Modernization and label pasting

The FAS has found supplies of foreign electronics under the guise of Russian.
As the "Kommersant", FAS and the Prosecutor General's Office check the implementation of the policy of import substitution in the supply of equipment for defense companies. Service has found cases where Russian companies bought foreign equipment, glue labels and then sold it to the defense industry as the domestic. Experts argue that the reason the OEM-production, established in Russia, for example, Chinese manufacturers. Their Russian partners just buy and brendiruyut equipment without a deep modernization. According to "Kommersant", the results of checks will be presented to the government and administration of the Russian president.

In a letter to the Deputy Head of FAS Maxim Ovchinnikov in the Ministry of Industry on August 18 (a copy is in "b") states that the delivery service checks for the needs of defense and national security of goods imported, in particular electronics, disguised as Russian. "Revealed cases where registered in the territory of the Russian business entities purchase goods and imported without making them any significant production operations virtually ogranichivayas disassembly, assembly, replacement labels or Russification, implement them within the framework of the state defense order (GOZ.- "b") under the guise of goods produced in the Russian Federation ", - says Mr. Ovchinnikov Representative of FAS Daria Silkova confirmed." b "conduct checks, in the Ministry of Industry did not respond to the request.

This issue is already interested and Prosecutor General's Office, to the letter of Supervision management chief for the implementation of laws in the field of defense industry of the Prosecutor General Dmitry Demeshina the Association of electronic components, of 13 October (ASPEC, a copy of the letter is a "b"). "Prosecutor General's Office conducted an audit of compliance of federal legislation in the sphere of import of foreign products, used to create, weapons manufacturing and repair, military and special equipment, as well as compliance with the use of budgetary funds allocated for the development of innovative projects", - says the lord Demeshina letter. He asks ASPEC provide data on evasion of customers from the acquisition of Russian-made equipment, the presence ofRoble with insufficient capacity utilization and lack of government support measures. Executive Director ASPEC Ivan Pokrovsky confirmed "Kommersant" receipt of the letter. The prosecutor's office did not respond to the request.

According to several sources, "b" in the defense industry, there is no direct link between checks of the Prosecutor General and the FAS, but both are aimed at establishing the effectiveness of import substitution: the results will be presented to the government and the presidential administration.

In Russia since mid-2011, a government decree "On establishment of prohibitions and restrictions on the admission of goods originating from a foreign country, for the needs of defense and national security." The latest version came into force on 1 January 2016, for her goods and services from foreign suppliers may be procured for the needs of national defense and security only if there are no analogues produced in Russia, which should be confirmed by the conclusion of Industry and Trade.

The paper established a number of criteria for classification of goods to the "Russian", one of which, for example -is to create a production in a special investment contracts (SPIC). This ACNP, Industry and Trade said that "the new industrial policy tool", the subjects of the Russian Federation may enter into with foreign companies: for example, in May of such plans reported by the French engineering of Schneider Electric.

The Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Ministry of Defense claimed that at all stages of the production of weapons, military and special equipment is carried out strict control on the part of the military missions of the Ministry accredited in industrial enterprises. "Therefore, getting the forged components in the products that are made in the Ministry of Defence interests excluded", - stated in the Ministry of Defense. The ministry stressed that in the absence of the necessary components in the Russian agency receives mandatory conclusion of Industry and Trade.

As told "Kommersant" Representative of the United instrument-corporations (included in "Rostec") Leonid Khozin, "in the SDO there are strict requirements, making the delivery of foreign techniand under the guise of Russia almost impossible Any violation of here. ' "- a blatant case. It understands and suppliers, and customers. Even if a breach somewhere in there - it is certainly the individual facts, which, inevitable debriefing "- he said.

However, three of the interlocutors "b" in the electronics market argue that under the guise of Russian supplies to foreign technology is often used scheme of OEM (original equipment manufacturer), in which Russian companies purchase equipment from foreign vendors and after modernization sell it under its own brand. "OEM is practiced throughout the world and, ideally, allows companies to combine their efforts to produce the final product, for example, one company has produced equipment, and the other -.. Soft for him in Russia often take foreign technology and without any modernization put on her own label" - explains one of the "Kommersant" interviewees.

Agrees with him CEO telekomoborudovaniya producer "Eltex" Alexei Chernikov: "perekleivanie labels really practiced in large numbers, oftenOEM is used for the scheme. It allows Chinese vendors continue to supply its equipment in Russia in large numbers, despite the policy of import substitution, and Russian companies do not spend money on the development and creation of this production, because in terms of profitability to make still much cheaper than in China. "According to him, scheme is relevant for different types of equipment, technology comes in large quantities including defense enterprises.

"The problem is the absence of a regulatory framework, which would allow to determine exactly what equipment is domestic: the existing criteria can be easily bypassed", - the expert believes. "There should be uniform benchmarks on what equipment the Russian - agrees chairman of the board of the Association of manufacturers of electronic equipment and appliances Svetlana Appolonova.- logical criteria in order to take into account domestic, who are the final beneficiaries of the manufacturer, who owns the rights to the technology used, what is the country decision-making in the event of sanctions, which localizesI profit and create jobs. "

Ivan Pokrovsky from ASPEC believes that the use of foreign products in the development of critical infrastructure for the state - a big problem. "If the state does not have access to the process of development and modernization of the equipment, such products can not be used in demanding applications Unfortunately, information security requirements are pushed many government customers on the back burner." - Sir Basil says. At the same time, he noted that the equipment developed in Russia is still economically profitable to produce in China. The responsibility for this, in his opinion, are "government agencies that regulate customs duties trade balance and domestic production."