standards, according to analysts, will be at the minimum acceptable level. And they are already on it for the whole year. So the position of the bank may even worsen. And there is no need to get help from the shareholders.

To date, the bank occupies 36th place in assets in Russia, and only 523 on profit, it makes it - minus 3.3bn rubles. That is, get out of the "pit", which the bank hit last year, it does not work. Indicators of capital adequacy of the bank are at a minimum and since February, when empty promises have sounded, only declined. Until the notorious "bottom" - the failure to comply with the Central Bank's standards - it remains, perhaps, quite a bit.

Most striking is that the bank, which is considered large by Russian size, does not have a rating of either international or Russian agencies. This may indicate that the bank's shareholders are hiding its true financial standing. Therefore, the figures drawn by them, even the minimal figures, may not correspond to reality. A profit from the bank can be displayed.

Bank expert Arthur Shakhov commented on this situation: "The presence of bank ratings helps clients choose a bank, and if it does not need them, then it probably serves the business of its shareholders or even criminal structures that are not interested in attracting attention to the bank" . Is it possible that Abubakar Arsamakov can be associated with crime?

The publication "Documents and Facts" wrote that "Minbank" in the 90s, according to rumors, "roofed" Taganskaya OPG. And the bank itself could be involved in transactions with false advice notes, at the expense of which many criminal authorities lived at that time. Can they still retain control over the bank?

In 1992, the bank got into a scandal with false advice. Suspected that he could have stolen 1 billion rubles from him. But it was not possible to prove this. However, when it comes to such amounts, the evidence is hiding very deeply, sometimes together with the personalities possessing them.

Does the bank lose assets and profits?

"Minbank" this year could violate the Central Bank's standards, the last check of the regulator in the bank was in December last year. Did Abubakar Arsamakov manage to agree with Elvira Nabiullina that "Minbank" should not be touched? For other reasons, it is difficult to explain why he has not yet found himself in the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FCCC).

Over the past month, the bank lost 27% of its profit - 703 million rubles. Even more disappointing were the results of the bank's work in the first quarter. Assets of "Minbank" decreased by 5 billion rubles. There was a sharp outflow of funds of enterprises and organizations - by 20% (10 billion rubles.). The return on assets declined by 126%, capital - by 134%, which indicates that the bank is absolutely unattractive for investments. What kind of capitalization can we talk about?

The protection index deposits of the population of C4 - 651.93%, more than 4 (!) Times than the norm. Probably, depositors of the bank need to withdraw money from it. Analysts note that the bank, perhaps, hides its bad assets and assessed it "unsatisfactorily." And in the "Minbank" itself, will they continue to say that they are doing well?

Unfaithful politician?

In 2016, Abubakar Arsamakov was torn to power. And he chose the Voronezh Region and the Just Russia party for himself. Promised then the governor Alexei Gordeev billion investments in the region. Apparently, Arsamakov was so anxious for the parliamentary immunity. He even won the elections, but their results were found to be falsified.

In the form of compensation Arsamakov got the positions of adviser to the head of the party Sergei Mironov and curator of the Voronezh region. Apparently, "Fair Russia" was not embarrassed by the reputation of banker Arsamakov. In 2017, the regional branch of the party was headed by his protege Artem Rymar.

Everything is very vague with the past "Minbank". For many years, it has been controlled by people who do not like to "shine". One Abubakar Arsamakov is in sight and takes "fire" on himself. Arsamakovs - very influential in Chechnya, brother of Abubakar Yunus for a long time a number of economic posts in the republic. Is this not the "root" of the "Minbank"? Who can stand behind him?

Who would not stand, and the days of the bank are probably numbered. Bad in it all. And it seems that nobody is going to help the bank.