Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation took money from "Kurganstalmost"

Debts on state contracts were associated with embezzlement at the Vostochny cosmodrome. The company can not get money for metal structures for the airfield in Transbaikalia.
One of the largest industrial enterprises of the Trans-Urals can not achieve payment of debt from the structures of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The company supplied metal structures to the customer in 2016, but until today it has not been calculated. Experts associate the problems with the perturbations in the construction sphere of the military department that occurred after the elimination of Spetsstroy, whose representatives were convicted of billions in embezzlements during the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome. Minister Sergei Shoigu then stated that the structure was disbanded because of the chronic inability to establish quality work with subcontractors. The second reason that could leave the kurgans without money, according to analysts, are the difficulties with financing the construction of the Steppe aerodrome in the Trans-Baikal Territory. Calculations with contractors will be made only after the complete delivery of the object. The aerodrome was not put into operation in 2016 for the stipulated period. After that, the Ministry of Defense denied the object of financing. It remains unclear whether it will be possible to put the airfield into operation and in the adjusted period by 2019. Only then the main contractors will be able to count on payments.

ZAO Kurganstalmost (CEO Dmitry Paryshev) was forced to bring to the judicial plane the relationship with the structure of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. FSUE "Main Military Construction Administration No. 7" (formerly FSUE "Main Directorate for Construction of Roads and Aerodromes of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation") did not settle with the company under two contracts that were signed in 2014.

According to the materials of the case, in 2016 the parties entered into additional agreements on these contracts, within which the volume of the order was reduced. Kurgan company shipped to military builders collapsible silos for storage of cement for 500 tons, as well as components of metal structures for them. The cost of the executed and accepted order exceeded 13 million rubles. Money for products, however, has not been paid to this day.

Kurgan company also demanded to pay a penalty in the amount of 9 million rubles for more than a year's delay in the payment of money. The court upheld the enterprise's claims to the structure of the RF Ministry of Defense for the payment of debt, while denying the full amount of the claimed penalty, reducing it to 3 million rubles.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine Arsenal of the Fatherland, the reserve colonel Victor Murakhovskiy, called the possible procrastination with the payment of large-scale transformations in the construction sector of the Ministry of Defense under the executed orders. Orders "Kurganstalmost" performed just after the signing of the additional agreement in 2016.

"It was in 2016-2017 that the Ministry of Defense transferred building units from Spetstroy to direct subordination. Due to the change of legal entities and subordination, problems with payment could arise. I do not recall that the ministry so seriously detained payments on military products, but construction is a completely different sphere, "the analyst explained.

Recall, the federal construction agency (Spetsstroy) and the structures controlled by it were liquidated in 2017. Representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office associated this decision with mass embezzlement when executing state contracts. First of all, it was the construction of the Vostochny cosmodrome. The prosecutor's office revealed more than 7,500 violations. Damage to the state for this period was estimated at more than 2.5 billion rubles. "These circumstances have influenced the decision taken by the President of the Russian Federation to abolish the Special Construction of Russia," said Prosecutor General Yury Chaika.

Themselves, the military explained the elimination of Spetsstroy and perturbation in the building management apparatus by the poor organization of work with subcontractors. Federal State Unitary Enterprise, subordinated to Spetsstroy, "carried out by their own efforts" only 30% of construction works for the RF Ministry of Defense, and in other cases other organizations were involved. In total, 18 FSUEs belonged to the Spetsstroy before the liquidation. After the reorganization, the army left 8 unitary enterprises, which now are responsible only for the creation of military facilities. The Ministry received full financial control over the activities of FSUEs, which continue to implement projects initiated by the Defense Ministry even under the Spetsstroy. But, as practice has shown, new state structures are not in a hurry to pay under the executed contracts.

"Another possible reason for non-payment of funds for the supply - unclosed acts for the object itself, which supplied the building materials. Money is paid only on the finalized object put into operation, until this moment the whole chain of performers is waiting, "Victor Murakhovsky explained.

"Pravda UrFO" managed to clarify from informed sources close to the "Kurganstalmost", that in both cases it was about deliveries to the Trans-Baikal Territory. In particular, the railway transported the metal to the Steppe station. It should be noted that for several years there has been work to restore the same military air base, which was destroyed and destroyed after the withdrawal of troops in 2010 as part of the reforms of former Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

By order of Sergei Shoigu Spetsstroy since January 2014, was engaged in the restoration of the military airfield Steppe and the surrounding infrastructure in the homonymous settlement Olovyanninskogo district of the Trans-Baikal Territory. It was planned that the work would be completed before the end of 2016, but the terms were broken. In 2017, the work was frozen due to a lack of funding from the military department. Later, the commander-in-chief of the Air and Space Forces of the Russian Federation Viktor Bondarev stated that the facility would be put into operation in 2019. "Pravda UrFO" failed to promptly clarify whether funding for the construction of the facilities of the Steppe was resumed this year. Also open is the question of how many subcontractors and suppliers of building materials are waiting for payment under state contracts as part of the reconstruction of the military airfield.