Minnekhanov's wife sells an elite apartment near the Kremlin to build a hotel in Kazan

The wife of the President of Tatarstan Rustem Minnikhanov Gulsin decided to sell her apartment on Okhotny Ryad in the building of the former Moscow Hotel on Manezhnaya Square.
Origin source
The corresponding announcement “Open Media” was found on the Cyan real estate portal.

According to the state register of real estate, the apartment is registered with the company Luciano De Aloia, the owner and CEO of which is Gulsina Minnikhanova.

Two-room apartment with exclusive decoration of 130 square meters. m. sold for 212.7 million rubles. For this money, the buyer will receive not only an apartment, but also furniture, appliances, one parking place in the underground parking and a view of the Revolution Square and the Bolshoi Theater.

The neighbors of the potential buyer of the apartment will be the Russian elite. In 2018, Open Media found among the property owners in this house the structures of the Shuvalov family, the daughter of Senator Suleiman Kerimov, the wives of “massage therapist Putin” Konstantin Goloshchapov, the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov and businessman Mikhail Prokhorov.

Initially, the announcement of the sale of apartments for 287.5 million rubles was published in October 2019. In April 2020, an advertisement for the sale of the same apartment was again posted on the site, but on behalf of another real estate agency. At the same time, the cost of apartments fell immediately by a quarter of the originally declared, or by 75 million rubles.

In 2017, Gulsina Minnikhanova became the richest of the wives of all Russian officials and deputies, Forbes calculated. Then she declared 2.35 billion rubles of income, that is, for the year she earned more than 300 times more than her husband. Of this amount, 2.2 billion rubles was brought to her by the sale of 49% of the shares in the company owning an elite six-story spa complex in the center of Kazan, explained the representative of the President of Tatarstan. Forbes then estimated Minnikhanova’s fortune at $ 100 million. However, according to Rosreestr, she bought apartments at the Moscow Hotel earlier in 2014.

The money from the sale of apartments to the wife of the Tatarstan head could be needed for a new business project. Just in 2019, Gulsina Minnikhanova, together with the ex-mayor of Kazan, Kamil Iskhakov, planned to build a hotel in the center of the republican capital, wrote “Open Media” in October 2019.

Then the company "Luciano SPA", 99% owned by the wife of the President of Tatarstan, acquired a plot of 1.18 hectares. On it was an unfinished 8-story multifunctional complex with a hotel. To implement the project, Iskhakov was looking for a co-investor, which Minnikhanova became.